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loved this little Hike! easy simple and amazing views!!

Gorgeous. We went up in the afternoon and stayed while the sun set. It's a very short hike, great for dogs!

A really pretty hike with incredible views! It was really easy in my opinion.

Love this hike and waterfall. It was great, even in January years ago for our engagement pictures. We've taken kids and dogs and everyone always has a good time.

This is a great hike with beautiful scenery! The hot spings at the end make it that much better. Going on a weekday is also better, like everyone else said. Also keep in mind there are no changing areas at the springs, and if you are hiking back in the evening it can get a little chilly. The fall colors in september/ october are really gorgeous.

Went mid-April, still a little snowy from last weekend but watch your footing and you'll be just fine :) Go around early morning to afternoon to avoid slipping on ice!

For first time hikers, the hike up feels a lot longer than it actually is. Give yourselves about an hour (to an hour and a half) to get up, about 45 minutes to get down (unless you're taking the Thaynes trail). Somewhat steep and winding with a few places that necessitate climbing over rocks. Would recommend griping shoes during colder weather, water bottles and snacks once you reach the top, and hiking poles to help in difficult areas.

The view is always worth it!

A good hike for most age groups. I frequently see young children on the trail as well as elderly couples. Take your time and enjoy the sights! Beautiful ending with the wind cave.

This trail is beautiful and peaceful in spite of it being busy at times. The parking issue needs some fixing, but the trail itself is well worth it.

1 day ago

Wonderful family hike! My sister in law and I made it easily with 5 littles ages 2-5!
Going this time of year is SO much less crowded than the summer months and going in the morning meant we had the falls almost to ourselves!
The gate was still closed, and that about doubled the hike walking from the main road...though often times the main lot is full anyway and you end up parking far away, regardless!

2 days ago

We often bring a huge group of kiddos with us ages a year to 14 and they’re all capable of walking, running, exploring and enjoying this trail. I’ve only ever been in the spring time and it’s always beautiful. The pond however has leeches so I would say no to letting any little feet in there or allowing your dog to play around in it. Depending on the day there can be lots of bikers.

great trail for beginners or just getting back in shape after the winter!

I did this hike during a weeknight evening, starting just before 7PM. The weather was gorgeous and the air crisp but not too chilly. The trail is well-covered for a large percentage of the distance. It starts steep with a series of short switch backs, mellows out a bit, then goes back to more switchbacks.

You will find some rocky obstacles that are fairly simple to overcome but watch out for traffic in some of these areas as the drop off the trail is steep. Stop a moment and take in the surrounding environment when you find yourself away from traffic as this area calls to what many of us look for in a mountain escape.

Overall the hike is very beautiful with lots of pine and spruce the whole way up. There was some traffic going up and down but not too heavy. The trail is accurately rated as moderate but may be on the more difficult side of that rating for some people.

2 days ago

Fun, easy hike. The scenery is fantastic. I went up on May 15th, 2018 in the evening. The ground was damp and there was a decent amount of mud, as well as a couple of places with super packed snow (super dirty snow that blends in with the trail). The water level is kinda high, so I got kinda wet climbing on the rocks up to the waterfall. The rocks are slick and wet, so be careful.

2 days ago

Easy very popular trail. Hiked this yesterday and there were several people. Climbing on top of the rocks is a little scary right now as the water is high. If you want to climb inside the falls I’d wait a few weeks.

a lot of people go real early is best

This hike was so much fun! My 4 year old loved it! Just a reminder if you bring things with you take it back. I saw a little bit of trash in the springs and that was not cool y’all we can do better

The trail was great! About an hour in we hit snow. It’s melting so it’s just mud. Couple more warm days and it should be gone! I thought the lake was going to be bigger, a little disappointed.

Love this hike!!

Nice for an urban hike. Super kid friendly. My kids loved it!

3 days ago

Went with the scouts. Fun trail. Pretty good ascent for the whole time. Cave is cool. Nice place for kids to play in for a second.

One of my favorite hikes to do. Easy, and the hot springs make the hike well worth it. Sometimes it can be pretty crowded so be aware there may be limited availability for room in the springs. Beautiful scenery along the way. Enjoy!

4 days ago

Easy trails with beautiful scenery!

mountain biking
4 days ago

Overall really nice trail for mountain biking (especially for beginners) and it also seems it would be a nice trail for hiking too. Very beautiful scenery and would make for a wonderful sunset hike.

My husband and I completed this hike on May 5, 2018. Maybe this is a fun, quick hike with a mildly impressive waterfall. The trail is mostly walking up stairs, and a steep path, but it's over before you know it. We didn't know that there was a higher waterfall... we just saw the first one!

Beautiful trail! Nobletts Creek is really running high with all the run-off. A couple sections were a little washed out, but we crossed them without getting our feet wet because of the plentiful logs and boulders. The mossy creek is so beautiful! I would have given this hike 5 stars, but the forest service has cut down a bunch of trees and left them along the trail. I know the cut logs will decompose and it’s good to remove trees for safety reasons, but seeing cut logs everywhere detracted from the beauty. But 4 stars is still really good, and the kids (15,12,9) has a great time.

4 days ago

so... I am a beginning hiker but since the weather's been beautiful I so want to take advantage of all the opportunities there are to hike in these beautiful mountains. I didn't actually find the G Trail sign so I ended up going along a different trail that put me kind of hiking up the face of the mountain which was very steep. at the end I hiked up higher so I could connect to the main G Trail and hiked that on the way down. it was very difficult very steep very narrow, & slippery with gravel. I thought it was a pretty hard hike, and not moderate at all, at least for a beginner hiker. However, it was absolutely beautiful up there and I'm glad I did it.

4 days ago

This is one of the best Logan hikes. Although every time I hike it, it doesn't feel worth it until near the end. Great views. Should be called wind arch trail. Can be busy. Best times to hike are early summer and when the fall colors are prime.

5 days ago

Beautiful, popular trail. It gets a little steep/rocky for the last third before the waterfall. I’d recommend going earlier in the day or week night to avoid large groups of people.

5 days ago

Very easy trail (especially if you have a little one on your back)! This trail is well marked—it surprised me how at each point there was a sign with a ‘you are here’ and map of the trail. Also continued to the Chukara loop as well, and that was a great extra mile if you’re up for it. Another nice surprise is the intermittent shaded areas, and the park benches allowing one to sit and take in the view! I’ll definitely do this again at some point!

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