5 days ago

I thought the trail was very well maintained and clean, views from the dam were great!! Have already recommended trail to others. Enjoy!

This was an easy hike to the falls. Fairly shaded as well. Once we reached the falls you can see a rope on the rocks. We climbed up the rocks with rope and there was a grotto like area on top. Would not recommend for children to do this. Fell coming down and scratched up my back. It was a really pretty sight to see and worth the hike though!

18 days ago

First 2 miles are on flat ground alongside the river and then once you turn onto the Hamilton Falls trail you have about another mile to go until you see the waterfalls. Also recommend taking the trail to see the overlook because it's stunning. FYI you need to pay, per person, to get in to Jamaica State Park.

Accessed this through Jamaica State Park, nice trails. Gradual elevation and not at all difficult. Falls were beautiful but it was very busy (kinda took away from the beauty). Top of the falls were really awesome to see too!

1 month ago

I thought this was a great trail to do for a beginner. Pretty flat and scenic for over 2 miles then a 1 mile, rocky, with breaks, hike up that's totally worth the view! I think the lower falls are more scenic but it was super fun and a lot of people at the upper falls as well. There's a road that will take you directly to the falls (West Windham) if you don't feel like taking the long trek. Also took my Boston Terrier and he loved it!

Excellent trail, the water fall at the end of the trail is so worth the trip!

3 months ago

I liked the 1 mile hike up to the falls, but the preceding 2mike hike on the W River trail was a bit boring, tho the view of the river was nice.

Went hiking here Columbus weekend. So beautiful!

Nice walk up to the Falls. Many breaks for this flatlander. Very pretty trail.

I've hiked this trail more times than I can count and it never gets old!! The first two miles are flat, easy and beautiful with the West River at your left keeping you company. There are so many cool geological formations and glacial deposits to marvel at!! Take the Hamilton Falls trail on the right which is about a mile upwards. This is a steady climb and can be rocky and rooty, so watch your footing. If you're here in the Spring, be cautious of the little orange salamanders on the trail. Hiking on weekdays here is nice, way less people. You will see a sign stating more than 10 people have died in the falls, it's more like 14 or 15 now, including a young man who died late this summer. Take this seriously. Respect nature and stay out of the upper pools and don't climb up the falls...I've seen people slip and have close calls. Enjoy the beauty around you...it is so abundant!!


Great day and great hike. Four of us brought our two dogs. Challenging to falls but well worth the hike. So beautiful!

10 months ago

3 miles
easy 2 miles
moderate last mile to the falls