Located in Washington, Iron and Kane Counties in Southwestern Utah, the Zion Wilderness encompasses some of the most scenic canyon country in the United States. The wilderness is part of Zion National Park and is characterized by high plateaus, a maze of narrow, deep sandstone canyons and striking rock towers and mesas. The area is a showcase of geology. Geologic processes have played an important role in shaping Zion. The arid climate and sparse vegetation allow the exposure of large expanses of bare rock and reveal the park

28 days ago

We did the bottom up. it starts at the river walk until wall street. water socks, shoes and stick are a strong recommendation if you want to fully enjoy the trail and have fun! It s a truly astonishing walk. it took us 4hrs.

I want to give some insight to people curious about hiking the top down in one day, I wasn't able to find a lot of information on the top down in one day when I was researching so I feel as though this is necessary to write. We had 5 girls, and none of us I would say we're experienced hikers, only hiked a few times before this but really wanted to experience the Narrows Top down in 1 day. It is possible, but it's difficult and you have to know what your getting in to. We did not take the shuttle because we were nervous about time, est time for completion was 12 hours and leaving at 8am didn't give us much allowance if someone had an accident or there was some unanticipated weather changes. We took our own car and began the hike at 7am. I recommend some sort of water shoes, I used an adidas water shoe, also trekking poles are absolutely necessary, they are accurate when they say it feels like your walking on wet bowling balls. The boulders are huge and the current gets strong, you are knee deep in a lot of it and the trekking poles are sometimes the only things that keep you steady. There are lots of obstacles, like gigantic trees to climb over and swimming through water where your feet don't touch the bottom, we went in August and the water was still numbingly cold. Make sure you watch your landmarks. We realized around noon we weren't near where we should be and really had to step it up. We were walking briskly the entire time and only took a 15 minute break to snack on a rock but we did take pictures along the way. Pay attention to high ground and take the trails along side of the river as much as you can to save on time, we would search for trails every chance we got because after about 7 miles we couldn't really feel our toes. We were able to finish around 1930 and it was a great accomplishment, we took the shuttle back and took another shuttle to get the car the next day. It's a very difficult hike but we were able to complete it in 12 1/2 hours being inexperienced hikers. Hopefully this helps.


This is and endurance hike. easily achievable in under 12 hours. Make it easy on your self and take an overnight camp ground. All arranged at the visitor center via permit system or online if your months ahead of time. They always reserve a few for walkups. Things to worry about. Chafing, rolled ankles, blisters (no matter how nice your foot wear is) your feet are submerged alot of the time. I checked the weather every day for a week and the morning of leading up to the hike. 2 percent chance of rain was all it got up to so i didnt bring a tent. And did not regret it. Save weight and space, ditch the stove, bring bars. 6 or 8 should be ample. keep your feet dry as long as possible. Take the trails on the side of the river as much as possible to save time. Check the temps. I wish I didnt even bring a sleeping bag. Dont bring the big DSLR camera and tripod. It was a waste and stayed in my dry pack so much I shouldn't have brought it. Gopros and cell cams are tge way to go. just bring a water proof case for your phone. Take pictures of the map handed to you by the ranger at the welcome center. it has time frames on it. pick camping spots 8 and up. I had 4 and my first days hike was over by 3pm. 5.5 hours. Left the visitors center at 8 am via 3rd party shuttle service. Hope this helps.

1 month ago

An absolutely breathtaking, and challenging experience. I stayed at campsite 7, and on the first day of hiking through the Narrows, I didn't run into a single person. It wasn't until the second day, about 4 hours into hiking that I ran into other campers. I highly recommend the Zion Adventure Company for any gear you'll need and to book a ride with their shuttle service to reach Chamberlains ranch!

2 months ago

Absolutely incredible hike. I will break down our experience from beginning (getting the permit) to the end (getting on the shuttle at the temple)

Went to the visitor center in Zion National Park on a Monday to book a Tuesday overnight permit for the trail. Showed up at 630 to try and beat the crowd, however there was no line at all. Went inside and reserved campsite 6 (highly recommended, great view and cleaner water source). Reserving campsites 6-12 helped shorten the second day hike. While planning we had to continuously keep checking river flow rate and flash flood potential forecast since we did this hike in monsoon season (July 1st - September 15).

Booked a shuttle to take us to the start point and left the car in the visitor center parking lot. Left on the shuttle at 0630 and arrived at 0800. First day was stunning. You experience the river as a small creek in fields and watch as it grows when you end at the temple.

We took 6 hours to reach campsite 6. During monsoon season it's better to start early since storms build up at around 1300 (even though it is clear the first part of the day). When we got to our site, it started thundering and raining and we saw a slight increase in water level and speed. Still was able to walk through the river.

Woke up the next day and started early due to the same type of forecast. The riskiest part of the trail is in between big springs (campsite 12) and Ordeville canyon. It takes about two hours to get through and is 2.5 miles long. One of the most stunning sections of the hike but is dangerous if any flash floods happen because there is no scalable high ground, just sheer cliffs.

The second lasted about 6 hours in total. Once you get to the riverside walk, it's a 1 mile hike to the Zion shuttle. The shuttle takes you all the way back to the visitor center.

----- if you're doing research on river conditions to see if able to do, lookup river flow rate and flash flood potential. River flow rate measured in cubic feet per second(cfs) tells you how fast water moves. 50 cfs is normal with shin deep water on average. The narrows close at 150+ cfs. There have been times where the river has raised up to 3200+ cfs in less than 10 min. The flash flood potential forecast can be found on the Zion NPS website. I wouldn't recommend going if it is higher than low (the scale consists of dry, low, moderate, high).

TLDR; all in all an amazing hike! Will definitely do again. Very easy to do even if you didn't book way in advance. We got our permit the same day we decided we wanted to do the trip!

2 months ago

This is truly a jaw dropping hike, the scenery is incredible and difficult enough to feel as an accomplishment. If you are planning a trip I would suggest reserving campsite 11 or 12 towards the end, makes for an easier day 2 on the trip out. Be sure to look up as much as possible!!!

Amazing trail! Hiked it as a scout. Would love to go back again. Watch the weather.