Be prepared for a variety of terrain! Granted I am relatively new to hiking so was not ready to climb a rope up a rock face. Much more difficult than anticipated, but would have been much more enjoyable if it weren't for the hoards of black flies! Those suckers were relentless. The views are fantastic though! We only encountered a few other hikers on our trip, very peaceful. If you're looking for a nice 1/2 day hike with a good balance of rocky / steep terrain and casual trail hiking, this is a great choice.

Awesome views! Definitely a very difficult trail! Certain parts closer to the top required actual rock climbing and the use of ropes to get up the face of the cliff. Lots and lots of black flies and mosquitoes resulting in HUGE welts all over our bodies despite using bug spray!

Challenging! Have to put this as one of my favorites. The "rock climbing" at the top is the last stretch to one of the most amazing views :)

Nice easy little trail leading up to a beautiful waterfall

easy hike but to make it more challenging we walked along the bank and through the river. it was raining wicked hard through the hike. it the views and scenery made it worth it. my girlfriend my dog and I had a nice time and Will definitely do it again next time we are up and the weather is nicer.

12 days ago

Easy hike. Went after it rained for two days so it was a tad slippy going up to the falls. Its a beautiful fall. Free flowing especially after all that rainfall.

Tough little trail. Highly recommend if you want a lung burner. Harder than Camels Hump in my opinion.

Great loop. Spectacular panoramic views in all directions. I imagine the rocks at the top of Hunger could be a challenge when wet.

Nice, easy walk. There's not much after the waterfall though.

Nice day for a hike falls Were beautiful today

28 days ago