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The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the 12 National Forests in the Intermountain Region as well as one of the urban National Forests in the Forest Service System. It covers an area that includes northern and north-central Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. This area also includes the larges population center within the State of Utah, which is known as the Wasatch Front. The Forest is heavily influenced and impacted from over a million people living in close proximity. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has a net acreage of 2,169,596 acres. It is divided into seven Ranger Districts: Salt Lake, Kamas/Heber, Ogden, Pleasant Grove, Spanish Fork, and Logan in Utah; and Evanston/Mountain View in Wyoming. Scenic beauty on the Forest offers unlimited recreational opportunities throughout the year. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, camping, picnicking, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, etc., you can find the recreational experience you are seeking. Because of the abundance of recreation opportunities and the large urban population along the Wasatch Front, the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the most heavily visited in the entire National Forest System.

18 hours ago

A great 1 or 2 day backpacking adventure! My wife and I did a 2 day trip 20 years ago and I just took 2 of my kids (wife was nice enough to stay back with the younger kids). Great wildflowers and not too difficult with a pack. Don't count on fish for dinner as they seem to be picky. This area seems surprisingly popular for fishing 4 miles in.

Tough hike. I took my 10 year old daughter on her first overnight backpacking trip. This was definitely a tough hike. Great fishing.

I have gone on this trail several times and each time, the lake never disappoints. It is rather hilly but is a wonderful experience with amazing views of the mountains and some meadows! I would highly recommend it!

20 hours ago

Easy and short hike but it gets rocky and steep at the end. It was crowded and there were lots of dogs. I went there on a Sunday at 4:00pm. I saw some people swimming and fishing . Overall nice hike

Did this hike with my wife on Saturday morning around 930am. Should’ve left earlier because it got blistering hot on the way down. Also, asthma suffers beware! With the wildfire smoke so dense I’ve never felt my self literally gasping for air towards the top. I recommend if you are sensitive to this bad air right now, stay away. Other than that, lots of little lizards looking for bugs on the trail. Lots of bugs at the top. Can’t wait till the smoke clears so we can hike this one again and enjoy the views!

21 hours ago

This is a fun hike for the entire family.

21 hours ago

Red Lake is a destination point but not much of a lake. Over the years its filled in with reeds and in mid-to-late summer its pretty much a dried up mud hole. It's worth visiting in spring and a good hike at other times, but the lake is not as scenic. For a longer, more challenging hike to this lake (and no parking fee) you can start at the gravel parking lot near the base of the canyon next to the natural gas station and corrals. Follow the gas line trail from the corrals up the hill about 3 miles until it intersects with the Red Lake trail. Total distance from the gas substation to the lake and back is about 8 miles and 1,880 ft elevation gain.

Very nice hike. The views are incredible. And to have the stream right along the trail was awesome! Will definitely do this hike again

Did Millvue from the Lambs Canyon side & while we did lose the trail a couple times from the pass or watershed sign, we made the peak which is right behind the “low” peak with the man made structure and antenna on it. We always found the trail again by never going too far when we did lose it, and just keeping our heads cool & staying calm. Also saw a huge Moose. Legs are all scraped up, so wear longs or zip offs for the part between Lambs & Millvue. Bring lots of water and be patient on top, but trust me, the trail exists to Millvue and is recommended (class 2).

23 hours ago

Quick and fun. Loved the last ridge.

My family would tell you I am obsessed with this hike. Beautiful trail, flowers in early summer. Just enough alternation of elevation and then some levelling out to feel like a good bit of interval cardio. It does get more difficult towards the end, but oh so worth it. I tended to hike in the afternoon, so the temperatures were lovely, and shade was about 50/50. It took me 2 hours from the freeway to reach the peak. Views at the peak are gorgeous. Half of the view you can gaze over Salt Lake, the other half you can look over Emmigration and Wasatch canyons while feeling that you're miles from the city.

1 day ago

I'm totally out of shape. Never workout. This was a tough hike, but achievable. Done in a little over 2 hours. Would definitely recommend it!

The trail disappeared about 1.5 miles in, but I’m going to try it again going counter clock wise to see if I can figure it out. Other than the trail disappearing, I enjoyed the hike for as far as I got. Very quiet. Lots of pines and wildlife. I even saw a couple of deer trying to figure out what I was doing while I was trying to find the trail. Do NOT go without a GPS.

1 day ago

I wouldn't rate this trail as hard. I would say more moderate. we started at 7 am this morning. The weather was cool with an awsome view from both ogden lookout and Sardine peak.

A hard hike, quick elevation gain with many scrambles! But totally worth the challenge! Very rewarding and we saw goats!!

nature trips
1 day ago

Gorgeous. Loved every minute! It was a great day for hiking too!

great all around hike not to difficult unless you want to climb up to get a closer look at the falls.

good short hike and very nice falls.

did this hike today. very steep in places very beautiful wooded hike with the sound of the river always near and the falls at the end was amazing. well worth the hike.

Fun & easy hike. We parked near the main road & had to walk in on the paved road, but it was still fairly easy. You can try driving all the way to the trailhead to see if you can get a parking spot - be careful not to park in a marked spot that says no parking at any time or you’ll be ticketed (even on Sundays)
My two year old hiked all the way in with the exception of a couple rocky spots. Come willing to get a little wet & you’ll have a good time.
We hiked up to the top where you can see the actual “donut fall”. Brings lots of water & maybe even some snacks.

1 day ago

Jones Ranch trail with pictures and way points. August 8, 2018. AllTrails lists this as Moderate difficulty, but I would call it Easy. I was able to hike from bottom to top only taking quick breaks to snap photos along the trail; no resting to catch breath. It's about 50/50 sun vs shade with alternating sections through aspen forests and open fields/meadows. It's a very well marked trail w/ gradual incline and only one 100 yard steep section towards the top (southeast end) of the trail. There's several small creek crossings with most covered by a well constructed bridge/pathway and only a couple hops across rocks over two or three other small drainage crossings. There's one gate you have to go through and lock behind you. Looks like lots of mountain bikes and motorcycles use this trail. I have noticed on Saturday's that the parking areas on the ends are quite full. I hiked it on a Sunday afternoon and only encountered one other person on the trail. It's very powdery dirt along the trail...really dusty. Lots of cows and cow pies the entire route, but the cattle don't get too close. The trail head at the bottom/start (north end) is well marked. At the end (south end) there's a sign by the road that says 'Jones Ranch' where you'll go through a flat that usually has several campers/trailers. Continue to the north end of the flat camping areas until you see the large wood sign and trail head marker.

on Wall Lake

1 day ago

Wall Lake was awesome for swimming. There are some really fun “cliffs” to jump off for our younger kids. The trail was pretty easy as advertised. The only drawback is that there are a lot of people. If you are looking for solitude. This may not be the best hike for you. We will go back!

Great for little kids! Easy surfaces, mostly flat, and plenty of Marsh, forest, and shallow lake to see.

1 day ago

Steep for beginners like me, but gorgeous. Lovely lake! Please be courteous and remember that swimming is not permitted.

Good views of the city. No shade after the first climb.

Very good trail quality, but lots and lots of bees. Very little shade.

Nice little hike. There are more wildflowers and clearer lakes on the south side of the canyon, though.

This is one of my most favorite hikes.

Just another way to celebrate a beautiful wat to celebrate a beautiful day in Utah, with outdoors activities with friends and family.

have hiked this trail twice this summer. better each time. will be doing it again very soon.

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