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The Green Mountain National Forest is managed by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Located in Rutland Vermont, the park contains portions of both the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail as well as other popular peaks and trails. The park is a popular destination in New England for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Highlights within Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest include Grout Pond Recreation Area, sections of the Appalachian and Long Trails, Little Rock Pond Trail, White Rocks Cliff Trail, and Thundering Falls. The most popular season to visit this park during autumn, as the park has a stunning display of fall foliage. The park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including several bird species such as the peregrine falcon, as well as black bears, moose, and coyote.

Well kept with all the traffic back and forth. Great scenery from the Green Mountain.

Good hike,but lots of rocks. Pretty falls, but probably a lot nicer after a good rain.

Great easy flat hike.

Great hike in my backyard. PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE OFF TRAIL! I’ve done way too many searches for lost hikers up here. Easy to follow trail markers

Hike this often .... very steep fire road style hike with rewarding views

Awesome payoff at the top, the views were amazing. I did Rattlesnake both up and back. I think the mileage is off however, they have rerouted the trail and added several switchbacks, the signs say is 1.5 miles from the falls, it was closer to 2 miles from the falls to the Vista points on the cliffs-so worth it however!!

It is actually 6 miles out and back.

Not to steep, perfect for us! Best hike I have been on in my life!

great trail for bringing my dog. gorgeous views at the top. went on a hot day so when we got back we went over to Danbury Park for a swim. will definitely go again!

5 days ago

Moderate hike with no summit view at the top. The Vista / overlook is the rock face as the other reviewer (mj) said at 42.9134, -73.1555. This is more than a mile before you get to the summit and is right at the point where you first see the white rocks all over the place. The trail at the summit connects to two other trials that keep going. We followed the ridge trial about .2 miles and didn't find any other views. The trail is rerouted slightly at the beginning (which is well marked) so we ended up doing almost exactly 4 miles to the summit with elevation gain of just below 2000ft for the out and back. This should be changed on the trail info. 3 or maybe 4 steeper parts during the hike but relatively tame. A few stream crossings the pooch was able to drink from.

Good hike, 2nd half of ascent is a little tough, but the falls make it all worth it

7 days ago

Fun trail with great views. The trail starts asa meadow, with lots of flowers and pollinators to see. The view from the overlook is pretty amazing!

Nice hike to the summit, agree with other users it is muddy at the start. Tower at the top would offer some great views on clear days

Well marked trail. The sound of the brook accompanies you on this gentle hike. Can get muddy in places. Beaver Pond is a nice wildlife area. Will do this one again

Very muddy but enjoyable trail to Mt Stratton. A good hike and impressive view from the fire tower. It was a bit foggy when we went but still pretty good hike even though we got less of a view than we wanted.

Very easy walking trail. We read all the poems. Our first poem reading hike. My dog enjoyed it too. Only saw 2 other people on the trail.

Nice hike! Not too strenuous, and with a great view at the end. Falls are better if it recently rained, but there would be more mud on the way there.

Beautiful trail! Like everyone else mentioned, starts off easy peasy with most of the elevation gained during the last bit which can be a bit challenging. We were blessed with clear blue skies and a gorgeous day to complete this hike up Killington. Highly recommend.

11 days ago

I found this to be a fairly easy hike. The directions to the trailhead are accurate. There are no signs to indicate that you are at a trailhead. You can drive a couple hundred yards beyond the end of Tower Rd. where you will find parking for several cars. Park, and continue hiking on the road which will peter out into a trail. It follows a drainage that is described as very steep in other reviews. I would rate the grade as moderate (moderate plus in places) but nothing like some White Mtn miles like the Wildcat Ridge Trail or the AT up South Kinsman. The pitch is a sustainted for a good while but not terribly steep. All junctions are intuitive enough that it is easy to follow the trail to the summit, marked with a sign and a register canister. Easy hike, have fun!

Definitely for the endurance exercise oriented person. There is no leisurely strolling or switch-backs on this hike. Mostly straight up-hill the entire route. Nice views at the top with a one-of-a-kind visitor center where you can warm up.

12 days ago

I love this trail- from Branch Pond to Bourn Pond- however I would rate this as moderately easy instead of easy, due to the alert footwork needed for most of this trail. When you step into the Lye Brook Wilderness, its as if you've stepped into another world. Boggy with eskers and slightly eerie. Am planning my next hike into the Lye Brook Wilderness already.

I found this trail to be difficult with the footing, stepping on and in between pointy rocks and numerous exposed tree roots for 85 percent of the journey, but I could have been having an off day for hiking too. The pond is definitely worth visiting. Seemed like a very remote place, with lots of AT/LT hikers passing through this time of year. It is very picturesque with dozens.of mini water cascades flowing among moss covered rocks. I also found lions mane (mushroom) here which was a pleasant surprise.

The falls at the end is such a beautiful treat. We did encounter a black bear along the trail but quietly went our separate ways. Gorgeous hike!

The first ~60% of the hike is a fairly boring slog up an old access road. Once you hit the spring the trail turns into more of a real trail which is quite nice. There is some sort of church at the top with nice viewing platforms. Took approximately 3 hours to complete. Beware in the parking lot at the trailhead. Someone vandalized my car doing over $1,000 worth of damage.

The hike is along ski trails so it’s more of a walk along dirt roads than a hike on trails through the woods. It’s okay, but nothing to write home about.

Awesome hike. Steep climb up to Baker Peak but a good challenge with a beautiful view to finish.

I'll start off by saying that these mountains are beautiful and any hike in the area is well worth it. However, the intel and directions from the All Trails route is not ideal, and coming up from the Sugarbush ski area can get confusing and tricky. That said, starting at the Lincoln peak base lodge, follow the utility road that goes under the lift. There are several forks in the road, the first of which you should take the left road. After that all the roads will eventually get you to the same place, as long as you keep going up. You are loosely following the Organ Grinder trail, so if keep seeing those signs, you are on track. The road is smooth but punishingly uphill at times. It's essentially a 3 miles at a 1000 ft gained per mile ratio. From the top you can get to the Lincoln Peak viewing platform (which served us no good because of the dense fog) and then follow Long Trail south to Abraham, which is a 40 minute hike. Make sure to jump off trail about 300 yards down from the Abraham summit to get a glimpse of the famous plane wreck from the 1980s. Very cool! From there you wind back to Lincoln, and over 2 minor peaks on to Ellen, the summit of which is forested but very peaceful. After getting back near Lincoln peak, you have the option to follow the All Trails route and descend down the "Middle Eart" trail. This is not recommended. The way is slippery, steep, with very dense vegetation. I'd recommend continuing past the Middle Earth ski trail back up to the Castle Rock chairlift and following the "Troll Road" trail down. We did not do that ourselves, but it looks like a significantly easier route, and ends up in the same place. The hike was excellent, but All Trails will let you down a little bit from a best route perspective. Still entirely worth the trip however!

This trail was not well marked. toward the top. When we reached the peak there was not an open area for views and pictures. My dog enjoyed the hike as there is a constant flow of water from brooks..

18 days ago

This hike is peak Vermont, leaves are just starting to fall, moss and firs galore. Trail is gradually uphill most of the way with some steeper inclines here and there. Some new trail has been cut in in places and it’s all very well maintained throughout, shout out to the trail volunteers and GMC!

FYI the overlook with the great views everyone here is mentioning seems to be at
42.9134, -73.1555
Not completely sure tho because I turned around after these views lol.

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