The trail was packed down so no snowshoes needed but mixrospikes made the climb near the falls possible. The river and falls were beautiful with the snow and ice. We kept on hiking up the VAST trail which was quiet and a great walk.

Always a favorite but can be challenging for sure!

Excellent solstice hike! I wore microspikes almost the whole time. Trail was packed down pretty well but it was very icy. A moderately challenging hike despite the short length. Always a favorite.

We were on a schedule but had some time to check out Moss Glen and stroll some of the trail. There was 4 inches of snow and it made for a beautiful picturesque walk. Parts of the stream were frozen which looked really cool and the falls in winter were incredible...truly no words can fit the bill! There is a little bit of an incline to get to the the falls and after that the trail levels out and is pretty darn flat. We walked some of it but turned around part way as we had to be somewhere. I can't wait to come back again and spend more time here!! This is an easy hike for sure and a photographers dream!

I absolutely love it here! I've gone multiple times as my family lives very close by! Definitely an awesome sight to see!!

Steep hike, but the views are worth the sore legs!

great hike, but definitely challenging for non-hikers or those who aren't in great shape. this could take you an hour or it could take you five

Completed this today on 11/6/16 in shorts and sneakers. Top half is a sheet of ice on wet rock and leaves (death) with a steam running down it. We made it but definitely the most difficult hike we have done in a while. Still giving it five stars even though there was a foot of snow at the top and no view. Feel like a king when you finish.

Tuff hike from the start. Nice quick workout with beautiful views from the summit. Can't wait to snow shoe this trail.

5 months ago

Wonderful, challenging trail for us to do as an athletic couple with our dog. some pretty steep sections that were fun to climb up, and retired you to get your hands dirty a bit. some of the downward sections could be a little hard for someone with bad joints or balance issues

This trail is very rocky and challenging, especially the last couple of tenths of mile. It was dry when I hiked it, and if it's wet it could be difficult and dangerous. If you're older (I'm 55 and in good shape) it will be a cardiac challenge on the way up and an orthopedic challenge on the way down. Trekking poles will take some stress off the knees. The view at the top is 5 star, but the hike in and out is not very interesting.

6 months ago