Kind of confusing where to start. Probably would have gotten lost if this badass mom (leading her family while carrying a baby) wasn't on the trail at the same time. When the path splits where the branch has fallen over, go to the right.

1 month ago

Make sure you know where the turn off is for the trail. You can walk past it easily if you're not looking. The last part of the trail is steep in some areas so make sure you have good footing coming back down so that you don't slip. Not a good trail for kids. The grotto is beautiful. My dog loved cooling off in the water. I started hiking around 8 a.m. on a Saturday and only passed two people on my way back. It was a breath of fresh air because most trails are getting so over-populated.

Nice hike with a truly beautiful grotto at the end. Think I saw one other person once I turned off the shoreline trail. Water shoes might have been nice to have, as you have to cross a wide stream at one point. Screenshot or download the map, as turnoffs can be a little tricky to spot. While the hike overall was pretty easy, the last 1/4 mile was really steep, so be careful of your footing on the way down. Definitely recommend this hike!

This trail starts after some time following Bonneville Shoreline, then you'll turn on to Steed Creek trail, follow it, then take the right split going down towards the creek again, after crossing the wood board bridge, there is another split, The Grotto trail is to the left, if you go right you'll be staying on Steed Creek Trail.
Great trail with a wonderful payoff. This trail is actually an offshoot of the Steed Creek Trail, it winds through Hornet Creek Canyon, following Hornet Creek. The end is a beautiful display of water, you'll find a weeping wall, 2 waterfalls, and a semi deep pool. The giant boulder next to the falls makes a perfect natural seat, to catch your breath and take in the sights and sounds. I got off track a few times because there are no trail markers, you'll need to keep the map open to be sure you're taking the correct one. Bring water shoes, you'll need to cross a shallow creek before starting the main leg of the hike, I brought swimming shoes, sat on a rock and switched from hiking boots to swim shoes and then changed back once I crossed the water. I saw only one other set of people during my whole hike, and they were off track from Steed Creek by mistake. the trail is half sun half shade, which is good. I wouldn't bring small children, as the trail is narrow. I had cell phone service for nearly the entire hike, and even 4G most of the time.