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22 hours ago

Great hike to the bowl up Broads Fork today. The Bowl is the destination point for this AllTrails description of Broads Fork. Snow was gently packed entire trail, took three of us 1.5 hours to reach the bowl near the beaver dam. Didn't see any moose today. Beautiful hike, clear and sunny. Only saw 3-4 other groups of hikers.

8 days ago

It was my first experience and i chose the hardest one, what a coincidence. You should get hiking shoes cause i was with my running shoes. You gonna really need carb for this trail.(gel, protein bar etc.) When you get the Lake Blanche you need to go edge of the ridge and see the amazing view.

Beautiful views. Luckily there were other footprints I could follow. Snow is pretty deep in spots. Spikes and gaiters are very helpful

This trail was fantastic! It was challenging in spots but the views made it worth it. There is some ice and slush towards the top which made it a little more difficult but it was a great way to spend 3.5 hours. I highly recommend it!

13 days ago

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14 days ago

My favorite hike by far. Some snow at the top. Yak tracks are nice in some spots but not necessary.

Did this hike two days ago. There’s some muddy spots and some icy spots, so I recommend boots and yaktraks (near the top). We made it up the icy spots fine, but coming down you have to slide a little, or try to walk around it. It was a beautiful day to hike, but the end of the trail was pretty cold and windy. This is one of my favorite Utah hikes and as far as difficulty, I don’t think I would rate this as a HARD hike, but would say MEDIUM+. It does have a steady incline the whole time, but if you are even in a little bit of shape, it isn’t that hard. Just take a couple breaks to check out the scenery, and bring lots of water.

15 days ago

Hiked on 11/25/2017. There is ice/snow on the trail in several places. Wouldn't be a bad idea to take crampons. We saw a moose about 20 yards off the trail.

15 days ago

15 days ago

16 days ago

I thought this was quite hard, but a fun hike and a beautiful ending!

I got to the lake in 2:30 hours with multiple breaks, it’s difficult a little bit but you won’t regret it . I met a moose on my way but he gave me a careless look then got back to his grass.
Snacks and plenty of water are needed I finished my 2 L bottle.
The lake is frozen and the view up there is fabulous but I recommend it on summer and fall.
I spend 2 hours hanging out with my buddy and taking pictures, we went back at night in 1:30 hour but don’t do it at night it’s dark and tough way with rocks.

The trail is a whole lotta uphill, but it’s 100% worth it for the amazing views at the top!!! Keep an eye out for moose on the trail, i saw 2 on my way down. Make sure you leave time to explore and relax by Lake Blanche, Lake Lillian and Lake Florence. Bring plenty of water and snacks and enjoy :)

WARNING: make sure you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle, and consider leaving your vehicle unlocked. I parked at the small lot at the S curve in the road just above the trailhead lot, and my back passenger window was smashed in while I was hiking. There wasn’t anything of value in the car (the idiots only got away with a bag of Skinnypop and a box of Triscuits), but the window will cost a pretty penny to replace. When I spoke with the police station, they said this has happened multiple times at this trailhead. Their advice was to make sure nothing is in your vehicle and your doors are unlocked (so if thieves do decide to enter your vehicle, they don’t have to damage it to do so). It sure put a damper on the end of an otherwise amazing day of hiking, I would hate for others to have a similar experience.

27 days ago