Captivating Canyon Caves Hike your way past stunning vistas to explore a hidden underground world. Taste the thrill of caving as you twist and bend to enter beautifully decorated rooms. Learn the science behind formations and hear stories of cave exploration and preservation. Experience and discover as you go

on Timpanogos Cave Trail

28 days ago

This is an amazing family trail. The path is paved but still pretty strenuous for children

1 month ago

The map and recorded track is for Mahogany Mountain North Peak not the five senses trail. Five senses is a nice easy walk with kids. Mahogany Mountain North Peak is a relentlessly step difficult trail for experienced hikers. Please don't follow the map expecting this to be the five senses trail. The mahogany Mountain trail gains 3000 feet in 2.5 Miles and has loose shell rock - great views but not a kid friendly trail.

Steeper than I thought but so worth the climb! The caves are awesome!

Great trail with plenty of flexibility as far as where you want to go and how far. Great for snow shoeing in the winter. The first part is steep and then after that it gets easy. Soooo beautiful. Once you go to the meadow, if you take a right towards the timpooneke trailhead there's an awesome viewpoint.

4 months ago

Fantastic short hike and so close to the city, its very convenient! Asphalt paved, so easy to walk on, making very heavily used for day hikers and people working out. Numerous families on this trail. Gorgeous views!

Definitely worth the effort. This trail is paved the whole way and the views are great.

Paved. Need to get tickets for cave but you can still hike it. Easy but its a climb.

Gorgeous hike in the fall!! It's steep the first mile but has wonderful views. The only reason I knocked it down one star is because it was hard to navigate which trails to go on because there are so many, we ended up hiking on a few different trails trying to figure out which one was the right one. But other than that it was great, will definitely be doing it again

6 months ago

Loved this for the kids. If you do go into the cave we hope you get Ranger Nancy as your guide. She was so fun for the kids.

6 months ago

Really like this cave, hike is best done when it is not hot.