trail running
5 days ago

Did this trail again this morning I took the entire loop and the left fork all the vertical on the left is in the first 3 miles. Whew! Still a great trail and those on horse back are very courteous!

trail running
10 days ago

Fun trail good inclines and wildlife! I had a Doe and dawn scare the $&@ out of me I'm glad no one saw that!

I got lost. How did I get lost?

Nice easy up hill walk until about half a mile before the summit. Then it kicked our butts. Felt good! It's a beautiful view up top!

On the northern loop at the 2 mile marker the main trail proceeds at the opening of a wooden fence. I took a trail that crosses the creek. I assume this trail was much steeper than the main trail.

Seems easier than a moderate, but I also didn't do it all.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Great trail with a fair amongst my of shade. Steep climb nearing the summit with loose rocks, but most of the trail is moderate. We enjoyed starting to the right for maximum shade. We finished the loop in 2 hrs 25 min.

Fun challenging trail with multiple forks