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It can be a bit grueling, but worth it!

on Squaw Peak Trail

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I've been sticking to Easy & Moderate Trails since moving to Utah recently, so this was my first 'difficult' rated trail in the area. Took about 4.5 hours, was pretty challenging as it's uphill the entire route & as another person mentioned coming back down on rocky terrain can be tough on your legs. But, it's totally worth it! It's a beautiful view from the peak, and in the fall the leaves in the canyon were stunning. Make sure you keep left at the fork after the 5th bridge (they are numbered).

The trail is much prettier after you turn east into the canyon.

Fun trail and great views despite the very useful post by Brandee Aragon. "BYU sucks" so you don't like the trail?

Such a beautiful hike! A bit steep at times, but totally worth it. The view of the valley and the mountains is amazing, and in the fall the leaves are gorgeous. It took us about five hours but we stopped to take A LOT of pictures :)

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Awesome hike.

It was quite steep and tough but the view was absolutely worth it!

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