17 hours ago

A close trail right in Provo’s backyard. An excellent view of The Valley.yet it is a steep and long hike.

Best part of the trail is a vast prairie of yellow flowers near the top.

It’s a staple hike in Utah county. Usually the first time will be the best one. As every time you see the Y you can say “I’ve been there”. It’s a steep trail, but nothing exciting other than a fun view of Provo and Springville from the top. GREAT exercise hike for real athletes.

Love the winding canyon, some rough gravel in some parts, but fairly flat footing.

water fountain of the gods within the first portion, which helps in the warmer months, and access to other trails like Squaw Peak trail which is a bit more difficult.

Busy, especially on holidays, little tree coverage, but a great view all the way up. information and museum type posts along the way, and of course for BYU Students, this trail means a more to complete.

Get some grand photos, meet fellow students, and take the trail to the top to master this adventure.

A difficult trail, just as there isn't much coverage early in the spring, and the incline once you pass Rock Canyon includes tall steps, and beveled slopes.

Beautiful Flora, dogs on leashes allowed, great photos at the peak, and some rock climbing areas! enjoy!

Difficult hike. But beautiful trail, open meadows, wild flowers and amazing view of the valley and mount Timp at the top. Little traffic, only ran into a family of 3 half way up. Started hike about 7:30am and returned to parking lot about 11:30. It took longer then expected. A good portion of trail is shaded if you hike it in the morning.
Would do this hike again.

3 days ago

What a blast. Went on memorial day. There were a fair amount of people. It's actually 8 miles and 2900 ft of vertical from the parking lot. Looks like All Trails lists it from a gate located 1/2 mile up Rock Canyon.

Remember to turn left after the fifth bridge. They have numbers on them to mark them. After the turn off it gets really steep until you get to the ridge. At that point it evens out again and you can enjoy some pretty meadows with wildflowers. The view from the peak was pretty spectacular. You get an angle at the strata of the mountain across Rock canyon that you can't get anywhere else. It's amazing how much the strata curves. When we went there was a little fog rolling up the canyon, looked awesome.

Took 2h 26m total round trip.

8 days ago

Wonderful hike, mostly in shade of trees, beautiful view at the top. Took us 2 hours and 15 min with limited resting. 2.5 hours seems the right time with some more rest.

Went last Sunday. Was hot so bring enough water. Always a good hike. After the Y, I saw one person, so it was nice a peaceful being by myself. Saw one rattlesnake and two other snakes that I couldn’t make out fast enough. As they moved pretty quick when they felt me coming. Be safe and use a walking stick just Incase you have to shew away a snake

13 days ago

Very fulfilling hike. Started heading up at around 3:30pm and got back down at around 6:30pm. Didn't see a single person once I passed the fork, and it was truly a mesmerizing experience to be at the top completely alone. Wonderful natural beauty, especially after passing the fork, and the views at the top cannot be done justice by pictures alone. It takes a lot of you but I'm definitely doing it again this summer.

Do this hike on a Sunday or during the week! If you go on Saturday, go as early as possible. It can get really busy with a bunch of little kids running around. The incline starts out really mild going into rock canyon, and once it splits to the left for squaw peak it shoots up pretty steep. The trail is really high quality and well marked! Just be sure to watch for the split. Last time I went up the post that marked the squaw peak turn was missing.

14 days ago

6/5/18 Route is all clear. We are experienced hikers and did the 7 miles up and back in 2:45:00. The weather was in the 90's which means we were the only ones on the trail. But, with all the shade, the temperature on the trail was quite pleasant. Swallows must be hatching eggs right now because they were dive-bombing us at the top cliffs where they nest.

15 days ago

Definitely a lot harder than expected. The trail is consistently steep once you pass the Y. While it's not an incredibly easy hike, I saw little kids having a blast hiking up there! The view was AMAZING and definitely worth the hike. Out and Back it took us a little over 5 hours to Hike.

why anyone would choose to do this hike for "fun" is beyond me. Every trail above the Y is great.

on Rock Canyon Trail

18 days ago

Hiking: I've always enjoyed this trail and hike it pretty regularly. It is very rocky and pretty much steady incline the entire way but the views are incredible!

Biking: I've biked this once, and it was an awful experience. The climb is a beast, huge rocks and gravel all the way up a relentlessly steady incline. There are quite a few sections that, no matter what your fitness or skill, you have to get off and push. The descent is very unpleasant--like riding a jackhammer. It is a miracle I didn't get a puncture. I would seriously reconsider riding this trail without a full suspension 29er (unless you're a masochist).

18 days ago

This is a difficult hike, and is very steep in some parts. However, it's beautiful, and there aren't too many people, so it's not overcrowded. Highly recommend to experienced hikers.

20 days ago

I agree with the other reviews. the footing is like large gravel which makes it similar to walking through sand. I got tired quickly. I consider myself to be in okay shape, I exercise daily and eat healthy, but this hike kicked my butt. It is pretty steep with very few flat spots. my husband is superhuman and didn't even break a sweat. It's pretty but nothing spectacular. The water fountains were broken so bring a lot of water. It took us 4 hours with plenty of breaks for me. There were also plenty of offshoots we didn't explore. I enjoyed it but would not do it again


May is the perfect time of year for this hike. It's steep, but not too steep, and it's long, but not too long. You can control the difficulty by the pace you set, but it's worth going slower to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Great view from the top and there's a beautiful little meadow near the summit. Took us about 4 hours, but we were going slow.

Amazing hike. I recommend starting around 7:30 before the sun gets to high. Beautiful scenery and the views are incredible. Took my 12-13 year old sons. Took us 5 hours from the parking lot to the top and back again. Loved every moment.

It’s a good hike I little bit short but it’s good...

Worth the view!! Pretty difficult but had a great time

It’s not a technically hard hike, but will definitely give you a good cardio work out! The first part of the hike is in Rock Canyon. Stay left after the 5th bridge to go up the dirt path instead of gravel path (which goes to campgrounds). It’s up hill the whole way but is shaded and forested for the most part. There is one stretch closer to the top that levels out slightly for a bit of a break. We stopped multiple times on the way up and I was really struggling! You will feel accomplished and love the views at the end though so keep going!

1 month ago

Pretty steep, but not as long as I expected. It took four of us about 2 1/2 hours to get to the top and we stopped fairly frequently to rest. The bulk of the trail is very shady which was nice. The view from the top is incredible.

Wow. Amazing hike, but exhausting! It starts out with the normal Y trail which is tiring as is. Then teases you with a dirt trail leading off into the mountains and the next mile isn’t too bad. The. That last mile is straight up! And exhausting! The views are absolutely incredible and provides a feeling of accomplishment when you reach that flag at the top! Definitely recommend!

If you’re looking for a rewarding day hike in Utah Valley, Squaw Peak is excellent! I especially recommend getting an early start and hiking up so the sun comes up as you’re reaching the summit. It makes for some especially stunning views seeing the different valleys and ridges alternately shadowed or lit up. Don’t let the first mile fool you, it’s a beautiful hike! Definitely a steep, difficult hike, but I saw some dogs and kids hiking it—in fact, a 12 year-old beat me to the top!

If you want a workout, do this hike! Trails are pretty wide, and it’s a good hike for kids. Picnic tables at the top

1 month ago

So i am a total hiking rookie and not the most fit human in all the land, and I completed this hike in exactly 5 hours. I went 5/13/18, started at 5 am. Was crazy muddy from the rain and snow melting. (I’m a genius and wore Nike’s) even with stopping to take pictures, moving slow due to me sliding in the mud, and resting for 40 mins at the peak, I returned back to my car at exactly 10 am. Not too shabby for a rookie if I do say so myself! Totally worth the falling in the mud! Awesome scenery and wildlife. I went on a Sunday so I didn’t see a soul until the way back. (A whole 6 people) after the 5th bridge, another 150 meters there is a fork, stay to the LEFT. :)

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