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Zion National Park, located in Southern Utah, is a popular destination in the Southwestern United states with beautiful views and a unique landscape. It was the first national park in Utah and and is best experienced hiking among the high cliffs and through the narrow canyons. The park is home to some very popular hikes and sights - it is truly a hiker's park. On the Narrows you walk for miles up a river with sheer canyon walls on either side of you. The Angels Landing Trail has 21 switchbacks to the top of Angels Landing which boasts a spectacular canyon overlook. The East Rim Trail takes you to Observation Point, the highest point in the park. The Subway Trail is a unique slot canyon trail that traverses through the left fork of North Creek. The Kayenta Trail is a great option for families with canyon views and provides access to other trails in park. The Emerald Pools trail is a paved trail that starts from the Zion Lodge and takes you to Lower Emerald Pool and from there a sandy and rocky trail to the Upper Emerald Pool at the base of a cliff. West Rim Trail is a two night backpacking trail takes you to from the Grotto trailhead to Lava Point and offers spectacular views of the park. You can also rent bikes and ride the Pa’rus trail within the park to observe the main canyon of the park in a short amount of time. The lesser known area of Kolob Canyon, located on Kolob Terrace Road, contains trails such as the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek Trail and the Kolob Arch Trail. Many people access the Kolob Canyon area from the scenic drive located off I-15 exit #40. Many of the zion hikes require permits, which you can pick up from the visitor center prior to heading out on your hike. Aside in addition to the excellent hiking trails, this geologically unique area has colorful sandstone canyons, high plateaus, and rock towers. Natural arches and exposed formations of the Colorado Plateau make up a large wilderness of diverse ecosystems. Route 9, which traverses the park from east to west, is open year-round to private vehicles. This area is prone to flash floods so be prepared for hazardous driving conditions during and immediately following storms. Icy spots remain through the winter.

Great for an alternate route to Observation Point. Not as strenuous as the trail from the main park, but still gets you to the same viewpoint.

Best hike ever! Angels landing was great but do yourself a favor and head to the West Rim. Not heavily trafficked and views out of this world. Highly recommend good hiking shoes, gloves for the way up to Angels Landing, water and lots of snacks. Tip: go early because it gets crowded at Angels landing. I went early 6:30am and it was perfect.

Tough hike but the views from the top are worth the effort. Go early to avoid the large crowds when negotiating the top section. The steep inclines and switchbacks give you a good workout on the way up. The top portion is the most treacherous section with sand stone footing and chains for hand holds to guid you across the narrow ridge. Amazing 360 views of the canyon await you at the top.

Really nice view of a water trickling down on large rocks. This is where the flowers are.

The most crowded hard trail i have ever been on hiking. So many people. The top with the chains made me nervous because so many people that were impatient. It doesn’t matter what time of day it’s packed. It is a great view but I come to the mountains to get away

It was a beautiful hike! Light jacket weather if you tend to get cold. Beautiful scenery!

I definitely suggest going early. We went on a Saturday around 7:30am and it was a little busy, but by the time we came down there was a line to go up. It’s a little slick, so wear shoes with good traction or go barefoot, if you dare. As long as you’re not afraid of heights the hardest week was honestly the switchbacks. Beautiful and worth the time/work that it takes to get to the top.

I definitely suggest going early. We went on a Saturday around 7:30am and it was a little busy, but by the time we came down there was a line to go up. It’s a little slick, so wear shoes with good traction or go barefoot, if you dare. As long as you’re not afraid of heights the hardest week was honestly the switchbacks. Beautiful and worth the time/work that it takes to get to the top.

No trail for basically the whole hike. Not too difficult to find the way using one’s gps location on the map. Decent views and a fun adventurous hike. An good option when other, better trails are closed.

Best trail of our Zion experience this week. Fantastic views of varied scenery. It was quite cold this morning and the road is closed so we had to hike 1.4 miles to be trailhead. Once we got to the trailhead we went an additional five miles and then turned around for a total of 12.9 miles. Overall, a great day hike even though we didn’t do the whole thing. Highly recommended for the stunning views.

washed out
1 day ago

When I got to Zion yesterday, the trail map no longer stated that Hidden Canyon was closed so I took the bus to it. The sign was still on the trail saying it was closed but since their newspaper was updated I decided to attempt it anyway. The trail is washed out and needs repaving. There is also a sizeable rock scramble over the slidden rocks that closed the trail (photo attached). Do not attempt this. After the first set of chains, there is nowhere to go. I hope it’s reopened again soon because it’s a gorgeous trail.

Great views! Very well maintained trail.

Amazing and thrilling hike with tremendous views at the top! Great workout during the switchbacks. At 8am the crowds weren’t bad at all, but it was definitely a lot more crowded on the way down as more people started up. I highly recommend going as early in the morning as possible. Many people stopped at Scout’s landing and did not attempt the treacherous chain-link section. But, if you are not afraid of heights, go for it! It’s an incredible accomplishment and awesome feeling to get to the summit. You don’t need hiking boots as a lot of the trail is paved. But, make sure you have good running shoes with good grip for the top section. I will definitely hike this again!

for some reason, my recording kept stopping! was actually 3.3 milea!

Hike was great as advertised. So were the crowds.

This is a crowded trail. The views of Zion are spectacular. It is an easy trail and takes an hour at a slow pace.

Absolutely amazing. Should be on everyone’s list if hiking Zion

Great trail but my phone died on the way back. Took about 4 hours and got in 10.2 miles. Trails are well marked and the views are beautiful.

Very nice short hike! The railings were useful and kept the hikers from the possibility of falling. The overlook was amazing! Definitely hike this trail, worth the time and hike!

This is a very beautiful trail! The chains make the trail a lot easier near the top! The views from the top are amazing! If you don’t like heights I would caution you going all the way up.

Heavily trafficked

This was the hardest trail I've ever done. At one point I had to sit down out of fear of just how high and dangerous this trail was but definitely worth it. I suggest not going alone.

Very good option for hiking to Observation point when hidden canyon trail is closed. Observation point and the East Rim provide great views of the park. The hike is slightly strenuous but should be easy for experienced hikers. Parking is sparse.

great views, when you get to the double arches, follow the creek 10 more minutes for a cool waterfall! better views of the arches on the way back from waterfall too.

Really fun hike! Definitely underrated - almost no one was hiking with us. Definitely worth it! There were a few spots with chain to hold onto though that were harder to stomach (not for the faint of heart).

Such a wonderful hike! Extremely unique as you get to go through the water most of the time. Recommend wearing closed toed shoes though and renting a walking stick to help you in the deeper areas. We wore chacos and came back with pretty beaten up feet. We also weren't able to go very far because as the water got higher we were unprepared from an equipment/clothing perspective. Highly recommend - so beautiful!

My favorite hike at this park! And we did quite a few. Absolutely loved this hike and would love to come back and do it again someday. I recommend waking up pretty early to start this hike though as it gets extremely crowded and you can really only go one at a time with the space next to the chain walkway at the end. Highly recommend if you can stomach it!

Another nice trail. Waterfalls were slight when we were there and you had to look hard for the “emerald” quality if the pools, but it is a nice hike from the Lodge area, but like ALL Zion hikes expect a lot of people. Middle and Upper pools were closed due to a trail washout.

Very nice hike to end a day, crowded, of course, since it is totally flat. There is a dirt path for a fair amount of the way as well. Saw wild turkey and dozens of fox squirrels all along the path. River was high and racing do The Narrows were closed to further traffic. Plenty of shade Nd peace, even with all the people. I recommend it.

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