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This is a family favorite hike. We usually go the first week of July (after the gates open) and take nets from the dollar store to catch and release salamanders. We see a moose frequently on this trail.

Beautiful and very easy trail. Great diversity of flowers blooming now, lots of butterflies. And solitude...I saw no one else on the trail.

13 hours ago

The road is closed until 6/30/2018!

Fun hike, didn’t get very far with my six year old in tow, but we had fun and enjoyed the great views.

Perfect trail for smaller kids, beautiful waterfall. Plenty of space for kids to play but super crowded. I rated 4 stars for that reason. if it were less crowded it would be 5 no question. The trail is really pretty but short.

18 hours ago

I haven't been out yet this year (work is cramping my style!) so I decided on a quick Father's Day hike to get the blood pumping. Went up to Twin Lakes, then over to Mary, Dog, then up to the top of the Crest Lift and back. Very little snow throughout, at least nothing to write home about at this point. Liked this trail well enough, although I think I'd prefer to go the Brighton-Mary-Twin route and back. Nice views, not very strenuous and a good way to kick my season off. Recommended for the whole family!

Hard work on way up. But beautiful forest views and satisfying finish

Great hike, watch out for juvenile rattlesnakes on the trails. Saw 4 on June 19th.

Beautiful hike!! Gorgeous views, the flowers are popping out everywhere and very well maintained. Only sad the Falls weren’t as big due to our warm winter.

1 day ago

Went about a month ago and there was still snow on the trails. It may have melted more by now, but don't be surprised if you run into any. Saw a moose on the trail and there were lots of pretty trees, but I will admit, the lake is pretty disappointing. For the length of the hike, and compared to the other lakes in this canyon, it doesn't stand out.

I love this hike. Trail is pretty easy to follow. Good workout. Lovely view. Towards the ends you have to deal with lots of rocks.

I do this trail a few times a year. Nice and shaded areas but pretty steep.

1 day ago

Hiked this trail this morning, June 20, 2018, from 22nd Street via the lower Indian Trail connector, to the cairns overlooking Taylor Canyon. There are two cairns, one a little larger than the other, to each of which I added my rock. Fun hike, slightly strenuous, some loose and steep spots, but enjoyable. Passed through a couple of small meadows filled with wildflowers and dragonflies. Duration: 2:22:06, distance: 5.03 miles, elevation gain: 2,111 ft.

A great trail! Mostly uphill and kind of steep but all my kids did it (ages 4-11). It follows a creek and is mostly shady. We left about 9:30am and it wasn’t too hot or cold yet. The water is very cold, but refreshing. Beautiful views. Kind of rocky and loose gravel on the steepest hills so wear good shoes.

1 day ago

The hike to the waterfall itself is probably about a mile or so and we usually turn around once we reach the waterfall. The beginning is a steady steep climb. About a few minutes in the hike there is water flowing on the side of the trail which is great for doggos to cool down. A lot of people hang out at the bottom of the waterfall and have picnic. You can also climb to the top of the water fall and kinda see Utah lake at a distance. We have not ran into a lot of dogs here but there are a lot of family hikers. The hike is offleash for dogs. Also the waterfall is pretty short but still beautiful.

We arrived to the hot springs at around 6:40 am and had it all to ourselves until about 7:30 am, it was amazing! We definitely lucked out because as we were hiking out around 8:45 there were a few people at the falls and we passed by several coming down. Got crowded pretty fast. I would recommend going early, I couldn't imagine getting in those hot pots when it was hotter in the day. Also one thing, be prepared for the sulfur smell, I was surprised, it's strong but once you get to the springs, it settles down, But overall, I LOVED the hike, and can't wait to do it again.

The gate was open, and the trail was lush and green. A few downed trees are still on the trail. Hollyhocks and wild roses can be found.

Perhaps I missed the trail, but between the waterfall and the Malan's Basin trail there is little to no trail. I found it dangerous climbing cliffs from the waterfall, and even when I was definitely on the trail approaching Malan's Basin it was extremely overgrown and littered with fallen trees. I'm leaving this review as a warning because I'm afraid someone following the path I just took could get seriously injured or killed.

Started at 22nd st trailhead to the other and back. Should have shuttled but only had one vehicle. Confusing part when past the emergency shelter, remember head left. Took 4 hours round trip.

Great views of the valley and the Great Salt Lake. A good trail for the entire family. If you like mines, Patsy’s is an easy walk into.

A great early season hike. I wouldn't want to do this hike on a hot day in full sun as it's fairly exposed. One of the easiest peak hikes you can do in the Wasatch!

I have to say that anyone for the most part(people transplanting from other states) if you are giving hikes a 1 star rating, you obviously are not able to see any beauty in most things. Go back to Jersey(you know who you are) And quit polluting our state(people from Cali) you also know who you are. Utah has been one of America’s best kept secrets for a long time. How about you respect it and see it for what it truly is.

2 days ago

slow jog from the winter gate--->Little Water trailhead--->200yds from Little Water peak@sunset, so I had to turn around before I got to cold (tank-top+T-shirt). It was a unplanned hike but beautiful as nature provides. I'm planning on backpacking.

The summit is more like 2 miles each way. Great 360 degree panoramic view of the Uinta range, definitely worth the climb.

Super petty, not too hard or crowded! But it has 0’shade!

Hike up in about an hour. The turn off to the falls is easy to miss. Look for the ledge with the black rope.

On the return I kept heading up the mountain where there are two logs to cross the stream. From there don't go up the hill, but take an immediate left, and return on the Lake Hardy trail. The trail is poorly marked, so you'll definitely need a GPS and map.

3 days ago

Loved this hike, most of it is shaded so it’s great mid day! Amazing view points so plenty of pit stops if you need a break(: My dogs loved it, a river runs by at the half way point and a waterbowl is set up at the end; that was great! Worth trying just make sure to be prepared for a straight incline hike.

Very steep short hike to falls. Fun little places to walk in the river and up under the waterfall.

Elegant trail, fun water spots, assistance in any steep areas. bring water!

A perfect place for photos. Bring a camera!!

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