fun hike !!!

This is by far one of my favorite hikes I've ever done. However you need to time it right, this is one of the more popular hikes in the local area so sometimes there are long lines to get up and down the ladders.

One of the most awesome trails we've ever been on, 5 stars for sure!

It’s totally worth the visit! The view is spectacular! Make sure you endure to the end. The hike could be very boring at the beginning. The water is freezing in November, so it’s important to keep your feet warm. Not a lot of people came at this time, so it’s easier to get some pictures without other people.

We got lucky and the season went long this year. This hike is spectacular, I prefer this hike over the narrows. If later in the year rent the water shoes and socks to keep your feet warm.

Absolutely loved this beautiful hike in the lovely fall weather with my kids. Good water shoes with thicker rubber soles are recommended. Five finger shoes hurt my feet and I felt every rock. I can't wait to do this one again when it warms up again with the right kind of shoes. Went later in the pm. hardly any other hikers on the trail.

Fun creek hike to waterfalls. The ladder a bit sketchy but fun!

4 months ago

You get wet up to your knees. Beauty Beyond Belief

Fun hike with the family. Water is a little bit chilly but all in all great hike.

This had to be one of the busiest trails I have ever hiked.. I must of crossed paths with well over 100 other hikers in a 3.5 hr period..

The town has a lot of no parking signs and a few signs about a number to call if you have a boot on your car.. I drive semi so I just parked on the Main Street through town as it is a state highway and the can’t stop me from parking there.. From there is was less than 1 mile to the trail head.. There is also 2 parking lots at the Trail Head that charge $10.00 for parking, they are traveled and have Porta potty’s..

The start of the trail is strength up to the water tower and then drops down.. For about the first mile I was wondering if I was on the right trail, for the most part it is just a small gravel road.. Then it turns into a trail that Chris crosses the river.. I wore water prof hiking boots and for the first 3 miles my feet were dry.. There are pliantly of rocks and fallen trees to cross the river up to the first large water fall..

This is by know means a hard hike, but I would caution elderly with joint issues or stability issues from attempting this trip as the trail does have a few challenging areas with dirt slides.. This trail would also probably not be to much fun it the trail gets rained on..

After the 1st latter you will start to get wet.. there are areas where the water was from ankle to knee deep.. I recommend wearing shorts if you are going beyond the 1st ladder at the first big waterfall..

I ran out of time at 3.5 miles, but the trail continued on Pass this.. It is not on the map here, but it does continue..

The sight along this trail is breath taking, the hiking in the river was cold and sucked, but also exhilarating.. I stopped many times and just visited with other hikers.. Most youth I spoke to did not care for the hike due to the cold water temperatures.. Once your in between the canyon walls it gets cold, you will crave the heat of the sun before long..

A second pair of shoes and some additional socks for the return after you come back to the main trail, might make the 2 miles back to the parking area more enjoyable.. All together I clocked 6.9 miles and can’t wait to return and go further.. Great Hike, loved every minute of it..

Fantastic hike if you want to get a taste of the narrows without the crowds! Somewhat technical and be prepared to get your feet wet and do some scrambling. Saw quite a few families with kids in flip flops, may have underestimated based on the short distance. Worth it to go past the second ladder falls at about 2.5 miles.

One of my favorite hikes in the fall and winter. Summer is too crowded. If you do hike during the cold weather months, make sure you come prepared with warm clothes and neoprene socks (double up if you get cold easily) and canyon boots.

Amazing hike! Pretty easy. The ladders are a bit sketchy, but the ropes really helped. Go to all the waterfalls. If you follow this app, you’ll stop just above the first waterfall. Keep going and you’ll find more slot canyons and waterfalls. Then the trail just winds down up canyon. I went 3.5 Miles and turned around, so I’m not sure how far it actually goes. The water is cold, you can not get around the water so be prepared. My hiking shoes are not waterproof, so my feet were numb. Might feel ok it the hot summer, but it’s cold in October.

Cold water in shallow river hike in October, but worthy to the end.

Amazing hike, totally worth freezing your feet off in the water.

It was a great hike. I'd recommend wearing water proof socks and water proof hiking boots. And thats for all water hikes. Your not in water most of the time but when you do get to the water, there's no way around it, you will get wet. The Water was cold so my feet were frozen. ( I had nikes on). So I will need to invest in hiking boots. The trail isn't that hard but I would say if you feel like your getting lost, find the the river. if you are walking against the water your heading deeper into the hike... if your walking with the water that means you are trying to get back to the car.

Good trail harder than I thought to get there but end totally worth it.

Freezing!!! Feet numb! But Well worth the pain!!! Amazing.Next time neoprene socks.

Beautiful waterfall after a good easy hike.
Water is cold and you have to walk in the water once you get there.
(its like a small version of the narrows)
I liked it.

One cold little creek but the prize at the end is worth it. Something straight outa a myth.

I'm not one for lots of words. It was the best.

Sooooo cold!!! And a little difficult for short people, but not impossible. The 2nd ladder was pretty hard to get up with short legs and not much upper arm strength. The people with me had to help me a little bit. Go with a group and prepare to be wet and cold around September! So worth it though!

Easy hike. Be prepared to get wet - the water is COLD! Not too many people when we went around 2:30pm

A fun water hike with a instagram shot in the end!

This is a pretty easy hike but with a beautiful landscape. The first part of the hike is on dry ground but there are parts where you need to walk through the creek later on. On some parts there is an option to hike on dry ground or through a the creek. Walking through the creek makes for a very fun hike. Parking does cost $10 so make sure you have cash!

Absolutely wonderful

such a fun hike!! great for hot days. seriously so fun! I would recommend wearing water shoes if you have them.

Did this trail the day before doing the lower part of The Narrows. Definitely liked this trail more. Did it on a crowded and hot Sunday afternoon, it was still amazing.

Amazing hike! Made it up the first ladder with grandparents and kids (age 7 and 10). Second ladder was broken so we stopped there and returned. I think that was far enough for our group though.

Very active trail. Stop to look at the beauty of this trail. Be prepared to get your feet wet and cold. It was refreshing, but it is August

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