3 months ago

Unfortunately, I relied upon the description at the top and shouldn't have. This isn't an out and back but a loop. I saw map and it shows it going out to the "X" and thinking that's the end. The X part is really nowhere special on the trail, you wouldn't know the top of the hill once you're there, it's just wooded area. It is marked by blue blazes and when I decided to check on my app where I was, I kept wondering where it went since it said it was an out and back. I thought maybe the trail had a second entrance from the road nearby but I was wrong. I spoke to the park manager and he showed me on the flyer that it was a loop. I went about half way and came back the way I came in and now wish I hadn't. This trail was a day trip for me and too far to think about going back. To get to the entrance of the trail, once you pull in to the parking area, the fire tower is just to your right. There is a grassy area to its left so go to the back of this grassy area and you'll see the sign. The trail has numbered markings which are stakes in the ground. Hopefully, you'll have grabbed a brochure at the park entrance before heading up to the parking area. The brochure explains what is next to the numbered stakes. The trail does have some undulation and a bit more elevation changes than I expected so though it's rated as easy, it's not like you're walking flat out like around a lake trail type. Nice view from the fire tower but on what I saw, no real scenic vista unless it was on the back half of the loop which I never did get to see.