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Lots of snow but the trail is nicely packed down! I used microspikes the whole way which worked perfectly. My pup did fine the whole way too...

15 days ago

Short walk to the fall. Very beautiful half frozen water fall at the end. Went there in an early morning on 1/2/19 with my dog.

15 days ago

I don’t know what this trail is like in warmer months, but you will definitely need ice cleats to hike here on new year eve (12/31/18). I brought my golden retriever with me and she did it without any problem (she quickly learned about the ice and she would get around it). Met the black mountain dog and one of the golden retrievers - I heard they live near the trail and hike with people daily for fun. To be honest, the trail should be rated as hard given the steepness. The half upper portion definitely feels like good cardio exercise. I had to take breaks in between and my heart was beating fast.

16 days ago

This is a great short hike to do while visiting Stowe - beautiful and varied forest along the trail, enough gain to get your heart pumping, and great views of Mansfield and Camel's Hump from the top. I tried it, unprepared for the ice, with a friend on 12/30/18 and we turned back about 3/4 miles in. Went back alone with microspikes and poles on New Years Eve day and made the top easily. Going up I met people on their way down, but I broke out onto a vacant summit and had about 15 minutes to myself up there before heading back down. I've done the hike many times in all seasons, but this was the iciest I've experienced...

Hiked this yesterday (December 30). Parking is in front of someone’s home as the trail parking isn’t plowed in the winter so it adds 0.4 miles each way (total 0.8 miles) walking to the trailhead. Overall beautiful hike. We only saw 2 other people on our way up. The trail is easy to follow, just follow the blue markings on the trees. The trail itself is apparently a little rough in the winter. It didn’t seem like too many others had gone up to really pack in the snow so we were falling through the snow quite a bit. It feels like you’re adventuring through the woods at times and doesn’t feel like you’re following a path. Definitely need micro spikes for this one. Snowshoes may be helpful too. Give yourself 3-4 hours to complete in the winter at a comfortable slower pace. The bottom half of the trail is a pretty small incline and flat at points. The second half is more steep, getting steeper the closer you get to the summit. The views at the top were incredible and absolutely worth it. Will definitely be hiking this one again.

Wonderful morning winterland hike with microspikes and the two ambassador dogs with bells. What a gift they were!

Awesome trail. My wife and me had a wonderful time and encountered two beautiful dogs along the way

beautiful day for a hike. Definitely need yak tracks. the view at the top was spectacular today!!

Awesone view :)

I went Monday 11-5 Lots of ice. Then when I got to the white rock trail it was a ton of snow Many of the markings are on the rocks So I could not see them but it seemed pretty obvious as to where you need to go. Very windy at the top but a fantastic view. ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS.

Absolutely beautiful hike, it can get intense at some points closer to the pinnacle but it’s worth every bit. Best time to go is the first week of October.

Loved this trail! Views from the top (and middle) are beautiful and worth the semi-challenging trail. Additional fun: Two local golden retrievers with bells and tags met us at the bottom and took us all the way to the top, no owners. We learned from some locals on the trail that these amazing pups have been on that trail for years and are sweet and brave, which we found out!

Beautiful sites at the top. Definitely a challenging incline. Could be done in a few hours. Overall very fun.

Easy, short walk with beautiful falls at the end.

Excellent hike and view!!


3 months ago

The view on the top was spectacular once the flurries of snow drifted away and the clouds cleared. As for difficulty, I would say this is on the harder side of moderate even though I began at the Stowe Pinnacle Meadow parking lot. Yes, the view is definitely worth the hike up.

Fun hike. Pretty steep in some spots. Great views on top. I continued East on the trail towards Middlesex and circled around to White Rock. This adds a couple miles on to the hike and you basically go down the East side and then back up. Well worth it in my opinion. Views to the East were spectacular. The climb back up to White Rock was challenging and fun. After reaching the top of White Rock you back track a bit and then take the trail heading back North to the Mount Hunger trail. Be prepared for water and mud. Have fun

This is the second time here. the first time we went all the way to the top but this time just to the falls and got a fabulous picture.

Plan 3 hours up and 2 down - coming down can be very slippery with run off

Nice hike! Beautiful views at the top! I'm sore!

Very rewarding hike! Challenging going up but not too bad going down. The view at the top is worth it (even with the fog!) Took us 3 hours 45 minutes total. The waterfall is about 1/4 of the way into the hike. The top of the mountain is very spacious- tons of room to spread out and eat/rest.

Easy and great for kids!

3 months ago

Constant elevation gain. Very challenging. Will get your heart rate up for sure. Great reward at the top. Extremely crowded on leaf peeping weekend. Tons of dogs on this trail. We encountered nearly 100 of them mostly without leashes.

Slow ascent to begin, then gets very steep! Very rocky at the top, including some light “rock climbing”. We took our 3 dogs up to the summit; however, it may be somewhat difficult for some dogs. There is a beautiful waterfall about halfway up that the pups can swim in and you have to cross to get to the other side. The view at the top was incredible! Very fun hike!

The summit is amazing! The pro of taking this route vs. the Stowe side is there are way fewer people. The first 3/4 is fairly easy. The last 1/4 is intense. The rock scrambles are steeper than the ones on White Rocks, Mt. Abe, and Worcester. They are doable, but for sure not easy.

3 months ago

Just took my 7th and 8th grade class on this hike a few days ago. It was great! In the amount of time we had, a little more than half made it to the top. For a lot of them it was a challenge in persistence, but the reward of making it was worth the tiredness the felt the next day. This was my 5th or so time on this trail and it is definitely a fun one with some great views.

The hike was long but well worth it....

Loved the views.

It was my first time in this trail-quite impressive! I wish they can make it more safe at the top to transition to the plateau of the rock.

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