The wildflowers and beautiful. with ockoberfest happening at the base, I thought the trail would be more busy. But we had it to ourselves. The top of the tram and Peruvian was busy since you can take the lift up. Beautiful views all the way up.

The flowers were insanely beautiful. We took the tram up and hiked down. My knees and butt are dying today but it was worth it. I plan to hike up it in 2 weeks.

Hiked the East Ridge today and it is awesome - wildflowers in full bloom and outstanding views! There is some exposure toward the summit - but very manageable during the summertime with no snow. Final push is a scramble - but just keeping going up and you will find the summit.

I wouldn't do it again because it was a lot steeper and more cliffy then everyone says but if you are looking for a hard long adventure then this is for you

This is a hike I love to do every year. Especially during Oktoberfest. A lot of elevation climb but so worth it in the end. I see so many people coming down, which for me I can't justify paying to kill my knees. Hike up, enjoy the views and ride the tram down for free! Then treat yourself to nice cold beer!

Only saw one other person on the hike. It's strenuous and there are lots of scrambles. Spectacular views!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Wasatch! Yesterday, we went up the South Ridge and down the Cardiff Pass trail. The South Ridge was as exposed and spicy as ever, and totally dry. And aside from a couple snow patches along the Cardiff trail down, which were easy to maneuver, the trail is clear and ready to be hiked!

FAVOR - if anyone is hiking to the top of Superior please keep an eye out for a brown leather wallet. The person I was hiking with lost his, and he thinks it fell out on the summit when he was grabbing a jacket out of his bag. If you find it - please contact me at Thank you!!

Great hike. Absolutely beautiful on top. Weather was a bit hit or miss. We hiked this trail about 4 weeks prior as well. Same route. Snow conditions made some portions a little sketch. We used a combination of snowshoes, crampons. Definitely recommended in the winter. Be sure to check the UAC website and bring your beacon, probe and shovel.