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Steep hike with no view at the top.

I enjoy this trail as an afternoon challenge. While it’s not very kid-friendly, I have taken my young children up it to the peak. Not for the faint hearted or out of shape.

9 months ago

First of all, this trail is not kid friendly. as two adults, we had trouble hiking this trail. A large portion of the trail is very steep, which I would not say is suitable for children. The view was not all that great - it was only seen through trees and there were a ton of bugs for the top portion and at the peak. It took approximately 3 hours to complete. Be sure to download the map, as there are several ambiguous forks along the trail.

Friday, July 07, 2017

I hiked the trail with my friend and her 1.5 year old son. This trail is not kid friendly! It became pretty steep and rocky towards the top. If you have to carry a kid on your back I suggest not going up this trail! The view at the top was pretty, minus some trees in the way. We didn't see a single person on the trail today. It was marked well enough for us to easily navigate our way.

If you want to hike along a road the whole time.I guess for a beginner that just came from McDonald's,its a great choice:-)

Monday, June 27, 2016

I started at at 8:30ish the Killington Grand Hotel parking lot, hiked (H) Morrain up to Snowshed, picked up (E) Wildlands to the summit lodge, then (J) Summit, then reversed to go back down.

The trail was surprisingly quiet for a Sunday morning: I met with one person and their dog on the way up, and a few small groups on the way down (around noonish). The mountain biking doesn't appear to start up until the ski lifts are going by 10 or so.

Honestly, I found Killington underwhelming. Much of the Wildlands trail was on ski slopes, which while they did offer grand views, these were usually enmeshed with ski lifts, parking lots, and the hotel amenities down below. The trails (hiking ATVing, mountain biking) are suggestive of being in a wilderness-themed theme park. My lack of enthusiasm about the Killington trails is not say that I think Killington Resort chose poorly - I doubt hikers bring in much money to them, so it makes sense they'd prioritize bikers and skiiers.

While I'm glad to have summited my first 4000+ footer, this isn't a hike I'll do again.

the view from the top is incredible

Monday, August 03, 2015

Hiked to the top Via Flume trail. Got really steep in some parts, and then took another route down! Nice views from the top!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Took the gondola up to the peak and hiked down. Was a great view at the top and beautiful woods. Did this in July so it wasn't too too bad, packed a picnic lunch with us.

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