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10 days ago

Beautiful hike. Fairly easy for seasoned hikers. We had three kids with us so we only made it to Cascade Falls. Some scrambling and it's a bit muddy / slippery, especially in this time of year. (Autumn) but the foliage is really spectacular and make the trail colorful and beautiful.

Really nice hike, Gus's Outlook is a great spot for lunch, make sure you go up to the West Peak Vista as that's a great spot for the view.
We looped the summit via the Hand Glide trail which was fun though signs are not that visible.

Second falls are really interesting, the walk gets a bit more complicated from there to the top although it's worth it. The summit per se is not great but all the other points of interest and vistas are definitely worth the effort.

Definitely recommend!

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21 days ago

we did this a few yrs ago. yes it was hard. I had to stop while my husband went on. the trail was natural, which was great. my husband took some amazing photos. the view was awesome

Fun trail to do with kids. Great falls, and nice random views along the way

great waterfalls in mid spring. it can be pretty icy if it early in the spring.

I have a rash on my taint. it's a tough hike from the cascade falls to the summit. bring extra water! no view from the actual summit but there's a lookout tower with a good view

The trail seemed fairly easy until the second cascade. After that, it was hard. Today was almost a 90 degree day so my boyfriend and I went through over 3 liters of water, together. Snacks and possibly even a lunch/dinner are a must. I would rate this trail hard. Also, the summit has nearly no view unless you go to the lookout tower.

Great place to hike! Many different spots to stop and take in the views, our favorite was the western summit. This trail is rated moderate but I saw a lot of people struggling or turning back before reaching the top. Definitely plan on plenty of water and some nutrition to make the round trip.

29 days ago

Wish the HangGlider trail was marked. Other than that what a lovely hike!

1 month ago

1 month ago

I can only speak for the first three quarters of the hike as I didn't make it all the way (just simply ran out of time). I found myself very much unprepared for how steep this is even after hiking the weathersfield trail, bromley, stratton and killington over the past few months. Drink plenty of water before during and after as this is a good workout. And don't wear cotton (especially in winter)

Definitely a steep climb after the waterfall!

1 month ago

Beautiful water throughout and a nice variety of terrain. If you have any knee problems, this hike will be challenging. There is not much of a view at the summit but there is an observation deck. Beautiful view from there but it can get very crowded.

A favorite, because even if you don't get to the top, the Cascade Falls is a great lunch spot.
BTW, this is longer, harder hike than many expect (maybe not this crew). The lower part is fairly easy but above the Falls gets steeper and more overgrown towards the top. Bring water for sure and probably a snack. I've seen the local fire department have to rescue a collapsed hiker from this trail and it wasn't pretty.