4 days ago

Great hike- easy and challenging at the same time. Hiked on 6/17/17 with Thom took about 2hrs to reach the top.

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5 days ago

on Camel's Hump Trail

13 days ago

Love this hike!

Phenomenal views that are definitely earned. Be prepared for a windy summit and the rocks near the top are incredibly slippery.

25 days ago

One of the best I've done in New England! Make sure to wear sturdy shoes as it does get muddy and slippery on the rocks. Took Monroe trail to Alpine to LT to the summit. the last 1/2 mile you are hiking on the side of the mountain. can become very steep and narrow. If you are afraid of heights this may not be for you.

26 days ago

I also did the trail back in February but it was just too cold to go out and see the view so I had to go back. The Trail was extremely wet this time and a lot more rocks than I was expecting. But the view at the top was more than worth it.

Spectacular views today!

Great hike. Beautiful views. But man, that last .03 miles to the summit...phew!

This was a repeat hike for me cause the last time I hiked this I didn't have any views. This time we hiked over the summit to the wreckage and back out. The summit was crowded with people and dogs.