Amazing. Some spots very hard. Be careful and hang on. Adrenaline and views!

It's is a great trail that you must drive if you like off roading. Come prepare to pay a 5 dollar entrance fee. I consider myself a beginner driver (this was the first serious trail I took on). Although there are some difficult obstacles you will find bypasses. I did the trail on my 99 Cherokee fully stock besides a 2 inch lift and I didn't struggle at all (I did not drive through the "escalator" and "hells gate" cuz they had traffic and a broken 4x4 was in it) Plan on spending a good 4-6 hours on it if you're gonna be taking pictures and completing the whole course. Departure angles are really important, having a rear towing hitch sabe my rear bumper several times lol. If you do the whole loop (pass the escalator) take your time cuz towards the last downhill section there are some steep obstacles and the are kind of difficult, (no bypass). I'd do it over and over .. highly recommend it..!!

If you have a built off road rig, you will have no problem on this trail. Lockers, body armor, and 15psi in your tires will get you anywhere you want to go on this trail.

Great Trail very technical for my Tacoma with a 2 inch lift 32 inch tires and lockers. I did not have a spotter and no one else was on the trail which made it exciting! Go do it!

Great trail. We have a lifted Jeep Rubicon. We had no problems and did not have to use the lockers. All the harder sections have bypasses. This is a must do.

Hard, scary, yikes

Much harder than everyone says

Did this trail with my Toyota off-roading club "The Rising Sun" out of Denver CO. It was a night run which we started at 6pm and completed at 12:30am. This trail is extremely difficult and technical but a lot of fun and rewarding. Not for the faint of heart of beginners. Your better of attempting this with a buddy and his rig or a group.

Dirt biking- this is a cool trail. My first time on slick rock. It's AMAZING the traction you get. You can climb up steep inclines with no problem at all. Gorgeous views (although I prefer the views of Chicken Corners and Poison Spider). Good practice for steep up and downs and transitions to sand. It intersects with The Slick Rock bike trail- which is fun too!

Terrifying heights for me, but definitely tests your skills. I'd recommend lockers and skilled driving.