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The Green Mountain National Forest located in Vermont contains portions of the Long Trail as well as other popular hiking peaks and trails. The Appalachian Trail crosses through this park and is a popular destination for New England hikers.

very easy trail. $4 for each person to hike.

3 days ago

Blue Summit Trail is a Fantastic, challenging Hike to the Summit of Mt. Equinox. It is the largest peak of the Taconic Range where you will be Hiking over 3800 ft in elevation. At the 2 mile mark there is a bench and about 200 feet away is a stream shooting out of the mountain to help cool you off. Regroup here as the rest of the Hike is a steep incline with minimal flat ground. The journey to the top is a reward in itself but reaching the Summit and the views are breathtaking.

Enjoyable Hike with multiple streams and runoffs to cross before culminating with the Falls. Approximately 4.4 miles in and back.

4 days ago

Lovely quick hike up to the pond. It took three fit hikers approximately an hour to do the trail. At the intersection, If you head just a few feet south on the Long Trail there is a short unmarked side trail on the right that will take you to a beautiful view. The trail is very short but involves climbing over a rock crevice.

5 days ago

Easy hike with a great 360 degree view at the top.

we did this without the Emily proctor bit, so cooley glen to the cooley glen shelter, then up to mount grant, then out to mount wilson, I think, and back to shelter, then down to car. pluses: not too crowded, even on a holiday weekend. pretty Moss and river. minuses: wet and muddy!!! my feet were damp almost all the time, and it had been a day since the last rain at the start of our trip. good view from Wilson or was it Roosevelt? but the mud and essentially walking up a stream at times lowers the rating.

This one goes through stages. The first 2 miles or so are easy...fairly flat. You'll eventually come to a small waterfall, then BAM, elevation shoots up. That last mile is pretty steep...makes for a fun climb. The last 0.2 mile of it is a straight up scramble to the peak, easily the best part of the whole trail.

Downside is that you learn there's a gondola that people can take to the peak, and that makes for a crowded and somewhat mixed reception...felt real touristy up there. The view is breathtaking though and definitely worth hiking on up to see it. Just try and go when there'll be less commotion and keep the man made structures to your back.