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I went with the dog. she thought it was wonderful. beautiful shots of the.waterfalls.

21 days ago

This was a nice little hike today with my girls. Definitely bring spikes. Also, I found something on the trail (apple brand related) if you lost something today 1/27/19 please message me I would like to return it to its proper owner.

Tough to find....... well worth it:))

3 months ago

Took our dog on this hike. It is really short, which is what I wanted because we didn’t have much time. The waterfall isn’t spectacular, and the trail isn’t really kept. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a real trail. It starts behind a small structure on the paved trail above the parking lot. Apparently you’re supposed to pay to be there - not loving that part. There is an envelope where you put the money in.

Awesome trail! To go to upper falls, drive on to that parking lot. After crossing the bridge you have a choice. If you go right you will see the building with graffiti. This is the main trail behind the building
. If you go slightly left instead you will see the pink ribbon trail. This is a lot less steep and rocky. Much easier.

Was a quick, somewhat steep climb to a subpar waterfall. Drunk people hang out at the trailhead (there's a ruined structure covered in graffiti).

4 months ago

Hiked the longer option from Nunns park. Good option if you are looking for a longer workout.

Multiple trail options. I went up to a trail just above where the map track go up that seems to be well used. I came down a trail marked with pink ribbon that is not a very good trail.

Good, simple hike. I followed the All Trails map and did the first turn off to go see Bridal Veils fall (be carefull, steep and loose rock) which was awesome to see. Then the pup and I got back on the trail towards Upper falls. The trail is all cement until you reach the trail head for both waterfalls. The Upper Falls trailhead will have a cement structure with graffiti on it, like other pictures have shown. The trail alone was nice. Slightly steep (by no means bad at all) and some loose rock, but worth the short hike straight up to the falls. Made for a great and simple morning hike. Like in my other reviews for other hikes, I got there early t avoid people (I was there around 7:45am or so) and by the time I got back to my truck the lot was packed and people everywhere.

Most of the 3 miles is on the paved Provo canyon trail so we just parked at the upper falls park and went from there.
There is a side trail that leads to 3 additional water falls if you're up for the adventure.

Beautiful! So so beautiful!!! But hard to find. Really should call it Hidden Falls. Wednesday I tried finding it but was confused by the map also I was thinking it was the upper part of Bridal Veil. Two different trails. So Saturday late afternoon/ early evening and after researching I was able to find the trail. Lot of people down where it is paved but very few on the trail. It is steep but doable even for a 5 year old. A lot of it is shaded. Once at the bottom of the Falls my daughters (17 and 5) and I decided to see if we could find the trail to take us up to the next part of the Falls. It was hard to find and it took my 17 climbing up part of the rock face to find the trail for us. The trail was narrow and if you are afraid of heights the bottom of the Falls is great. But the real treat is going higher. So so incredible!

Lots of people near the bottom but as I kept going up it cleared up a lot. There are two waterfalls and it’s definitely worth it to climb up to the upper one if you can. I found a spot to set up my hammock and it was surreal.

Really fun for a quick and easy hike!! The falls are so pretty. The actual “hike” off of the unpaved trail is only about 0.5 miles total. If you’re just looking to do the unpaved trail, you can actually park at Upper Falls Park and cross the bridge to get to the actual start of this hike! Otherwise you’ll be walking along the Provo River Trail for about a mile and a half until you get to the hike. If you do follow the all trails map and start on the Provo River Trail, it is an easy walk and you’ll pass Bridal Veil Falls. You can’t go wrong!!

I enjoyed taking my 3 children and my dog. They had a great time. It was a little crowded when we went which made hiking up to the falls harder. Still fun though and very pretty

It was a great short hike, but just know it is straight up.

Good hike for short and fun, beautiful water fall also. Bit sketchy on the upper part with loose rocks and nonstop slope.

Easily one of my favorite hikes. If you want to go to the top of the falls, the trail is kind of hard to find and a little sketchy. Just make sure you have good shoes!

If you plan on sticking to the lower falls, beware that there are frequently dead animals in the falls above, so don’t drink the water!

When you get to the bottom of the falls, it's tough to actually find the trail head. All you'll see is a sign stating that you will be proceeding at your own risk.

The hike to the upper falls is actually very short. Just beware that the trail is not clearly marked. I ended up taking an extremely difficult way up when I didn't have to! If the trail starts looking like it's becoming more of a climb than a hike, you probably went the wrong way.

The view from the top is breathtaking. Totally worth it.

Not bad for a quick and brisk hike. Most of its paved if you start in the park. When you get to the trail head it does go straight up. The falls are amazing and well worth the climb. It is very rocky so wear the right shoes and take your time.

The scenery was beautiful and I really enjoyed this walk/hike!
I wouldn't classify it as easy, however! Probably more easy-moderate only because of the rocky terrain.
There is a paved walkway to get to the actually trail, the incline isn't super intense and the trail itself is short so I can see why they would classify it as easy. Just be forewarned, the trail itself really is not that easy. It gets extremely rocky! If you have knee problems, or are not comfortable scaling rocky terrain, you'll have to take this trail slowly. It definitely can be done and I'd say it's worth it! Just give yourself more time to complete it than you might think you'd have to for a short trail.

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that this was done mid-December. Seriously such a cool hike. We were the first ones to go up after a small snow fall, so fresh tracks all the way up, although it was a little slippery at parts. Falls were half frozen, which was also neat. Not sure about the traffic or conditions during summer, but this was a great early winter trek.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

It’s a great easy hike past Bridal Veil falls, until you get to the house with the graffiti. From there its a short, steep, rocky uphill trail to the falls. Very pretty though

Friday, November 03, 2017

There is no trailhead sign that we saw. The concrete building with graffiti on it is the start. We parked in Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and went there first. Just continue following the pathway about another 0.5-0.75 miles further to the upper Falls trail. It's super short. We did it in 10 -15 minutes up. There's a lot of loose rock which could be difficult for younger children. We went up in the afternoon around 2pm. It was unseasonably warm for beginning of November. There was no one else around so we had the Falls all to ourselves.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hard to find but for sure worth it

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another easy hike for amazing end result. It does have a few rocky areas so wear good shoes. My kids and dog did this easily. A good alternative to bridal veil if you want a little more challenge and less people.

Monday, September 04, 2017

I would not rate this as easy but we all agreed it was one of the prettiest waterfalls we've seen.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Awesome lesser known hike to an incredible waterfall. Did the hike with four kids under 8. Shaded and far less crowded than most hikes in Provo.

Monday, August 07, 2017

We parked past Bridal Veil Falls and walked across a bridge. The hike is a little steep and rocky, but the waterfall is beautiful and we were the only ones there, so it was nice and peaceful.

Great hike, one of my favorites although it can be a little steep for younger people.

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