For my first solo without the kids, pretty good. Going up, it's small, thin, rocky trail. Coming down, it's pretty easy. Couple of really wet muddy spots, but easily avoidable.

So green and so very different than the
Wasatch mountain range!
More hilly and leas rocky cliff sides made for a pretty cozy hike with the family.
We stayed comfortable in the heat with all of the shade that the trees provided.
​Passed many trail riders on horse back, and was glad to know a few and say hi!

Great hike and very few people on a Sunday afternoon. We hiked with just boots but might've been nice close to the top to have our snow shoes!

Made it a couple miles in but needed my snowshoes. Turned back almost to the top. The trail was good with my spikes for about 1.5 miles. I will do it again but will make sure I have my snowshoes with me. Got a good cardio workout. It was nice to get out of the inversion and see clear sky and breath fresh air. Very few people on the trail.

a marvelous hike when the fall foilage takes shape. look into two counties while strolling through thousands of beautiful yellow aspens. make sure your camera is fully charged.

beautiful scenery

11.5.2016 | 15lb Backpack

This is called Yellow Fork Canyon and Rose Canyon. It's a beautiful area with lots of exploration opportunities as multiple trails branch from the main road. It can make following one track confusing but is great if you want to wander. So while we intended to follow the loop, we found ourselves on top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon so there were a number of people in the parking lot but once we got out and off the main road it wasn't busy. Lots of horseback riding here which is a nice change from other canyons but also made me more aware of my dog and his reactions.

People come here to shoot, horseback ride, hike and walk with kids. It's a great, versatile canyon and I definitely want to explore more!

trail running
4 months ago

First time for this trail. The weather was awesome and it was a fun trail. The dogs had a great time. Not too busy but it was Sunday so that helped. Did have several groups of horse riders but it wasn't bad. We will definitely be doing this one again.

This is a very nice trail system that gradually climbs its way to a ridge line with fantastic views of the Oquirrh mountains and the Salt Lake Valley. I hike in this area a lot, but today a friend of mine and I hiked part of the loop. We saw lots of deer and enjoyed a lot of solitude passing only two horsemen on the way out. The leaves are all but gone form the trees and the trail in many spots appeared to be carpeted with them. On weekends and in the evenings this area does get a lot of visitors, and the trail can be quite crowded, but during the day it is very quiet. My kids love the area as well and are happy to accompany me and my goats on this trail.

5 months ago

Lovely loop! Watch out for all the horse poop. Lots of leaves currently covering the trail. Lots of side trails so be sure and pay attention.

nice hike with the kids, missed the turn to go up the hill at first, but easily doubled- back to find it. hiking with kids, makes every hike take longer. we all loved the scenery and even the baby got out of his pack to hike a bit.

Easy hike. OK scenery. Lots of people complain but it's nice and basic. Burn calories at least.

5 months ago

Super great hike!! Got off the main trail at horse rest area about two miles into hike, saw some amazing scenery as a result!! Flew the Phantom 4, got some sweet footage!!

Very pretty, the dog enjoyed it too. There is one heck of a hill, but well worth it!