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I made a loop hike out of this one. Went up Mill D North to Desolation Lake and then over the ridge to descend via Bear Trap Canyon.
The trail to the lake is fairly easy and the snow is almost gone. Lake is still frozen. Very beautiful. I was the only hiker at the lake.
The descend via Bear Trap is not for the faint of heart. lots of snow and the trail keeps disappearing. without the app I could not have found my way down the mountain. There's really not much to see that side of the ridge. I recommend that you turn around at the lake and go back the same way you came.
This will also save you hiking along Big Cottonwood Road for 1.5 miles to get back to your car.

11 hours ago

Love this trail. Beautiful view!

It feels farther than it is, but it's an enjoyable hike and totally worth it!

Would definitely rate it as moderate and not hard. Beautiful views!

great hike!

23 hours ago

Short, easy trail. I backpacked in and with a couple buddies on short notice and we were to the lake within 25 minutes while carrying our packs. Good for beginners or someone looking for a short jaunt.

Hard but totally worth it!! Be prepare to be sore the next day, and drink a lot water.

THIS TRAIL IS INACCESSIBLE TO HIKERS IN THE SPRING! We tried to do Brighton lakes today (March 30, 2018) and those trails were under feet of snow, so we went to silver lake since we'd walked it many times in the summer. It was closed to any walkers. There were lots of cross country skiiers, but if anyone walking tried to go out near where the lake is covered in snow, a worker would come out and let them know it wasn't allowed. Stay down in the valley until at least June, probably July. It's marvelous in the summer, super easy (strollers and wheelchairs okay), but bring bug spray!

1 day ago

THIS TRAIL IS COMPLETELY INACCESSIBILE UNTIL JULY. It's not just snowy and icy - you can't get there unless you're on skis. Fair warning

THIS TRAIL IS INACCESSIBLE IN THE SPRING. As are all of the trails in the Brighton Loop. The Brighton worker I spoke with said it should be uncovered with snow by July. It's not just slippery, it is swallowed by the snow and completely closed to hikers. Just fair warning to anyone thinking about it. It would be glorious in the summer.

The waterfall is insanely amazing and breathtaking. Worth every difficult step (especially the last part).
I was planning on 4.4, but somehow ended up with 6 miles round trip. I’m not sure if there’s an entrance that I missed at a different spot. Six miles made it quite long, and we had kids with us. We got so far committed, we couldn’t turn back, but t proved to be difficult with young ones.
Definitely worth it!!

The trail is long and very easy and accessible, although it is not labeled very well and we ended up getting off track quite a bit. The ending has a cool mill across the creek to look at, but I do want to add that the picture that is displayed with the hike's name is NOT on this trail, it is a completely different hike. This trail does not lead to any overview of a lake.

Beautiful and short hike


Nice hike. It's very busy during the summer season, but still fun.

2 days ago

Good workout. The trail itself is very boring. Views are good at the top. Worth doing once.

Bells Canyon Trail was my first ever hike in Utah, first mountain land and VERY FIRST WATERFALL!! The views are good at first but there are houses just a few hundred yards away. However, they get more and more amazing as you pass the lake and the stream. Once you get closer to the falls the hike becomes pretty steep but it’s worth it. Amazing place all around.

From the start of the South trailhead near Pepperwood, our distance totalled JUST UNDER 6 MILES ROUNDTRIP, definitely not 4.4...though I see the map to this uses the other trail start... Just be aware! We do this hike about once a year and love it. VERY clean (good job picking up your trash, everyone!)
Its basically the kitchen sink of hikes...steep stepping, nice smooth forest trail, some safe scrambling, scrub oak, pine forest, desert, shaded creekside trail, bridges, a fun reservoir, beautiful wildflowers, AND OF COURSE THE GORGEOUS WATERFALL! We did this with my brother and sister in law with our combined 5 kids. Our 3 year olds were very very slow and had multiple meltdowns, but we made it...in about 6 miserable hours, but that view is SO worth it! We hike very often, though, and I'm not sure I would recommend this to other familes with young kids, unless you're ready to help carry them! For most, the reservoir is a great destination with plenty of accomplishment.

2 days ago

We hiked it with our little one (9 months) she was in a carrier the first time for her. The beginning part you have to hike the road because the gates aren't open to drive it yet. We started about 7 and two moose crossed our path. We saw deer as well, the nature part was amazing. The trail was easy to follow and the scenery was green. The trail was muddy and slick, wear trash shoes with plenty of traction. Enjoy the beautiful colors, the weather was overcast it had just rained and was cold. Hiking in the evening wear layers.

3 days ago

Directions were wrong.

My friend and I hit the trail afternoon in a rainy day. we couldn't make it to the donut falls as it started raining at the part where the climbing became complicated so you have to walk on rocks by the side of the river. it would be risky in dry days though. views of the snowy top mountain are amazing. Enjoy!

Still lots of snow on the trail, making it hard to follow. The lake is still pretty frozen. I imagine this hike will be a lot more fun and much prettier in a couple more weeks.

The only thing that makes this hike somewhat worth the boring switchbacks is just being able to say “I hiked the Y.” If you’re in it for the beauty, don’t waste your time with this one. It’s dry and boring all the way up. But a fun group of friends will help!

Awesome easy trail through the jungle. Great for kids and adults equally.

the climb till the fall is little risky and difficult because of cold flowing water.l which may not be the case in summers.

just do this one to be in harmony with nature.

Fun, quick, and fairly easy hike. Lots of shade but I’d still recommend bringing sunscreen. The cold water from the river makes it cooler as well. Parking is a little bit limited so going earlier in the morning or on a Sunday allows you to avoid the crowds which can limit your pace both up and down the hike. All around a great hike to get your legs burning and help work up to bigger trails like Mount Olympus or Ben Lomond.

Views are gorgeous. The last quarter mile to the falls is an absolute booty burner, but it’s definitely worth it once you get to the top. Fair amount of rocks. I would recommend shoes with decent traction and support.

Went around 6:30 pm after a spring rain and the colors were magical! The first bit of trail was rocky and gave a great little workout. Overall short/fast hike with lots of wildlife! I startled some deer on the way down.

Just finished this trail-I hike this several times a year. Don’t let the traffic in the parking area scare you. 99% of those people are going across the street to hike donut falls. Even with hundreds of cars up there, I only saw a total of about 15 groups total between going up and down. The last half a mile is still really snow packed and the lake is mostly frozen over and incredibly beautiful! Love this hike!! (Just watch out on the way down for mountain bikers flying down and nearly hitting you)

"Dog Lake is lame" said a high school girl at the trailhead as I was coming down, and after hiking it I kind of have to agree with her. There are lots of trees, and I imagine it's beautiful in the Autumn, but it doesn't compare to the grandeur of some of the other hikes in the area. Trail is still snow covered past the Mill A junction, so you'll want boots if your'e going all the way to the lake. I saw lots of moose tracks in the snow, so this might be a good one for you if you're searching for wildlife, but I don't think I'll hike it again.

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