Find first-rate, year-round recreation at this northern Utah destination. During summer, fish, boat, and waterski on Rockport Reservoir. Tent or RV camp in one of five developed and primitive campgrounds. During winter, ice fish and access nearby snowmobile trails.

There is no trail here. We followed the line with the app and GPS, but it was all off trail hiking. There are a couple of barb wire fences to go over. The juniper/sage brush is easy to get though. It's a nice enough route if you like going off trail. But remember, THIS IS NOT A TRAIL.

as of July 2017 there is a padlocked gate with a no trespassing sign blocking the trail

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rockport has good camping and swimming and is only a short drive from the SLC area. The water was great and even though it was the middle of June it wasn't too crowded. The hiking trail was easy except for the face that it was almost 90 degrees. I gave it 4 stars because there wasn't really a summit view and then there was a band playing by one of the sights by the lake which you could hear all the way over on the hiking trail and I feel like it kind of ruined the serenity and peace I look for when I go to the outdoors.

on Rockport Lake Trail

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rockport recieves a 5 star review due to the amazing camping and camp sites. We camped right on the lake and watched the stars at night. We went in late June and were the only people camping there during the week. Clean out houses and each campsite has its own covered picnic table, a firepit and a place to BBQ. Plus, the drive out was gorgous!

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