Love this hike. Beautiful meadow in spring before Peak.

2 days ago

Ouch! Super steep but awesome hike! 2 hours up, 1.5 hours down for us.

Steeper than Squaw Peak (in my opinion), and the views aren't as good. Beautiful meadows though, and hardly anyone on the trail once you get past the Y.

Incredible views for the length of hike! One of my favorites.

Beautiful and a bit steep but it is worth the hike. One of the best around.

Steep hike but the views are incredible. The flowers are beautiful also.

7 days ago

I've been craving this hike since my first time here last summer, and it did not disappoint! I brought a friend with me this time and he loved it too. Early in the morning it wasn't too hot, the path was shady, and there were very few people around. The climb up gets a but steep, by my only real struggle is the climb down, trying not to slip on the rocky sections of path. If you like a good workout and a great view, I can't recommend this enough!

It was definitely a difficult hike on the up hill!! However the views at the top were so worth it!! It was shady and beautiful and green!! Really enjoyed this hike although it was challenging for me!

A definitely more difficult than "moderate". It gets steeper and steeper but you feel really accomplished when you finish that's for sure.

Not the best hike, but a classic. Great view of Utah Valley. Steep with switchbacks. Well trafficked and very wide trail to the Y. Just going to the Y is nice for a short and quick hike.

8 days ago

Fun quick hike, took us about 1:45 to get up. A couple places are pretty steep but the clearing and views at the top are great

Loved! I did it yesterday and I don't feel sore at all. It's strenuous but definitely doable!

11 days ago

I thought this hike was beautiful, the first half is a wide well paved trail, the last half is a steep dirt trail. It was pretty muddy and was slick. By time I got to the top I was feeling pretty tired. I hike frequently, but rarely hikes that are this intense. It is definitely doable and I would suggest it to anybody. Just pack lots of water.