Great trail with a fair amongst my of shade. Steep climb nearing the summit with loose rocks, but most of the trail is moderate. We enjoyed starting to the right for maximum shade. We finished the loop in 2 hrs 25 min.

Fun challenging trail with multiple forks

This is a great hike. The view from the top is spectacular. I prefer hiking up on the north (right) trail since it is a little more shady and down the other more open side. I saw deer, butterflies, birds, lizards... and very few people. Great 2-21/2 hour experience.

beautiful hike and it splits off into many other trails. I went up to an antenna about 8300ft. The mountains behind it continue to go up over 10k but are still covered in snow.

23 days ago

Yellow Fork Canyon has several trails. Dog friendly, bike friendly, horse friendly, and hiker friendly IF it is not a crowded day. Today we took the hike ascending from the metal bridge and followed the ridgeline a good way. It may be steep for some but there was only a couple other hikers on the trail. The views are beautiful. It is sun exposed and can be hot as the temperature rises. From the higher elevation there are trails leading back into the canyon that lead you to the creek and offer some shade.

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27 days ago

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27 days ago

This is a decent trail on the west side of the valley where there isn't much going on. The day I was there it was quite busy with other hikers, mountain bikes, and horseback riders. There aren't really an spectacular views, though the scenery is nice enough I suppose. Overall the abundance of horses and bikes made this a less desirable trail to hike, but it might be a decent option if you want something in the area. There's just much better options in the Wasatch Mountains.