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The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the 12 National Forests in the Intermountain Region as well as one of the urban National Forests in the Forest Service System. It covers an area that includes northern and north-central Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. This area also includes the larges population center within the State of Utah, which is known as the Wasatch Front. The Forest is heavily influenced and impacted from over a million people living in close proximity. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has a net acreage of 2,169,596 acres. It is divided into seven Ranger Districts: Salt Lake, Kamas/Heber, Ogden, Pleasant Grove, Spanish Fork, and Logan in Utah; and Evanston/Mountain View in Wyoming. Scenic beauty on the Forest offers unlimited recreational opportunities throughout the year. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, camping, picnicking, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, etc., you can find the recreational experience you are seeking. Because of the abundance of recreation opportunities and the large urban population along the Wasatch Front, the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the most heavily visited in the entire National Forest System.

This was a challenging hike for a chunky, out of shape, lady like myself, but a good challenge. Muddy as all get out in some parts, but the ascent was enjoyable and rewarding.

Just a little icy the first 100 yards then muddy/dry the rest of the way.

The first 1/2 to 3/4 mile of the trail, beginning on the west side, was very muddy. It made the trail slippery. After that, the trail was packed snow and very beautiful. Highly recommend micro spikes.

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

This was a great hike! I loved it. it was extremely challenging, but very rewarding. The giant Rock formations that you get to hike over and through were very cool, and the cabin was very neat too! I made it up according to the alltrail recorder in 1:40, but I'm super tall and was running solo with my pup, I would count on several hours for most to make it up as this trail head starts at the Bonneville shoreline at the top of the switchbacks.. and it literally just goes STRAIGHT up the mountain. it's almost laughable how much altitude you cover in a mile. but I don't like hikes that aren't challenging. this was like 95% consistent steep uphill with a couple steps down every mile lol. If you are up for it I highly recommend it!

Awesome hike. Definitely a workout. A lot of ice. Micro spikes work well. Some mud

I did this in the middle of the summer and had a very tough recovery
I saw some horse people at the trailhead but never saw another person or animal for the next 8 hours
I had a good mapped out trail for my GPS
But about 4 miles in it turns to start up and that intersection was grown over
I decided to just follow the middle fork o explore and ended up at a very narrow section and could hear a moose
I had see his urine and droppings along the way. I decided to just turn around and go home. On the way back I found where I should have started up and took some rocks to mark the trail for others and next time. I decided to just start up the very steep incline for a while and after another hour found myself at a cliff and no trail. I turned around and decided to backtrack for home. After about 10 minutes I found where I had taken a wrong turn. Once back on the correct trail I figured I was at the halfway point or more and I could see the trail starting back to the south. I hiked for another hour and stopped to eat and rest by now I had been out for about 4 hours. I had previously hiked Getsten canyon and up to the eastern high point so I felt it was close and would be about 2 hours down from there. After resting I hiked the ridge for what seemed like an eternity and finely got to the place I knew. By now it was in the high 90s and I was running short on fluids and food I stopped to tie a shoe lace and got a cramp
I knew I had at least 1.5 hours to go so I drank my last gator aid and saved just enough water to be able to wet my throat every once in a while. I got back down to heavy woods and gersten creek and contemplated spending the night in the woods next to the creek
I had run a number of marathons and knew how much more I could push myself so decided that I could make it. I had good cell phone service and knew I could always call for help
I took an hour between the woods and the trailhead. I got to the car started the engine turned on the air and went to reverse in about 3 seconds
I can set on my deck and see the hike
I call it The Hike From Hell!
I planned on a 6 hour hike and took provisions for 8 hours. The only problem it it took 9 hours!

Took my sister who’s from NY on this trail since it’s an easy trail. The trail was mostly ice so we were micro spikes the whole time.

Super steep but great views. Rock Sofa at the top is a must! Fun short hike. Watch out for rattle snakes

We loved this hike. It was our first moderate hike, and it was really only bad because it was pretty icy, which made it a little more difficult than we expected, but once we got to the lake, it was amazing. 3 feet of snow that we were able to enjoy, ate a nice sandwich and watched the sun go down. was an awesome hike. definitely recommend.

4 days ago

My absolute favorite trail!

Really icy this time of year. Have some spikes on hand. It ended up being about 7.5 miles round trip. Saw a moose off the trailhead. Beautiful views

Like it. Wanna try the spring time..

Challenging trail but quick and view worthy. Since local temps have been high, trail is relatively clear of snow and ice till you start in the direction of the falls. From there on, I highly recommend show spikes or something to keep you from falling.

4 days ago

While the elevation is a lot, the grade I felt wasn't as steep as some of the trails we have done near Salt Lake City. It seemed to be more gradual... I enjoyed this hike and would do it again! We went on a Saturday afternoon, Jan 13.. temperatures were in the 40s... the trail was moderately crowded.. we saw about 6 other parties going up and down. The trail was muddy, slushy, icy and slippery in places, so our microspikes did come in handy! We heard there are often rattlesnakes spotted on this trail, though we did not see any. I don't know if they tend to come out more in the summer....

Note: our stats were 4.4 miles, 1,280 ft elevation. This is in comparison to the alltrails stats of 3.5 miles, 1,000 ft elevation.

Way to many people at all times

4 days ago

This trail is so beautiful!!! I used spikes and boots until just over 8,000 feet and then switched to snow shoes. The first half mile the ascent was pretty icy, make sure you have some spikes. Also, once you get to the ridge (around mile 2.5) don’t miss the left turn!

I lots a silver eternity ring at the trailhead today taking pictures. If anyone happens to find it I would love to have it back. I’ve weary it everyday for over 10 years. Thanks. orangemusicnote@gmail.com.

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