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I did this trail in November of 2016 when I visited SLC and it still remains my favorite hike of all time...didn’t have the proper shoes at all and it took me around 4.5 hours but still best hike I’ve ever done

6 days ago

It was pretty slippery in spots today but I saw plenty of people in regular shoes navigating just fine. I'm pretty sure I would have died without my crampons, boots and poles but I'm a total amateur. Really pretty today. I saw some people sledding back down in little seats.

Didn't make it quite to the lake because a storm started rolling in, but man was it pretty. it was slick in some spots, but I didn't even wear snow boots and did fine on most of it.

12 days ago

packed with snow, ice cleats are a good idea but slip resistant snow boots worked fine today.

12 days ago

Yes! Easy access to the trailhead, which has restrooms! The ascent was taxing, but the beauty surrounds you from the beginning: Cottonwood Creek, the jagged cliffs the SW, and SLC in the distance. Lake Blanche appears to be an old reservoir, as the dam holding it back looks made of stone (there was snow everywhere so I couldn't quite determine). Lots of picturesque snacking spots by the lake, all with sweet views of SLC (inversion was absent on the day we went). Highly recommend!

Beautiful trail! Microspikes are necessary right now especially on the steeper inclines. Took me 4 hrs round trip and I haven’t been hiking in months so a very doable trail.

on Lake Blanche Trail

15 days ago

Amazing trail. It's a moderate-hard trail because of steep inclines at certain points. Took me four hours round trip. A lot of icy patches as you get closer to the lake. Need yak tracks now due to snow. Saw three moose by the stream too.

icy right now on trail, post holing around the lake

19 days ago

A trail with a strong climb, many sleepery points but the end is very cool! I recommend!!

trail running
20 days ago

Trail is well packed up to the lake. Trail shoes only worked great. It’s in great shape.

23 days ago

WE did it in snow shoes, wish we had left a bit earlier -- left by noon, back by 5:30 pm, as sun was disappearing. No sunlight on the trail the whole time, except in a few disappearing moments at end. We were warm enough and glad to have snowshoes. Saw others with crampons. Cold. A few people on the trail, less than a dozen total. Was dreamy. A long long trek up, but totally worth it! Bring enough water, snacks, and warm apparel!

25 days ago

Good workout and a good challenge. Went on 12/25/17 and it had snowed in SLC the night before so there was a good amount of snow on the trail (higher than 2 feet near the end of the trail). My wife and I did the hike in about 4.5 hours RT. No crampons for either of us but would have been helpful. No trekking poles on the way up but I used them on the way down. Saw two moose (other hikers we encountered saw at least one more). As always, bring plenty of water and food.

One other note: great views throughout but the lake was snowed over when we went.

Microspikes are a must right now! Saw everyone without them fall hard. But absolutely gorgeous views and well packed, clear trail. 2:22 round trip but I had share my light with another group the last mile.

1 month ago

Gorgeous hike through cliffs on either side to the lake. Weird start of the trail, a small road that'll become the trail, stay right after the bridge. The path mere feet from the stream past the bridge is a social trail only. Saw a few moose on the way up, and a few of us went off trail to avoid them. Definitely not an easy hike but doable. About 5 hours round trip as I go slow to enjoy the scenery.

Absolutely beautiful!! We left the trailhead around 2 so we got to see the sunset which was amazing. the trail had snow the whole way but wasn't slippery. Took about 3.5 hours!

1 month ago

Great hike to the bowl up Broads Fork today. The Bowl is the destination point for this AllTrails description of Broads Fork. Snow was gently packed entire trail, took three of us 1.5 hours to reach the bowl near the beaver dam. Didn't see any moose today. Beautiful hike, clear and sunny. Only saw 3-4 other groups of hikers.

1 month ago

It was my first experience and i chose the hardest one, what a coincidence. You should get hiking shoes cause i was with my running shoes. You gonna really need carb for this trail.(gel, protein bar etc.) When you get the Lake Blanche you need to go edge of the ridge and see the amazing view.

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Luckily there were other footprints I could follow. Snow is pretty deep in spots. Spikes and gaiters are very helpful

This trail was fantastic! It was challenging in spots but the views made it worth it. There is some ice and slush towards the top which made it a little more difficult but it was a great way to spend 3.5 hours. I highly recommend it!

My favorite hike by far. Some snow at the top. Yak tracks are nice in some spots but not necessary.

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