1 day ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize this was done early October. Got up early on a Sunday to start the trail at 5am in the dark. Used our headlamps for the first 1.5 hours or so. Got up in a little under 2 hours right as the sun was rising. Beautiful, clear view over the valley and behind the mountain. Heavy fog set in as we wer heading down, which was a really cool contrast against the bright colors of the fall leaves. Took just over 2 hours getting down since we stopped for so many pictures. Great hike, pretty steep at some parts, but worth the effort.

Love this hike! Moderate though not hard

10 days ago

went up to the camp ground last summer. I'm pudgy and slow, but I enjoyed it very much! wear tall boots, saw a couple of rattlesnakes closer to the camp ground.

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18 days ago

Very excellent, took 2:23 from my car to summit back to car. But don’t overdo it, ive given myself IT band syndrome from pushing too hard

Great hike! Minimal snow throughout the trail and at the top. Only wildlife spotted was one mule deer. God Bless.

Beautiful in the snow! Will bring the kids next time, the dog loved it.

Pretty easy, beautiful hike after the Y. Great option to to more hiking past the peak.

Pretty icy, wouldn’t recommend doing it without cleats and maybe some sticks.

This is a great trail. Nicely done with signs and explanations on local wildlife and environmental life. It’s a steep steep trail though. Everyone knows that. But it gets you to the “Y” quickly where the view is amazing. That’s another thing I like a lot about this trail, almost the whole time you get an amazing view of the valley without huge trees blocking your sight. It’s relatively short but it is still a leg burner. Fun “during the week” hike. Takes about 45-120 minutes depending on your health

2 months ago

Nice monochromatic views on the lower part. Muddy and windy at the top with spectacular 360 views near the peak.

Poor signage, so make sure you're aware of your route. Stay left going up.

Really warm today. Takes about 4 hours overall. Pretty steep in parts. Bring poles and lots of energy!

3 months ago

this is a great trail, with beautiful views of Orem and Provo.

3 months ago

We completed this hike back in July. It took us roughly 4 hours carrying our 1 year old son. The view was amazing!

I didn't love the first bit of the hike, but the trail gets gorgeous once you're past the Y! Fewer people, and way more wildlife.

3 months ago

Squaw Peak or Rock Canyon is one of my favorite places in Provo. It's so close and whether you have an hour or more it never disappoints. I've done this in the summer and autumn and love both seasons. It is fairly steep and some loose rock. Going up isn't really an issue but coming down I did slip a couple of times. The trail is well marked and the view from the top is amazing. Bring water and some snacks/lunch cause you're going to need them especially during the summer months. It is about 7 miles.

Tough hike but once you get passed the Y, the view is absolutely spectacular and worth all the effort.

It was a great, hard little hike with a gorgeous view at sunset!

Just don't hike it during Spring. I hated every single time of it.

I hiked it two nights ago. It was very awesome and super easy. I would do this again but during the day so I can see the scenery.

4 months ago

I went hiking up this trail yesterday and it was a blast! I brought my dog and the trails were perfect on the way up. It got a little chilly on the way down after the sun had set behind the mountains so be aware of that. Beautiful view and I will definitely do this again. Took me 2 hours and 50 min from bottom to top to bottom.

Going to the “Y” isn’t that great, but once you go past it, the trail is a lot prettier. The view from the top at sunset was perfect!

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