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6 hours ago

This trail is beautiful, and well maintained. My puppy loved all the rushing water. Easy, accessible, tons of parking. It has a beach and a nice dock. I would Highly recommend.

We got off trail towards the end and ended up on private property, but we will go back in a week or two to do the last part of the trail. The trail was gorgeous. The only drawback was that we ran into four snakes, yuck. Bring a hat and sunscreen. This is definitely a great trail that we will return to.

Nice hike, fairly easy. Go early to beat the crowds and to score parking in the lot. We left the springs by 11am as it was getting very busy already, but enjoyed some nice less-busy time earlier in the morning. DON’T park on the street if the lot is full, we passed a cop on the way out ticketing every car on the street. They likely check this area frequently since the lot is small.

Panoramic view of ogden valley. Very steep but fun and shaded.

This is a great hike with beautiful scenery! The hot spings at the end make it that much better. Going on a weekday is also better, like everyone else said. Also keep in mind there are no changing areas at the springs, and if you are hiking back in the evening it can get a little chilly. The fall colors in september/ october are really gorgeous.

This is a great hike but its rated as a hard one for a reason. This is one of the harder summits Ive done, since it climbs so fast. Make sure to bring lots of water, whatever the weather. The scenery and wildlife are great though.

This trail is beautiful and peaceful in spite of it being busy at times. The parking issue needs some fixing, but the trail itself is well worth it.

a lot of people go real early is best

This hike was so much fun! My 4 year old loved it! Just a reminder if you bring things with you take it back. I saw a little bit of trash in the springs and that was not cool y’all we can do better

One of my favorite hikes to do. Easy, and the hot springs make the hike well worth it. Sometimes it can be pretty crowded so be aware there may be limited availability for room in the springs. Beautiful scenery along the way. Enjoy!

Beautiful trail! Nobletts Creek is really running high with all the run-off. A couple sections were a little washed out, but we crossed them without getting our feet wet because of the plentiful logs and boulders. The mossy creek is so beautiful! I would have given this hike 5 stars, but the forest service has cut down a bunch of trees and left them along the trail. I know the cut logs will decompose and it’s good to remove trees for safety reasons, but seeing cut logs everywhere detracted from the beauty. But 4 stars is still really good, and the kids (15,12,9) has a great time.

Love this hike! If it wasn’t for AllTrails map I wouldn’t have found the waterfall. Very steep hike but doable love it. When you get to the sign there’s a little area you go down to,it has a black rope attached to it just go down and follow the path. It’s very easy to miss so watch for it

We did this trail Saturday, and started on the west side. At the beginning the trails are pretty narrow, but open up the further you go in. There are a few places where they narrow again here and there. A bunch of the trail is shaded. It was pouring rain and there was lots of mud, but that didn’t seem to make the hike any more difficult. We took a wrong turn at the end, but I suspect it is because we missed a sign.

Other than the doe that walked close to us, we had the trail to ourselves. Still had some snow in spots but a really easy walk. Finished off the morning with breakfast at Woodland Biscut company.

It was a great time. My kids and I enjoyed it!

mountain biking
11 days ago

Cool scenery, plenty of area to bike and not interfere with hikers. Awesome area.

off road driving
12 days ago

Great ride from Pineview to Ogden Canyon. Pineview is easy enough to take a novice rider but the descent to Ogden Canyon and back out is intermediate to expert. This trail allows dirt bikes. Hikers please step aside to allow riders to pass. Riders keep your speeds down! Weekends will be busy keep it 2nd gear.

off road driving
12 days ago

Incredible ride you can access from Pineview or Ogden Canyon. The switchbacks going up from Ogden Canyon can get pretty rough and requires some skill to get up. Hikers keep in mind this is a Dirt-Bike trail please step aside and let motos pass. Riders keep your speeds down around blind corners!

This is a great hike if you’re looking for something casual with something nice to enjoy at the end. Definitely recommend going on a weekday to avoid the traffic. Watch out for snakes on the side of the trail! All in all a great trip that took us about 7 hours including the drive to/from SLC.

We completed this trail a few days ago and did it in the counter-clockwise direction. After hiking the full loop, I would recommend going that same direction. The first .75-1.0 miles are quite exposed to the sun this time of year but once the aspens fill in, shade will show up quicker in your hike. Be aware that the trailhead is at the dam level, not below it.

The trail started off with switchbacks which were quite manageable. After about a mile, the aspens show up and then you quickly transition into pine and spruce. You will then pass through serene meadows that make you want to stay a long while - do so if you have the time.

Roughly half-way, there is the only signed intersection. Continue through in an arc to your left. It's mostly downhill from this point and gets quite steep. You will still be under plenty of shade and will eventually cross the creek where you should keep to the left to avoid getting your feet soaked. The trail exit at the east end of the reservoir where you can decide to continue the hike on its south side in the trees or continue around to the north and go along the road.

The trail seems appropriately rated at moderate and will treat you to quiet, serene moments along with beautiful mountain views.

14 days ago

Did this yesterday, and was impressed by how few people I could see or hear after the first half mile in, all the way until we got to about the final half mile. The trail is quite narrow for the first 1/3, but becomes more comfortable after that. Lots of trees, so it's moderately shady through most of the hike. I brought a (tree-friendly) hammock in my day pack, and it was so peaceful that my girlfriend and I were able to to take a nice afternoon nap in a meadow.

14 days ago

@ Erin - Most of the trail didn't have any snow until you get closer to the top. You have to park at the lake parking lot and walk a mile on the pavement to get to the trailhead but it's an absolutely gorgeous view.

14 days ago

Does anyone know if this is still covered with deep snow near the summit? 5/6/2018

Made it to the lake. You need snow shoes. Over 4 feet in some places. The lake is not frozen, but it is all slush. tons of snow up there. snow starts at 7000 ft. happy hiking!

Crazy amount of people on a Sunday afternoon. Good workout.

trail running
14 days ago

Did this route in reverse ending at the campground then running about a mile and a half back up the road to the trailhead. It was harder than I expected but beautiful nonetheless. The trailhead was pretty packed but I only passed one group on the trail. The spring towards the end was pretty cool and my dog definitely enjoyed it! Took a little over 2 hours to complete but I stopped to take in the views a decent amount.
Will definitely do it again!

We went up to celebrate our anniversary- there's not enough parking in the lot, so we just joined all the other cars off the side of the road. We enjoyed the springs- a little busy but not awful. We got back to our car, only to have been given a parking ticket along with 30-40 other cars all in a line for "illegally" parking. We apologized to the officer (who was only a few meters in front of us, giving more cars a ticket..). He said its a "huge issue" for them and told us to get off the road. And in my head I'm thinking "then make more parking..... cause this solves nothing!". They come often - especially now that its getting busier and just go all the way down the roads, giving ticket after ticket! I don't know any way around it because the lot only fits like 15-20 cars!! Good luck if you want to try it. We enjoyed the hike and springs, but the parking situation is a joke.

The trail was great and the water was amazing! Just lots of people on a Sunday for sure!

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