Round trip 3:40. Fantastic hike!! Stay on the ridge once you meet powerline pass at ~1.3mi in
Will absolutely do again. No snow / need for traction. Class 3 scramble for last half mile. Too much snow for Monte Cristo without traction.

Great hiking trail just make sure to carry plenty of water. Views are espectacular. You can ride the gondola down for free if you reach the top. The trail is not that well marked.

Start early and don’t worry, it’s honestly not that bad. I recommend gloves so you can grab the sharp rock better.

some very tough stretches. A lot of climbing. Really cool

Great day hike. Good intense elevation gain with a great view at the top. Highly recommended.

The wildflowers and beautiful. with ockoberfest happening at the base, I thought the trail would be more busy. But we had it to ourselves. The top of the tram and Peruvian was busy since you can take the lift up. Beautiful views all the way up.

The flowers were insanely beautiful. We took the tram up and hiked down. My knees and butt are dying today but it was worth it. I plan to hike up it in 2 weeks.

Hiked the East Ridge today and it is awesome - wildflowers in full bloom and outstanding views! There is some exposure toward the summit - but very manageable during the summertime with no snow. Final push is a scramble - but just keeping going up and you will find the summit.

I wouldn't do it again because it was a lot steeper and more cliffy then everyone says but if you are looking for a hard long adventure then this is for you

11 months ago

This is a hike I love to do every year. Especially during Oktoberfest. A lot of elevation climb but so worth it in the end. I see so many people coming down, which for me I can't justify paying to kill my knees. Hike up, enjoy the views and ride the tram down for free! Then treat yourself to nice cold beer!

Only saw one other person on the hike. It's strenuous and there are lots of scrambles. Spectacular views!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Wasatch! Yesterday, we went up the South Ridge and down the Cardiff Pass trail. The South Ridge was as exposed and spicy as ever, and totally dry. And aside from a couple snow patches along the Cardiff trail down, which were easy to maneuver, the trail is clear and ready to be hiked!

FAVOR - if anyone is hiking to the top of Superior please keep an eye out for a brown leather wallet. The person I was hiking with lost his, and he thinks it fell out on the summit when he was grabbing a jacket out of his bag. If you find it - please contact me at Thank you!!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Great hike. Absolutely beautiful on top. Weather was a bit hit or miss. We hiked this trail about 4 weeks prior as well. Same route. Snow conditions made some portions a little sketch. We used a combination of snowshoes, crampons. Definitely recommended in the winter. Be sure to check the UAC website and bring your beacon, probe and shovel.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This was my first big hike as a "regular" hiker, not having hiked much before but now weekly, and it was challenging. The first section is scrambling up a hillside and a winding, wide trail up Peruvian gulch. The fall colors were just starting to show. Several feet of snow toward the top made it a real work out; the weather was great. The views from the summit were amazing. I took the tram for free to go back down and enjoy Oktoberfest. I would recommend this hike, however, it gets precarious the last mile and those afraid of heights might not enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This was an incredible and intense hike. The last half of the hike was a scramble and at times a bit sketchy. At time it can be difficult to find the trail. If you're at all inclined, the views are well worth it.

favorite hike so far. pretty tough, scary at times, but absolutely incredible. literally as good as it gets

Not bad but not great.

Confused if the mailbox is the top of Superior or if you need to continue to take the ridge West. Seems like most photos on google indicate that to be Monte Cristin but it didn't seem to take enough time to get to top of Superior based on other reviews and the interactive trail map shows the mailbox to. E short of final destination.

Any thoughts fellow peak baggers?

Monday, August 29, 2016

After reading reviews on another blog site, I decided that I would knock out two peaks in one day as Mount Superior (11,032) and Monte Cristo (11,140) are relatively close (Monte Cristo is 30-60 minutes past is the taller of the two peaks within hiking distance).

I went by myself on a busier day starting right behind the a town office in Alta- just across the road from some breakfast/brunch place. The trail is easy (anyone can do it) until you get to a quarter mile past the Pole (telephone pole?) and it took about 1/2 hour- hour to get to this point). Theres a trail that leads to the summit of Mount Superior but is very hard to follow and the majority is free clmbng a half hour after you pass the pole and reach Mount Superior. Took around 3 1/2 hours to get to Mount Superior. You will know you got to Mount Superior when you see a mail box full of notes and a pen on the peak. Other people I met at the peak said it took them 2 1/2-3 1/2.

Getting to Monte Cristo takes around 30-60 minutes depending on skill level, and Monte Cristo is not on the Map at the parking lot in Alta, or the free distributed one. These were my first major/tough ones so it took me closer to 60 minutes while the guy I met, it took him about 30-40 minutes. Again, all up hill and all free climbing with no trail- just rock. From Mount Superior there are two peaks (I guess the first one is what is called a false-summit?) in the distance and connected. Monte Cristo is the second one. You essentially go around/over the first one and climb up to the taller one.

I made the mistake of thinking that I would be able to do both by myself- but went on a busier day (Sunday) hoping that I would meet people a long the way. I met people on the way up and way down who had done similar terrain (I had not done any previously anywhere close to as challenging). and without them I may not have hit both as I would have likely played it safe and turned around at some point.

On the way back down around 7:45 I heard another group that had gotten lost/turned around coming down to Alta as they went up another route and lost the trail in the dusk.

While it's not impossible to do if you're inexperienced or not from the area, I strongly recommend (for all considering unless you are well experienced) finding a group to go with, packing a lot of water (not hot but it's all up hill free climbing) and going as early as possible. The elevation and physicality of the two are also something to consider so having done a few moderate peaks is something that helped me (I did Sunset Peak a week before and while it helped mentally, the free climbing was something else).

I have attached two pictures, the first of the summit and the second of the terrain climbing up- shortly before the trail runs out before reaching Mount Superior. The guy I met strongly suggested climbing on the rock opposed to the trail on the way down (and most of the way up) as the rock provided better footholds and didn't wobble like the sand (when you could pick up the trail)- and I found this incredibly useful and helpful.

Overall a 5 Star Hike, but proceed with caution and with at least 1 other person if possible. Be read yo to free climb the majority of both peaks and allow enough time.

Monday, August 22, 2016

I found that the trail wasn't clearly marked at the final push. When the trail becomes less apparent, you want to scramble up the rocks about 100 ft. This scramble doesn't appear to be that difficult, but a fall would be dangerous (Class 2); however, if you continue on the lower path below the ridge line, you are forced to climb up a steep, loose rock area, or if you prefer a rock climb. This area, although not hard is probably a 5.6. If you chose this route, if you were to fall, serious injury or death would occur. Again, not hard but something to be cognizant of. Overall, I found the hike beautiful, and the hiking moderate in steepness and difficulty. Great views. Done in summer. Exposed most of the way, so wear sunscreen. We started early in the morning.

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20 days ago

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