5 stars with no explanation needed. The AT/Long trail is always well maintained and easy to follow. They were making snow at the summit as we got there for the ski resort, but dtill had a beautiful almost 360 degree view of the nearby Green and Taconic Mountains.

Easy day hike. We went at a moderate pace and only took a few hours. The view at the top is ok. Part of the hike is actually walking up a ski trail. There is some rocks at the summit to sit on and eat or bring a small towel if you don't want to sit in the grass. Well marked trail, very easy to follow. Slow incline and some rocky spots. I hiked Killington earlier this summer, would recommend that much more than this. In my opinion, the view at the top of Bromley is disappointing compared to many others nearby! But still a decent, easy hike! Definitely appropriate for all skill levels. Saw lots of kids (age probably 5 and up) and even teeny dogs hiking!

I really enjoyed this hike that I completed on 8/17/17. I probably ran into a total of 15 people and was alone at the summit for the entire hour that i was up there. The trail is moderate with a nice descent. If I had more time and was in better shape, I would love to do at least 70 miles on the Long Trail. Being out in the woods is a wonderful experience

I started my 65 mile section of the Long Trail here. The hike ascents at a moderate grade through a calm spruce forest to the ridge over a few false summits. The are a number of views on the way up. The summit has panoramic views and you can see Stratton and Okemo from the top. If you are continuing to the shelter there is a vista on the backside. I highly recommend this trail.

Just got back from hiking this - it's a pretty easy hike with a decent view at the top. The trail was muddy in places.

Had a great time doing this climb today! Trail was wet from the recent rainfall but still quite passable. A nice steady ascent to the summit with only the last 3/4 mile being more than easy. Views are amazing and more than worth the effort to get there! A good one for the kids and dogs, if which I saw many today!

Beautiful! Perfect trail!

I really enjoyed the hike with the exception of swarms of black flies. It took my daughters and I around 3.5 hours to complete. A great work out but the last stretch on the ski slope was challenging for me. Well marked and friendly hikers. The day we hiked there were lot's of other hikers.I found it to be a very quick hike.

I only went up a mile due to limited time as it was getting dark. Great trail, not difficult to go along. Can't wait to go back!

The Bromley trail is an enjoyable hike, it's scenic and brings you to the summit of Bromley Ski Area.

Loved this trail. The view is amazing. Did it 3 years ago.

This out and back from route 11 is pretty enjoyable as long as you aren't looking for scenery all the way. It is very enclosed with trees and there is not a lot to see but it is a steady 3 miles to the top and he path is fairly forgiving. I would not describe this as hard, this is an easy or moderate hike at best. A strong hiker could do this too top to bottom in two hours, if you are little slower 3 hours but that is at a stilling pace. It has two rewarding points, about a mile from the top there is a beautiful vista that looks out over the region and then at the top it has a wonderful 360 viewpoint. Make sure you are going in good weather because if there is low cloud you will not be happy missing the only real reward. I've done this route a few times and would recommend it in good weather.

Started from RT.11 and followed the Bromley Brook Trail up to the ski trail...the last 0.3mi is up the ski slope to the summit. There is no longer a fire tower, but the chairlift ramp makes I nice platform to enjoy lunch, the sun & a satisfying view!

Did a loop with an overnight. Hiked Lyle Brook trail and detoured to the waterfall which was beautiful. Then continues trail which is extremely overgrown with hobble bushes, camped at Bourne pond, woke up and hiked the Branch Pond Trail which is nicely maintained. Stayed on trail to the intersection with AT then turned down service road to Prospect Rock which provides a beautiful view of the mountains to the south and west. Trail continues to the paved road for a mile and a half hike back to start.

There is no longer a tower on top of Bromley. There is still the outhouse & hut.

Great workout coming in from either side. Coming in from the south, the parking area is just outside of Manchester, easy to get to. It starts out slow, but then gets steep. If hiking in winter / early spring watch out for snowmobilers as that trail crosses this trail, and they can go fast (watch your dogs if not on leash).

The summit of Bromley can be reached from the south at Rt 11/30 or from the north in Peru. From the south the hike is not as steep. The views of Stratton Mountain from the south are terrific. There is an observation tower at the summit allowing 360 degree views. Also a warming hut and a privy.

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