16 hours ago

This is a great and beautiful area.

I loved this trail. great hike, challenging yet short. beautiful view. go early in the morning to avoid the traffic!

trail running
1 day ago

A few more weeks will do this trail some good. Because of the warm up and cool down, the trail is a big sheet of ice when you get further up. Stay safe and wear snow cleats on your shoes. The lower part to the Y is completely clear.

Not one of my favorite hikes, but it was a good prep hike for backpacking season!

6 days ago

trail running
7 days ago

Went and trail ran this today. The first section from rock canyon trailhead to the split off to squaw peak was pretty clear of snow and well traveled by others. I originally missed the left turn off to the squaw peak trail because the sign is gone. There is still a small sign there, but it only has a trail number on it- no words. After backtracking a bit, checking my GPS and asking the first people I saw, it was confirmed that I was on the right trail. From the start it was muddy, like walking in a small stream the whole time. The further I got, the more snow I saw. The only way I knew I was on the right trail was by following the muddy snow tracks. It's really slippery the further up you go, so walking poles would be a good option right now. I wore shorts and a tank and was never cold. My trail running shoes were completely soaked and muddy and filled with snow by the end so thankfully I didn't wear new ones. When I got to the first viewpoint, I lost the trail because the snow was all melted and the vegetation all trampled down. I'm sure I could have used my GPS to proceed but I knew I had a long way back down. The snow going down was more dangerous than when going up and I had to dig my heals in really good to get grips. At that point I was wishing I had ice cleats attached to my shoes. Lots of people were hiking but none of them seemed like they were aware the trail would be so slippery and snowy still. Just remember it's still only march and mountains are a few months behind us in regards to season changes. This hike is no exception. It's hard on a good day and right now it's really hard. But, I would say it's still worth the climb.

not much of a view while hiking, but the view at the top is pretty good.

Walked straight to the mountain, took me just short of 4 hours. Super hard! my legs and knees are killing me, great challenge and great view at the end! someone said they did this in 3 hours and that it was easier than the Y - definitely had to be a different trail. This is mid March, tons of snow to hike through. My feet were definitely soaked by the end of it, my dog loved it!

great cardio, great city sights but won't do it again only took 1.5 hours. trail itself was boring, bring music. if youre lookin looking for a good trail w different sights along the way this is not the one.