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Great waterfall and short hike. Water was crystal clear and the perfect temperature to cool down in July.

Great little hike. We were checking it out for hiking with friends that don’t hike. This is an easy one with beautiful falls. We started out around 7 AM and had the trail to ourselves. Also went past the falls for another 3/4 of a mile just for the exercise. Nice trails with a couple steep spots that can get the heart rate up.

This hike is really beautiful... amazing views from the top and it’s all shaded in a forest on the way there. A few things; VERY dog friendly. This was really nice because most of the East Coast doesn’t allow dogs to be off leash while they hike, so for someone from the West this trail was a breath of fresh air. There is NO WATER. No lakes, creeks, streams, nothing. Bring your own. Finally, I would classify this trail as heavily trafficked, at least on the weekends. It is basically straight up and then straight down so bring your hiking poles if you have them. Happy trails!

Hiked this several times last year, again in early May (still lots of snow still!) and am going today.

However, I don’t take this trail the whole way. About a mile in, Bob Kemp Trails breaks off to the left and Middlesex bears right - there is a sign. I take Bob Kemp as to detour to White Rock which has great 270 degree views itself with a lot of exposed, flat terrain. From there, I ride the ridge line over to the Mt. Hunger summit - it is less than mile and there are signs to direct you. One steep push right at this end but very doable. The rest has some steeper sections but flattens out in between. I would say moderate is a very accurate rating. Extremely worthwhile for near 360 views from the top of Hunger

The trail up took us around an hour and forty five minutes (with a few, short water breaks). It is definitely continuously steep throughout, and the second half was wet. The falls are lovely and the top was wonderful and breezy. There were definitely a lot of people on the trail today. The trip down took almost as long as the way up.

Not easy but managed up and done in 6 hours a beginner. Amazing views. Glad we did it!! Recommended.
Made it to Ben and Jerrys before they closed for the day.

21 days ago

This is not 2.9 miles.... half mile round trip maybe a tad more. Nice view of falls.

22 days ago

Beautiful views- I would rate this as an easy hike- took some friends that are beginner hikers and it was perfect for them. Views are fantastic and you will be greeted by two friendly Golden retrievers at the top! So yes very dog friendly hike!

I absolutely love this trail. Do it multiple times each year. I would rate it as difficult if you are not in shape or don’t hike often. Views are tremendous, and even better during peak foliage season in the fall.

23 days ago

Nice trail - came in from the Stowe Meadow Trail (new, half mile shorter, slabbing across the hill to meet up w Stowe Pinnacle Trail). Very busy. Many dogs. No biting insects today (only one moth noticed ). Very cool 50 - 60 w incoming showers. Rich northern hardwoods - many trillium and other wildflowers in the understory (but the blooms in the woods mostly stopped when the leaves filled out a month ago). Still clintonia, Canada mayflower, bunchberry and goldthread blooming up on the Wooster Range (Skyline Trail) where spring still reigns at solstice tide. Winter wrens, juncos and white-throated sparrows on Pinnacle (above small vista). 360 view including Breadloaf in Ripton north up to Elmore and Lowell. Mont Owls Head in QC peeking up. The trail from the Pinnacle up to the Skyline Trail on Hogback is much less trafficked. Excellent condition. Steeper, rocky, interesting, sporting. Small rock shelter near top. ~130 feet north (left) on Skyline Trail is a tiny side path to a small vista with a view north up the range. Swainson’s thrushes and black-polled warblers. Deep mosses. Moose and coyote scat from last winter.

This is a fantastic hike, and not just because it's only 45 minutes from Burlington. I love that while it's pretty rigorous, it's not too long of a hike -- you sweat buckets for 90 minutes and get great views at the top. My dog and I hike it several times a month, year round. Here are a few tips:

-- The trail is a bit longer than listed on this site -- 2.1 miles to the summit from the Waterbury lot.
-- It can be very busy on weekends. If you prefer solitude, head out early in the morning or in the late afternoon.
-- Hunger is a very doable hike for dogs, but be aware that there is one spot where you might have to lift your pup up a five-foot rock face, depending on how spry he/she is.
--Check out the white rock spur trail, which provides some beautiful views. It does take you considerably down hill, so don't do it if you think you won't be able to face any more uphill on the way back. The White Rock summit is a bit rocky and technical and for this reason is not easy to navigate with a dog. My energetic, acrobatic trail pup couldn't make it.
-- Winter hiking here is spectacular (assuming you have snowshoes/spikes, depending on conditions).
-- Obviously, you should stop at Ben and Jerry's on the way back to the highway for a celebratory cone.


Easy. Nice waterfalls. . There is a beaver dam on the left when you first start walking. You can see tree stumps with teeth marks.

Short but sweet! Breathtaking waterfall at the end of an easy and short easy to follow trail.

28 days ago

Theses waterfalls are amazingly beautiful.
But once you’ve reach the top, it seemed to us the trail was boring.
And the waterfalls are at the beginning of the trail so for those looking for a good hike maybe this is not your place.

it's a lot of steep climbing but we'll marked and popular on weekends. if you're an infrequent hiker it will be a challenge but not overly so. well worth the effort for us.

Very good workout. We were sweating buckets by the time we got up. Took 67 minutes up and 60 minutes down. At the top we were pretty much rock climbing. Beaudoin views when you get to the top but the bugs were bad in middle june so bring your bug spray if you want to spend some time up there.

Nice out and back trail. There is some mild climbing towards the end. Was nice in June; clear sky with an amazing view!

1 month ago

Great views at the top! It was a little buggy but to be expected, meeting the two mountain dogs Baylor and Samson was awesome they hiked up with us! They got along great with our dog. Would hike this again!

Fun easy trail with lots of stairs. Close to town and fun to do!

Beautiful day climbing stowe pinnacle trail. An easy/moderate challenge with rewarding 360 views at the top. We were met by golden retrievers Sampson and Baylor. We gave them GREAT BIG HUGS and some water.

A moderate trail until you get to the rock climbing parts- thats when it got tough, definitely needed to use to arms to pull myself up at times. If the rocks were wet, I imagine this would be a little treacherous, but on a dry day like today it was okay. The views from the top were outstanding. Despite this being a fairly popular hike, there are plenty of rocks at the summit to tuck yourself away and find some solitude. I spent a good 2 hours at the summit, couldn't get myself to leave! The hike up took me about 1 hour 30 mins. Will return!

Easy hike to see the falls, beyond the top is a rather boring trail.

Beautiful & challenging hike with amazing views at the top

1 month ago

Nice wet, cool, muddy trek on this day. It wasn't too annoying though and we lucked out on top. It was a very cloudy day but we get a 5 min break in the action which allowed for awesome views down into the valley. We didn't get the expansive views others have described so we'll just have to return. We descended via the Meadow trail option to the other parking lot. That trail was actually closed (sign down at the trailhead). It turned out that was the dryer option. All good, I ran down the road to get the car and came back to fetch my fellow hikers. Just do it!

1 month ago

Awesome narrow valley (glen) falls and cascades. A really short trek in but you can continue up to the top of the falls and, if you want to go further you can continue down snowmobile path. A must see!

The Stowe Pinnacle is an easier trail that provides inspiring views once one arrives at the top. Perfect view of Mount Mansfield to the west, and a sweeping view of the large valley to the south, including Waterbury Reservoir miles in the distance. Much of the elevation gain is made on rocky steps that provide good footing. I've seen many families with young children tackling this hike.

This is quite a strenuous hike. I read the rating on here and thought it would be relatively easy. It was not easy, but it was well-worth the work. Took me 3 hours to get to the top, but the rocks were very wet

1 month ago

Really nice hike. Trail was mostly dry with a few muddy sections, though not difficult to pass. Pinnacle summit was stunning with lots of rocks to climb for multiple views.
Did not bring my dog but encountered many along the way, would definitely say the trail is easy for them. Loved meeting Baylor and Samson, the local dogs at the top.
Went along the skyline trail for a bit (not all the way to Mt. Hunger) but did not find it that nice. Overall not too demanding but still swore at myself during some steep sections.

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2 months ago

One of me and my pups favorites!

2 months ago

Easy hike. Once your at the top of the falls there is a cart road turned around there.

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