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2 days ago

Easy and fun for all

3 days ago

Short enough even on a hot day. Bring a flashlight/headlamp for the lava tubes. There are 2 which are 100's of feet long into the ground and out of day light. Our 7 year old was more than able to scramble in and the teen's loved it.

It was totally unlike any hike I’ve ever done. Sorta felt like I was walking on Mars

Does have a few rough steep spots but even my 5 and 3 year old were able to make it to the top with a little bit of help on the slippery areas. They loved being in the volcano and the view is great from the top.

Th perfect hike or those with small children. Once you get to the amphitheater kids love exploring the rocks and playing in the sand. If you go in the summer the sand can get very hot so make sure to go earlier in the day so the kids can still play. So many cool places to take pictures.

Perfect if you have littles. Short, beautiful, and young kids love exploring the little slot canyon. Plus if you go in the summer, the little canyon is completely shaded so you get a little break from the sun.

Easy way to see a slot canyon if you don’t have time for a big trek. Can be in and out in 10 min!

Very pretty, well marked trail even for beginners like us it was great!!

18 days ago

Great adventure for families, and anyone wanting a short hike it’s a sun break. The lave tube were fun and nice cool break from the sun. We climbed down in them and the kids loved it.

Closed for summer 2018. We didn’t get to do it.

on Lava Tube Trail

1 month ago

Great walk over rocks and lava. A beautiful sunny day.

1 month ago

Love the views and exploring the lava tubes! Bring headlamps and water!

1 month ago

We did this trail after a very long day of hiking and it was the perfect way to end. As said, the hike is fairly easy, but the lava tubes are spectacular. At the end of the butterfly trail, the path splits into two if you go left you'll hit a massive lava tube that you can explore easily (with flashlights) to the right is a smaller tube, if you're little you can still crawl in a ways, but cool to look at regardless.

A great end to the day!

This trail is a blast! Well marked, lots of elevation change and pretty views, as well as many opportunities for scrambling and going off the path. Not too long but connects to many other great trails. Look out for the overlook (just off this trail) - provides stunning views and a fun little climb.

Remember to bring lots of water - there's very little coverage and there are strenuous bits.

trail running
2 months ago

Decent trail for hiking. Somewhat of a rough trail as you come to the top. I actually did some trail running on this trail. Great for hill training. Awesome views of Snow Canyon.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail with lots of sandstone to climb on. We started here and then headed toward Butterfly trail and got to experience so many different kinds of terrain from sand to volcano tubes there was not one bad place for a picture; just stunning.

2 months ago

The hike itself was okay, but the lava tube was AMAZING! We will definitely be back again—next time with headlamps!
When you get to the T in the trail, the lava tube is 100 meters down the left fork of the Lava Tube Trail.

The kids absolutely loved hiking around and playing in the sand. My senior parents were able to make the short trek with us, and sat watching the grandkids play. We will definitely be back!

We love this hike. It’s a regular for us. It’s beautiful. But it’s really popular so arrive early. We got in at 7:30 am and had the whole trail to ourselves. By the time we left the little parking lot was full.

We went left at the fork. Easy, short walk to the overlook. The white rocks are beautifully contrasted by the red rocks in the distance. Parts of the trail are a bit sandy.

Great trail one day is not enough to explore everything.

Beautiful scenery!

Very easy to get to the amphitheater. Lots of exploring can be done once there so the difficulty depends on you!

First mile is solid. A lot of the Trail is on sand, fits the name. The pools had water so good finish to the trail prior to heading back.

Great birding yesterday! Saw 11 different birds.

Easy hike with gorgeous slot canyon!

Loved it! Easy and peaceful with beautiful views.

3 months ago

Easy hike with amazing views. Going into the lava tubes is cool but climbing on top of a cool rock structure was probably my favorite though. The view was amazing!

3 months ago

More of a stroll than a hike. Very very short. Worth the few minutes of walking though!

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