This trail is called HIDDEN OAK TRAIL. It is in fact 3.2 miles to the peak. It is Moderate level, as it is very steep and you have to scramble up some parts. The trail is heavily wooded with a lot of ground cover, blue bells, a few pines and at the top, quakies. The trail is not well used nor taken care of. There were signs on bear and cougars in the area (i.e. fresh deer kills, scat, etc.). There is a pretty view around 1 mile that you can look back and see the reservoir and the valley, but if you keep going to the peak you cannot see back to that valley but to the other side where there are rolling mountains and highway 6, not much of a gorgeous view but worth the effort of going once. The first mile is very steep and someone has put in wood/dirt steps on the most steep parts. The second mile is less steep but you are hiking through the ravine but even in spring there isn’t much water run off. There are trail markers every 1/4 mile so you know how far you’ve traveled. Decent trip, but I wouldn’t suggest doing it more than once.