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The Green Mountain National Forest located in Vermont contains portions of the Long Trail as well as other popular hiking peaks and trails. The Appalachian Trail crosses through this park and is a popular destination for New England hikers.

Toughest summit around. Solid pitch with no breaks. Some cool side trails and viewing areas near the top. Final stretch through stream beds and pines is awesome.

Mellow trail to the falls; no true steeps. Falls are spectacular; great place to spend a few hours. Some trail sections are a bit awkward because of the amount of rocks in the ground. The easiest hike I've done in the region, but still a good reward.

6 days ago

A little hard to find the trailhead at first, as they are currently constructing new stairs at the beginning. We missed the scenic vista on the way up (and there is not much of an overlook at the top) but found the views on the way down. A little more than 3.5 hours and that includes stopping for lunch at the top

Very difficult but very rewarding. I did this hike in March in 6 degree temperatures. It was below 0 degrees at the top of the mountain (even colder with the wind chill), but the view of southern Vermont and New Hampshire was worth it.
This hike is very steep and took a lot out of my friend and me. The woods are thick toward the top. Town is very cute too (Manchester). I would recommend this hike to people in moderate to great shape. If you want to do it in the winter (like I did), bring spikes for your boots. The hike is icy and I slipped quite a few times.

Absolutely great hike. Starts off very easy, and then finishes with a punch in the gut. The views are amazing all the way up including great stream crossings, a small waterfall, and then a few overlooks before the summit. Highly recommend.

Don't forget bug spray!! Very muddy/ buggy the whole way up. Below the tree line until you get to the fire tower. The views from the fire tower are truly beautiful.

Didn't actually finish this trail. At the trailhead there was a map but after that there were no markers. First to get to the trailhead​ you have to walk down a driveway and then to go down this particular trail you have to turn and go down another driveway until you get to a field. There are no signs in the field so you're just fallowing old tractor tracks around the woods. We weren't sure we were going the right way so after going​through a couple fields we turned around and walked back to the trailhead, where we looked at the map again and kind of understood it better. So I would recommend taking a picture of the map before you start hiking. There was a lovely view from the fields though. Almost made me want to sing "The hills are alive with the sound of music", would have been the perfect spot for it.

Before you actually get to the trail you have to walk down like a driveway on someone's property and other than the sign near where you park there's nothing to really tell you where you're​ going. When we got to the trailhead there was a map but there were no other signs on the trail, which wasn't really a problem for this trail because it was a nice wide easy trail but it was a problem for the trillium trail that also starts there. We did see lots of flowers and a woodpecker. I would do this hike again.

Really fun trail, but really hard! We stopped at the spring to cool off a bit. This trail is pretty steep and doesn't really flatten out. The welcome center at the top was a nice place for us to eat lunch!

Moderate hike. Easy to follow trail. Beautiful views!!

on Mount Equinox Trail

14 days ago