Killer rise of about 500' over very rocky 45 degree incline to get up to the saddle. Beyond there, absolutely spectacular. We wandered around for hours. We parked at the junction of Cottonwood Road and Brigham Plains Road (430). We found two rock cairns just across Cottonwood Rd that indicated the start of the trail. Looking southwest, aim for an opening in the Cockscomb, and once you cross the river, the trail leads up this opening. Follow the cairns to the steep rocky rise. From the saddle, follow the occasionally cairned trail as best you can. Another 500' of elevation gain from the saddle to the top of the Yellow Rocks. 360 pano view.

I did this stretch of the Paria with my son in March of 2012. I rate it as difficult due to the water flow that day. More on that later. We started at the parking area at the White House trail-head and campground. There is a BLM visitor center right when you turn off highway 89 that's worth checking out too. From the trail-head, you simply start walking down river. Going down river is the easy part. But the water in March was super cold!! We intended on going as far as Buckskin Gulch that day. That would have been far enough for me. But for whatever reason, preoccupied with the scenery, we walked right by it. The confluence of the Buckskin comes in on the right side when walking downstream. And it is not very wide. Slot canyons at their best here. At any rate, we wound up walking another mile and a half before I realized we missed it. We stopped for a well-deserved rest, and to thaw our feet out. They were freezing by now. Did I mention you will be walking in the river the entire time? Once we started heading back up river, the slog against the current was more than I bargained for. It was downright hard going. We got to the Buckskin confluence and went a short distance up this creek as that was our plan all along. Then back to the Paria for the long haul back to the truck. Another thing I had not even thought about, was the water flow by afternoon when snow melt was at its highest. The river had come up a lot since morning, and now the going was really tough. The walk out of there was painful. Literally. My feet and ankles were shot by the time we got back. It felt like you were dragging several balls and chains while walking. Was never so glad to get back to dry land. But, this canyon is incredible. The cliffs and photo opps in here are endless. Worth doing for sure, but do it when water flow is low. Or make it an all-out backpack all the way to Lees Ferry one way, which many do. The mileage posted here, is accurate too. No wonder I was so tired.

I have driven between Zion/Bryce and Page three times. This is truly scenic driving.

walked about 3 miles upstream in October and it was the most spectacular hike of a week of hiking various trails near Kanab. Beautiful fall colors, just enough water to make it interesting and grand Canyon walls.

The slot canyon was quite beautiful but do not expect to exit the canyon that way. Easier to find a game trail out of the canyon, if you plan on leaving through the north end. The north half has no water source so pack a good 6-7 liters. Wasn't the prettiest place to backpack but still worth a go at least once.

Drive this very scenic road on the way to Coyote Bluffs and the wave the most recent time but have been on this road many time on the way to Lake Powell

Much of this road follows the Vermillion Cliffs, the first of three "steps" of the Grand Staircase. An interesting side trip is to Old Paria, an old movie set that is near the abandoned town of the same name.