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Great birding yesterday! Saw 11 different birds.

Easy hike with gorgeous slot canyon!

Loved it! Easy and peaceful with beautiful views.

5 days ago

Easy hike with amazing views. Going into the lava tubes is cool but climbing on top of a cool rock structure was probably my favorite though. The view was amazing!

More of a stroll than a hike. Very very short. Worth the few minutes of walking though!

Epic.. I’ve yet to find a more peaceful hike!!

This trail does NOT allow dogs, despite the AllTrails description.

12 days ago

Just awesome! Snow canyon state park is just stunning. I could spend weeks out here. Tons of endless great pics and hiking.

12 days ago

Super easy, with a cool slot canyon at the end that is great for pics

12 days ago

Cool hike, it is an old volcano. Surrounded by a large lava field for exploring also. I had a really good time on this hike as it is very unique and reminded me of Hawaii. Watch out! It is very steep with lots of loose rock I sled down in a couple of spots.

Short hike but a nice trip inside the White Rocks section of Snow Canyon. Once in the belly of the amphitheater, I was intrigued to see if I could get my 280 lbs up the rough, chunky rocks to the pimple dome visible from the road. Thankfully, it’s not all fat and I discovered that scrambling is now my favorite mountain-scape activity. Once I was confident I could retrace my steps down, if necessary, I climbed my way to the top, using the elephant-hide texture to cement my hand holds and steps. The dome sits about 4500’ up, so a modest 300-400’ scramble up from the amphitheater floor but well worth it. Beautiful views into the rest of Snow Canyon and the surrounding peaks. Coming down was challenging, having to hug a couple of edges and correct course but I couldn’t help but let out a holler after getting back to the bottom, simply because it was so incredibly fun. If you’re adventurous and minimalist, throwing down a bag at the top for the night would be a star-gazers paradise, as there are a few small oasis of flat ground with built-up sand and soil.

13 days ago

This trail definitely deserves the moderate rating due to the loose rock that is difficult to climb up and down through. It can be quite slippery, even in a good pair of hiking shoes.

Very fun and a beautiful view of snow canyon from the top.

There are spots in the trail that are obviously shortcuts, and have rocks placed at the bottom to prevent people from using them. To prevent further erosion in that area, please stay on the path and let the vegetation take over and restore that space again.

Wonderful experience! The hike getting to the Lava Tubes is easy to follow. It’s exciting being able to explore the tubes. Bring a flashlight and don’t be afraid to get some dirt on you. There are three tubes that you can explore.

It’s cool because you’re hiking a volcano. It’s an easy trail to follow and offers a wonderful view of Snow Canyon and other Cinder Cones. Walking around the crater and going into the center is a neat experience. Worth doing again. Not the longest trail; however when if you’re short on time it’s perfect.

It’s an easy trail with a beautiful view. It’s amazing to see the arch and the beauty of the looming mountain faces. Worth doing! Wonderful hike when you only have limited tine to hike.

Great , fairly easy trail that gives great scenery and nice Canyon. Take Scout Cave trail in way back to make an afternoon out of it.

Easy flat trail, cool arch!

Fun, kid friendly trail.

24 days ago

Nice hike. The lava tube was really cool! It's a tight fit in some spots. You will definitely need lighting, as it is pitch black inside the tube. We used miner's type lighting so that our hands were free. You can go quite a ways in the tube. It eventually stops so there is no way of getting lost.

26 days ago

Such a fun trail! Great for the kids. Loved the interesting facts posted on information markers near the lava tubes and fields. There was a moderate amount of traffic but the closer we got to the overlook, the fewer people we came across. Looking forward to visiting again to explore the tubes a bit more.

You can wind your way up the back of the volcano and then walk around the crater itself at the top. And you can see other cinder cones from the top! I thought it was cool

The arch is cool. Short and sweet. Saw a toad.

Sandy beach at the top was fun for the kids! Fun hike and amazing scenery!

29 days ago

Awesome trial! Tube entrances were amazing can't wait to go back and explore again soon!

This trail is definitely an easy one full of different tubes to climb into an explore.

Nice little trail with varied terrain. Took a 2 year old and he had fun climbing on the rocks and playing in the sand at the end of the canyon. Not a strenuous hike and not high adventure, but great for families with kids looking for a nice little hike.

Great views from the top!

The hike should be rated as easy. Lava tube was very unique!

The hike is actually easy, not moderate. It is mostly walking through sagebrush until you get to the lava caves and some fun rock formations to climb on.

This was stunning!!! Cold but worth the off season timing. The pools had water in them and the trail was all but vacant. Fantastic hike!

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