great hike, did it with my 5 year old.

stop at the sweet spot for pan it and drinks.

This was maybe one of the most fun hikes I’ve done to date!!

Absolutely amazing! Breathtaking and worth every step!

One of my favorite trails!

This is a great hike! Fairly shaded most of the way, which is nice when it's hot! This hike is best in the summer because of the falls at the end is very temperature cool, and I would recommend water shoes or hiking sandals because you will walk through the water. It's a really fun hike, very beautiful place!

Love this hike. What a find just a few miles off the 15. Well worth the $9 entrance fee.

Easiest to jump in the creek and follow it up the canyon. Perfect for summer afternoon. Tracked it at approx. 2.7 miles and 1 hour to the 2nd ladder but I was moving at fairly quick pace. Appears trail continues quite a distance past the 2nd ladder with even taller canyon walls at some point but had to turn back before sunset. Will definitely return.

One of my favorite hikes so far. The waterfall was an amazing end to the hike.

Awesome hike! Definitely will do it again when we’re in the area

16 days ago

I think this might be my favorite hike to date! Go! You won’t be disappointed.

Did this trail on 26Jul18 @ around 11 am. There were only a couple of sketchy spots that upon first glance, didn't know if I could make it-2nd ladder was one of them. Made it to the end. Water was 3 ft deep in a couple of spots, but nice and refreshing with the hot temp. As everyone tells you, second ladder has a couple of loose steps. Be careful. All in all, 100% worth doing. 12 of 10 stars. *Note that this trail is ~2.7 miles one way and the full trail is longer than 5.

We did this hike today with our dog. Yes, with our dog. We asked at the payment booth and the guy working it said that dogs are allowed now, they just haven’t changed the signs. It was a good hike. Very beautiful and quite refreshing with all the water crossings. It was, however, a very busy trail. My husband went to the second ladder, but since we forgot the doggie back pack I stayed back with our pup. It was so busy, we couldn’t even get the iconic ‘falls with ladder’ photo because all we would have gotten were peoples butts as they descended the ladder.

Great hike! Water was cold but overall worth the time! Grandson who is 9 years old love it. In one part, waded in water that was thigh high. 2nd ladder was a bit scary but we made it. Will make this an annual event!

Was an awesome trail but would suggest big older kids...10 or up, maybe a little younger if you have an athletic child and have done some hikes before...otherwise was a neat little hike

Great little hike! We were lucky to hit it on a drizzly day, crowds were leaving, didn't have to wait on ladders going down, only on first ladder coming up - waited 10+minutes for group with small children who were crying and paralyzed with fear trying to descend first ladder. Beautiful slot canyon, would have continued further if thunder and rain hadn't threatened us.

This was a really fun hike through water and slot canyons. There is parking at the bottom, and bathrooms at the parking and the beginning of the trailhead.
As of May 1st, 2018 they require permits to hike. You can get them online or just pay when you get there, they accept debit and credit on site. It's $8 per person 3 years old and up, plus a processing fee. There was a sign that said, "second ladder is loose, hike at your own risk". Also had a sign that said not to yell at them (which I didn't understand until I saw the ladder and read reviews about injured people).
I hate having to pay, but it was a really amazing hike. There were some trails toward the beginning that seemed to go everywhere. It was poorly labeled, just stay close to the water and you should be fine. I followed two different trails and they were both fine.
You will get wet if you go into the slot canyons and it was as deep as my stomach (I'm 5'3"). The first ladder was easy over the falls, about 1.6 miles in. The second ladder was not as easy. It was broken, missing steps, turns when you step on it, and the rope isn't tied down only at the top and it's worn out, not to mention it's slippery and wet. You would do a lot better bringing your own gear (there was a hook on the other side). But personally, I feel like if I'm paying to get in, I wish they would at least fix this. My 12 year old was able to get up and down with 2 adults helping, but it was too dangerous for me to send up my 7 year old (especially when groups of grown adults were turning around because it was too dangerous- really hard to get down), so we ended up turning around here. Disappointing..
I saw some people with dogs, I would suggest NOT bringing any pets or small children. My 7 year old was able to do it, but he's really athletic and we still had to pull him up onto rocks and help him through the deep waters. It was freezing. Also, I talked to some workers in Zion Adventures and they said the waters there are always freezing. You can buy neoprene socks to keep your feet warm for $30, used ones for $5. I would advise doing that if you plan on doing the whole hike because it was so cold it was painful at times.
We went around 8am, not a lot of crowds- 4 cars in the lot. We only ran into people in the canyons where there was a lot of back up because no one could get up that second "ladder". As we were leaving (around noon), there were about 25 more cars and the trails were getting pretty crowded.
I would suggest to wait to do this hike when the ladder is fixed or bring your own gear so you can get up the last fall safely.

This was one of the best hikes I ever done! The views are beautiful, easy enough to tAke our 3 yr old in our back carrier.

Beautiful scenery and nice break from the heat since it's in a slot canyon. Trail could be better marked.

Fantastic hike! Our Kids ages 6-12 did awesome and loved every minute of it. The water felt great and very refreshing. Started fairly early, not many hikers. Coming out there were a lot of hikers getting started. Definitely go early! Made it to the second ladder. (Approx. 3.82 miles round trip to second ladder, completed in about 2 hrs 45 min.) 2nd Ladder rungs are falling off and is only safe for agile adults. Easier to go up than down. Kids cruised up the first ladder just fine. Beautiful hike! A must do for everyone of all ages. Will definitely come back again.


1 month ago

I know people are complaining about the $8 fee, but did you know that this stream is the water source for the town? And that because of irresponsible "hikers", they have had to deal with trash on the trail and in the creek, construct restrooms and a parking lot? I'd rather pay the fee and know that someone is actually doing a good job managing the environment since us outsiders are invading their town. Okay, enough about that. This is the second attempt to make it to the first ladder. First attempt was in November 2017, but had to turn around due to fading daylight. This time we were prepared. I just wore my regular hiking boots through the stream crossings and up the ladder. Great grip, and they dried quickly. Took about 3 hours RT to first ladder. Definitely saw some unprepared people there -- sandals, no water, no hats, etc. My two pre-teen kids did just fine because we had plenty of water and stuck to the shade as much as possible. New snack shop at the lower parking lot was fun - happy to support the local economy.

Kannaraville is doing a good job trying to make this trail clean with bathrooms, parking, recycling stations, etc. That said, it would be nice if they considered offering family discounts or Iron County residents a discount. It's pretty expensive to do take a larger family here~~which is unfortunate because we are local. Also, the ladders are hazardous. If the City is going to charge, they should improve the ladders ASAP. I saw an older man covered in dirt with an open cut on his forehead and a lot of blood running down his face~~really injured.

My husband & I went mid June. And it was great! The hike took us about 3 hours to complete & we got to the last waterfall. We didn’t get to tired since there was so much shade through out most of the trail! And your going in through the canyon, the water was super super cold. But it was most def worth it!! We stayed down on the free parking lot & our car was taken care of! The owners were very friendly and gave us an idea of the things we would be seeing going up! We got there at 8 & it wasn’t full with people! We enjoyed our hike very much.

The hike is very popular because the one picture seen on social media. I do enjoy the hike but I think the people who are in charge of the hike think its better than it actually is. There should not be a permit for this hike. Fun place to stop if down in Cedar area.

loved the hike and would have given it a 5 star. However, it was crowed and would recommend going early. Saw a few injured hikers that fell. The trail is slippery and you need to be sure of your footing. The other reason for a lower rating is the fee. $8 a person. I took 7 people and it cost me $65 which included a processing fee. Would rather have spent the money at a national park. Not worth the fee.

$8 per person is not worth it. Fun hike, good time, just not worth paying $8/person.

Great trail covering several eco systems. Open desert, dense foliage, trekking through water. Awesome hike. The $8 fee has not slowed down the crowds. Go early.

Attempted this on mid January in -1 degrees and only made it 90%. Fortunately was able to get the opportunity to go again in June and it's gorgeous! Climbed past all 3 falls. Water shoes are great too have.
parking wise, there's a free family owned lot just before the pay lot. great people and they have a small souvenir shop too.

Excellent experience, the front 25% was the least interesting but the last 35% was great and the approach to the first ladder was amazing and memorable!

Nice hike once you reach the trail to falls. The first 30 minuets of the hike is on a dirt road. That part was very hot and really not enjoyable. Once you water we tried to stay in it as much as possible. There are trails going up the sides but you do have to cross the stream a lot. Bring your water shoes. Once you reach the slots it’s all water from there. The slots were amazing. Well worth it. The first waterfall has a ladder to climb it can be slick. We only made it to the second water fall due to time. It wasn’t to crowded the day we went. We got there around 2pm.

Beautiful hike! Wear sturdy shoes you don't mind getting wet. You will be navigating a rocky creek bed for a good portion of the hike.

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