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5 hours ago

A rigorous and breathtaking hike! One of my absolute favorites since I love all bodies of water along my hikes. This one had it all: rivers, streams, lots of waterfalls, and of course the big lake. Budget more time for the top of the lake as there's plenty of trails up there and several parts of the lake, and waterfalls to explore. You can easily spend a couple hours at the peak to enjoy the spectacular scenery and relax/eat snacks. An absolute must do hike!

6 hours ago

Beautiful hike, especially the lake at the top, but really great views most of the way. It maintains a pretty steep incline the whole way, though there are a couple stretches where it is pretty flat which are a nice respite from the incline. I had the distance at 7.6 miles out from the car and back (we parked right on the road about 20 feet from the parking area).

We left at Noon and arrived back down at 3:30 with 30-45 minutes or so spent at the top. The descent was quick as it's steep and you can jog down with minimal effort.

It was a Weekday so there was almost no traffic - in the 3.5 hours we saw 7-8 people/groups.

There is no snow or ice on the trail, as of 5-24.

We brought 3.5 liters of water for my wife and myself - and finished it right as we got back to the car. We could have used 0.5-1 liter more as it was a pretty hot day 87 in SLC and until we got to the lake and were exposed to the breeze we were sweating quite a bit.

Great hike.

1 day ago

Fun hike. Snow is all gone! Not as hard as the ratings indicate. It has some great views. It got crowded pretty early though.

One of my favorite hikes. The lake is completely thawed and the trial was nice and dry as of 5/25.

My first time today! It was awesome the last bit is a trek but so worth it, to see the lake!

One of my favorite hikes. always a classic.

Just completed this hike last night. Absolutely beautiful views and there is still some snow up on the peaks. The water run off sounds awesome and provides some great views too. This hike is all up-hill with little to no flat for recovery but well worth the effort.

Wow. This must be one of the most spectacular hikes in the Wasatch Front. the trail is steep and slippery but so worth it. The scenery is beautiful all the way up to the lake and one at the lake it takes your breath away, just spectacular. Highly recommend this hike.

Found Canon camera on the trail yesterday 5/23. Contact me so we can get it home.

One of my favorite hikes in slc county. We backpacked overnight. It was a great experience!

Only made it halfway there and turned back due to lightning, i got off the trail a few times by accident, be careful to not do that... it wasn't fun... :-P

Gorgeous Hike lots of climbers and hikers, wonderful waterfalls.

Just hiked this trail yesterday in the rain and loved it. The trail is fairly steep at the beginning but still very enjoyable. There's quite a bit of snow at the top so if you're going to hike it right now I'd recommend bringing some layers. The view is well worth it!

6 days ago

Really wonderful views. The trail itself is very difficult for backpacking because of the steep grade, but it's doable. You just have to really pace yourself and not get overeager on the ascent or descent. There was a good amount of snow on the northeast side of the lake this time of year, and the mornings were around 20 to 30 degrees. You don't need microspikes just to get the top, but there is some slick snow right now. Really great opportunities to explore!

Hiked trail to lake today. No more snow or ice on the lake. Almost to the bottom, started raining. By the time I reached the asphalt path to the parking lot I was caught in a downpour. So glad I started at 9:30. I had a wind breaker that I put on at the lake which was good because clouds covered sun and breeze off the lake was cool. Didn’t need to use my spikes.

Didn’t get lost - almost did at the place where there’s hundreds of ticks and it’s super steep but quickly figured out you need to just climb up and quickly go right to get back to the path. Still some snow up there but nothing my hiking boots couldn’t handle. Just behind the lake there are tons of waterfalls and amazing views. Walked up in about 1.5 hours and ran down in about 40 mins. Rain, thunder, and lightening on the way down and it was exhilarating

Decent hike and worth doing for sure. It rained on my way up for about 45 min so it made the weather very nice. Not windy and the sky was mostly overcast.

trail running
7 days ago

This hike was awesome! We were able to run most of the way down. It’s so beautiful! I’ve had it on my list for almost three years and it was worth the wait. Parking sucks, you’ll probably have to park on the road. Trail is super easy to follow.

Here’s the thing...
Is the hike beautiful? Is the lake beautiful? Yes! However is the hike hard...HELL YES.
The shear elevation was very hard on me, be prepared to hike a steep trail. For real.
It’s a 5 star hike although I can’t say it was “fun” :)

8 days ago

Tiny bit of ice on the upper part of the trail. Snow field just before the lake. Neither need any gear/spikes. Friendly reminder to bring sun screen and bug repellent, and plenty of water.

Got a late start today but the rain and hail kept the conditions just perfect for a Spring hike. I was surprised by the number of people on the trail at this time of year. The secret is out...this is an awesome hike. There is ice covering half the lake and the surrounding mountains have plenty of snow remaining. Trail is in excellent condition with very little snow on the trail (mostly on the last approach to the lake)


8 days ago

Beautiful views on this hike - the snowcapped peaks are almost always in sight ahead of you on your way up. Turn around and see across the canyon. Plenty of places to explore around the lake, so plan to spend an hour or two poking around there before you head back. Bring a fleece, cold mountain air in the basin. Snow all gone now unless you push past the lake. Fairly crowded on a Saturday, but still a nice hike. Get there early if you want a parking spot.

14 days ago

Beautiful bike - all up hill -long trail. Not a leisurely walk.

5 stars for fun and adventure. there is still snow up in the upper meadow and to the top of Storm Mountain. Probably best to wait a couple more weeks and hit this when the upper meadow is melted out. I was stubborn and wanted a summit so had to keep going. Lucky for me someone else had made a path in the snow to follow. There are three small peaks when you get to the top. Go to the one furthest west and that will be the true top. I was lacking on time so I had to deal with being 10 feet lower than the real summit.

18 days ago


18 days ago

Views are spectacular!

18 days ago

Beautiful area. Loved the hike!

Beautiful views!! Kids had a blast.


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