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Hiked this trail mid June, and although it was a great hike, the black flies certainly put a damper on things. Once reaching the summit, the swarms of beetles and flies made it absolutely unbearable. You could barley take a deep breath without inhaling a swarm of bugs. I would not recommend going in June unless there are strong winds or swarms of insects do not bother you.

Great hike. Once you hit the Long Trail section the climbing gets steep with some exposed sections. Ended up doing it on a windy, rainy and cloudy day but still loved it. Next time I hope to do it when there is some visibility.

I'll have to admit, I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this hike. I met a good number of hikers on the way up Monroe Trail and at the top, but on the way down the Long Trail and Dean Trail I only crossed paths with a couple of other hikers. The views from the summit were spectacular in every direction and even though it was crowded at the top, it wasn't hard to find your own quiet place to enjoy the scenery.

8 months ago

Probably my favorite trail to hike. Well maintained, great scenery, and less crowded than the Burrows trail. I would rate this as a moderate trail, Burrows trail is harder. This trail has a few rock scrambles to keep you occupied on your trek up. The views from the summit are breathtaking. Leave some time to enjoy. GPS had me at 6.8, out and back on the Monroe trail, I didn't do the loop. Keep your eyes out for bear if you go early in the season.

Great hike! The views were beautiful.

11 months ago

Used a portion of this Trail along with Alpine Trail coming off Camels Hump Summit and looping back to the landing that intersects with the Long Trail.

Wonderful hike beautiful views at summit

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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Yesterday's ascent wasn't terribly hard. Poles and ice chains on my boots made walking on the hard pack and ice much easier. The descent was a different story. It seemed more ice formed, on the trail, after the sun went down which made my "ICEtrekkers" the wrong chains for the job. My hiking buddy had ice spikes and was able to manage far better. I took a few falls while he may have slipped only two or three times. With the lack of snow forecasted and below freezing nights Burrow's Trail is going to be incredibly challenging for the next few weeks. My buddy, who has hiked Camel's Hump for years, said yesterday evening was the most challenging hike he's ever been on there.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I hiked burrows trail two weeks ago with a couple of friends. The trail was great, hard packed snow with very little ice. It was super windy and cold at the summit but the view was worth it.

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It's a great hike and climb... Did it both summer and winter... Was not disappointed.... But if it's icy bring micro spikes or crampons.. It's a long way down on your butt....

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful summit!

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