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Amazing view. Good incline but not terrible. Thoroughly loved this hike. Would recommend, it is difficult but with plenty of water and grit I think anyone could hike this.

It's a decent trail and a hike I've done several times over the last 30 years. It's pretty steep and there's no shade. The markers are nice though so you can see your progress.

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I really do not like this trail. It is hot and ugly. BYU sucks, and there are better hikes with better views that aren't much further. Try Sqaw peak or Buffalo Peak (if you have kids).
If you are adamant on doing this hike, keep going up past the top of the Y. There is a pretty decent trail and it will put you in some shade and give you a better view.

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**The hike starts at the Rock Canyon parking lot. Walk in to the canyon and cross 5 bridges. Keep going for a while (I think from the parking lot its like 1.5 miles), and you'll see a fork in the road, there is a stick that just has "TRAIL" on it, you take the trail on the LEFT. There is a rock near by on the ground that someone has sprayed "Squaw peak" on it -- but its pretty faded. And then enjoy your hike UPHILL.

This was TOUGH. I had never done a "HARD" trail before, and underestimated how hard it was -- but its DOABLE. It is uphill (obviously, its a mountain) the whole way. But what makes this different is there aren't switchbacks for a gradual incline its steep the entire way!

There was more shade than we excepted after reading all the reviews and we went at noon -- probably the worst time for a hike! So that is good news!

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