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18 hours ago

We hiked it with our little one (9 months) she was in a carrier the first time for her. The beginning part you have to hike the road because the gates aren't open to drive it yet. We started about 7 and two moose crossed our path. We saw deer as well, the nature part was amazing. The trail was easy to follow and the scenery was green. The trail was muddy and slick, wear trash shoes with plenty of traction. Enjoy the beautiful colors, the weather was overcast it had just rained and was cold. Hiking in the evening wear layers.

My friend and I hit the trail afternoon in a rainy day. we couldn't make it to the donut falls as it started raining at the part where the climbing became complicated so you have to walk on rocks by the side of the river. it would be risky in dry days though. views of the snowy top mountain are amazing. Enjoy!

Awesome easy trail through the jungle. Great for kids and adults equally.

the climb till the fall is little risky and difficult because of cold flowing water.l which may not be the case in summers.

just do this one to be in harmony with nature.

A good hike for most age groups. I frequently see young children on the trail as well as elderly couples. Take your time and enjoy the sights! Beautiful ending with the wind cave.

5 days ago

Today, the trail was gorgeous and cool at around 7:00 am. I have never hiked this trail and would recommend shoes with good soles as well as trekking poles, because it can get slippery and you'll be crossing streams or walking in/and along side them to remain on the trail. I actually lost the trail and decided to head back so that I can try this again tomorrow and be better prepared with different shoes and my poles. Hopefully I can concentrate more on the trail and less on not slipping on the loose gravel. I want to make it to the top!

5 days ago

Wonderful family hike! My sister in law and I made it easily with 5 littles ages 2-5!
Going this time of year is SO much less crowded than the summer months and going in the morning meant we had the falls almost to ourselves!
The gate was still closed, and that about doubled the hike walking from the main road...though often times the main lot is full anyway and you end up parking far away, regardless!

6 days ago

Fun, easy hike. The scenery is fantastic. I went up on May 15th, 2018 in the evening. The ground was damp and there was a decent amount of mud, as well as a couple of places with super packed snow (super dirty snow that blends in with the trail). The water level is kinda high, so I got kinda wet climbing on the rocks up to the waterfall. The rocks are slick and wet, so be careful.

6 days ago

Easy very popular trail. Hiked this yesterday and there were several people. Climbing on top of the rocks is a little scary right now as the water is high. If you want to climb inside the falls I’d wait a few weeks.

7 days ago

Went with the scouts. Fun trail. Pretty good ascent for the whole time. Cave is cool. Nice place for kids to play in for a second.

8 days ago

This is one of the best Logan hikes. Although every time I hike it, it doesn't feel worth it until near the end. Great views. Should be called wind arch trail. Can be busy. Best times to hike are early summer and when the fall colors are prime.

Very strenuous but amazing variety of scenery and a wonderful view at the top.

Super easy trail, and such a beautiful lay off at the end!

Love the hike! Easy trail and great reward at the end!

Spur of the moment we decided to take our 6 & 9 year old on this hike. Great hike and a beautiful waterfall. We all really enjoyed it and want to take friends next time.

Easy hike with an awesome mine to go into. Very fun for the kids.

Still a decent amount of snow up there

Went up this afternoon. Was very very crowded. The road in is still closed. There is still quit a bit of snow which was slushy and pretty muddy today. We normally love this hike but not today. I hiked it with my 6 and 10 year old.

23 days ago

Great hike once the snow melts. There are sheets of solid ice so add more time to your hike and don't rush it! Have some shoes with traction on them or you'll be slipping and sliding up and downhill lol other than that. The falls were beautiful and I'll be back when the trail is more drier :)

This was a good hike. The cave is awesome to see.

Good steep hike, close to valley.

Went on April 27 and the road that leads to trail was closed which adds a half mile. The trail still had a mixture of snow, ice and slush. I would definitely recommend waterproof shoes with good grip. if you come prepared it's still a beautiful hike.

very very steep. the entire time. and here we parts that see hard to tell where the trail is because of the river. you have to walk in the river at times too.

27 days ago

This hike kicked my butt (I’m not an active hiker) but it was well worth it. The view is absolutely beautiful!

5 stars for difficulty, scenery, and diversity. There was a bit of everything, forested area, gorgeous giant boulders, waterfalls, river, overlook. Beautiful hike but very steep and rocky the entire way up. Made it very difficult and dangerous coming down. You also hike in water for a lot of this hike, literally in the river through the rocks is the only way through, so bring appropriate shoes that won’t slip. The hike is 2 miles up, 2 miles down. The first mile was really fun with diverse scenery. That one mile though felt like 2 or 3 because it’s steep and rocky, but at least it’s shaded the entire way. The second mile was brutal! I was with my 9 year old son and we didn’t finish. We got to the top, the switchbacks and almost made it to the overlook, it was a pretty view. But that last mile is not as fun, it’s just steep and rocky. Another thing I will say is that this trail is not marked at all and it’s very easy to get confused and take a different way. I had my recording on and was able to refer to the map from this app which helped me a lot. Beautiful but there’s a reason it’s marked as “hard”.

April 22, 2018
There is a foot of packed snow in the entire trail. It is Very icy for a good part of the trail. Bring spikes.
The falls were almost completely covered in snow and you couldn't really see them.

29 days ago

Pretty awesome place. I remains safe and respected for people to see.

Is very scenic and awesome to climb with friends ...but climb with caution , very steep hill sides

Great hike! Still snowy I recommend wearing water proof, great traction shoes. still super fun in the snow.

Best view and love the squirrels there!

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