Captivating Canyon Caves Hike your way past stunning vistas to explore a hidden underground world. Taste the thrill of caving as you twist and bend to enter beautifully decorated rooms. Learn the science behind formations and hear stories of cave exploration and preservation. Experience and discover as you go

I loved this trail! I would say the only thing that makes this qualify as moderate is the elevation gain. I did Stewart falls (qualified as easy) a couple weeks ago and I had a harder time there. I took my 4 and 6 year olds on this trail and they did great! It was nice because we went in the evening and only saw a couple people; it was so quiet. The only thing is, the actual pine hollow trail ends about a third of the way through the loop that the map shows. If you do the whole loop, you're getting closer to 5 miles. We just ended up turning around and got just over 4 miles which was still great.

A stretch for your legs and you definitely make an ascent up to the cave, but the views are beautiful and unique. Completely love this interesting hike!

Amazing views of the cliffs and canyons. Make sure you don’t go too late into the day because they stop letting people in the caves around 6pm. Will definitely try to go again so I can see the cave

Beautiful view, easy walk with some steep areas. The cave tour is worth it.

15 days ago

My favorite daily hike! Been hiking it for 10 years and it never gets old. I’m so happy we are able to use this monument for recreational purposes.

Really enjoyed this trail, incredible views of Timp! This is one of AF canyons best kept secrets. Ran into two moose on my way back down in the evening. Only downside is the shared trail with motorcycles.

Pretty trail but I wasn't crazy about sharing the single track with so many dirt and mountain bikers, I'd suggest heading out on this trail if you are hiker super early in the morning if you don't want to keep having to step off into the brush on the side of the trail.

We’ve hiked this trail before, and every time they have made beautiful improvements to this trail making it safer and more beautiful. My daughter (12) was feeling sick, but we decided to go for it anyway since my sister and the 7 other kids were so looking forward to it. The other kids (15,14,12,11,10,8,7) had no trouble scampering up this steep, paved trail. But because my daughter wasn’t feeling well, it took us a LONG time to get up to the cave. A whole school field trip got in front of us, so instead of the 9:45am tour, we had to go on the 11:30am tour. There was a wonderful ranger EMT that checked my daughter out, just one of many incredible rangers. The woman who lead our tour was incredible! The kids can still name the ingredients it takes to form a cave. The cave is incredible. So beautiful and interesting. This is a steep, tough hike not to be underestimated, but the cave makes for a great payoff!

Great hike. It was a first time I have been on a paved trail, but it was fun nonetheless. my friend and I were going to do the loop around Tibble Fork but we just couldn't find the trail (oops). We decided to hike up this as a plan b. totally worth it. If you want to go into the caves, you have to pay (I think it's $8 for an adult). We decided not to since I'm claustrophobic, but the hike and the views were simply awesome. I'd definitely recommend this trip.

20 days ago

Even though the road is open now for Timp, this trail is getting a lot of traffic. Be aware, dirt bikes are out in force which may ruin the experience of this beautiful hike. This is my favorite WINTER trail.

Fun hike to do with family and friends. Love the stories they tell you on the tour.

Pretty great hike. we ended up doing this one because the road to get to any hike past this one is closed currently (not sure why). this hike was considerably steeper than the one we had planned as I had my 2 year old with us. he hiked a little bit of it and spent the rest in his carrier. it was pretty but the flowers weren't in bloom right now so it might be prettier when they are. (may 15 today). stream sort of follows the trail which is nice. there were only a couple small easily avoidable muddy spots. we brought our dog too and he loved it. saw lots of butterflies which my 2 year old also loved.

1 month ago

It was a difficult hike for me because of the elevation (I’m from Illinois). The views were amazing. We did get lost though. Thankfully a nice gentleman helped us find our way back to our car.

Fantastic work out

Wasn't expecting much from this trail because of the small number of reviews but this hike ended up being one of our favorites this year!

4 months ago

Very gorgeous hike, serval mountain lion tracks all over today, all different sizes. Posted some pics of them above, including one picture with some blood spots in the snow... some mouse or rabbit had just been breakfast before we got there...

trail running
4 months ago

Really cool trail, but it is very icy right now. You need good hiking boots or yaktrax or something to give you grip. We slipped several times.
Very pretty though!

4 months ago

Nice hike. Trail was icy and snowy for most of the hike. No wildlife today.

I hike this everyday as a ranger. Hike in the morning for an easy in and out or for a cave tour.

If you’re hiking after 10am July-September bring 3L of water and take your time.

6 months ago

This is a fun trail filled with some really cool views! It’s amazing to look back at the canyon and see all the layers and colors. Loved that. It’s steep. I could see kids and beginning hikers not enjoying this trail for the difficulty. It is a nice trail though. Between the little streams, animals, and basins, it is a very enjoyable/ slightly difficult trail with a great length

6 months ago

Hiked this trail and the Ridge Trail up to the Summit Trailhead as part of a loop hike. Good trail with great view of the sun rise lighting up the surrounding peaks

Good hike for cardio. Cool, long cave to walk through

Amazing hike with an awesome cave tour at the end. The hike itself is a thigh burner but not difficult. Great views and mostly shaded. The cave tour was so cool and our guide was awesome. It does have a quite steady elevation gain but so worth it. Make sure you purchase tickets before hand as they sell out.

9 months ago

Paved trail all the way to the top. Definitely consider this a moderate based on the elevation change on the way up. Cave is cold but tolerable if you forget a sweatshirt. Overall Id do it again as I enjoyed seeing the formations inside the cave and great views along the trail.

9 months ago

The first third of this hike is in the sun and the last fourth of it is as well. Nothing super amazing the first half, but after that it gets good. You pass a couple small streams, and then an open Meadow. You continue to follow the trail and come onto another Meadow. You then come to a fork in the trail and this is where the Pine Hollow trail ends. If you go to the left from here you will get to see some absolutely AMAZING views!! These views made the whole hike worth it!

Steep paved trail with amazing views along the way. I had more difficulty on the way down because of the incline. There is lots of shade and places to rest. The rangers recommend carrying at least 32oz of water per person on the hike.

Wonderful views on the way up!

Pretty fun! Will need a lot of breaks with little kids. (We took our 5 year old boys!)

10 months ago

Very steep incline all the way up. You go up 1000+feet on your way to the caves. Fantastic views, bring a camelback and sweater if you plan on entering the caves or if you go later in the day. The pathway is paved and you have to really keep moving in some spots due to rockfall. Gorgeous views and interesting rock formations. The drive up is beautiful too. I suggest going around 5pm, youll have cooler temps and may see more beautiful lighting on the rocks! Worth the time :)

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