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Went on 08Dec18. A couple of areas where spikes are useful, not bad at all for this time of year.

10 days ago

I had intentions to go all the way up this morning but couldn’t brave the storm. Made it to the living room and continued the loop back down. It’s a really steep incline but worth all the accomplished feelings. Beautiful views and snow covered land. Cleats are a must this time of year.

Great hike and stunning beautiful views. Started early morning and saw a family of deer and lots of fresh powdery snow. I wish I had yak tracks and a pair of snow pants but still a blast!

Nice short hike, a bit washed out with some loose rock areas. Views are well worth it!

I don't know if I completed this hike because it seemed to end before 4.1 miles. I found a great lookout at the top and it wasn't too busy when I went.

Great hike for all experience levels. When I went, there were plenty of families with kids, trail runners, and pups on the trail. There was no snow or frost when I went.

Difficult on the way down due to slippery gravel. Great view at top! Good hike with 2 eleven year olds.

On a clear day, it is a STUNNING view. Even on a smoky day, it’s still beautiful. It’s a steep hike up and not marked. However, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s well-traversed enough. You get to this first lookout area that’s flat, which means you’re almost there!

1 month ago

Thanks to the person who originally mapped this trail. Really good hike. Make sure to complete it clockwise. Hard but good. The trails up to the ridge line and along it aren’t very well marked, but worth the scramble. Took us about 2.5 hrs.

Hike is fun and gives a great view over SLC. You park on the road and walk up. Look for the Yellow sign with numbers as this is the start of the trail - there are no signs for it. TV remote is a nice touch.

1 month ago

Beautiful view! Just like most people describe, this trail delivers a nice short, challenging jaunt.

I've read in other blogs that it is recommended to extend your trip to Mount Wire, a continuation of the Living Room Trail. I also recommend the summit Mount Wire to the old radio tower (breathtaking), but I would say taking the southeast route to the summit FIRST would be much easier (counter clockwise). That stretch is steep with loose rock scree and is difficult coming down. That way you'll have the Living Room to reward yourself with on the descent.

If you're just doing The Living Room, that is great too.

Very beautiful and enjoyable, however there are a lot of different trails and none of them have a marker so you kind of have to figure it out yourself. Good luck.

really hard i did it in 4 hours and it was more like 5-6 miles. i went up left and down right. wish i did it the other way. the views are incredible absolutely breathtaking. the way down is very steep tons of loose rocks for about 15 min i had to slide down in a squat position because its literally the decline is insane. i think i veered off the path a little because it was pretty extreme hard to find trails coming down there were many little ones and i think i chose the hardest one. i saw 5 deer!

i liked it pretty short so go to red butte and make it a loop!

This trail is always crowded and just really not worth the hype. You follow an eroded gulch half of the time. Wasps love the rocks at the living room. It’s popular because it’s accessible from town and not very long.

1 month ago

I enjoyed this trail! We started up about 7am. The fall leaves were pretty (once it was light enough to see), and there was very little mud. Because it was early on a Monday, we only passed a couple people coming down. While it wasn't so steep that you were rock climbing, it was a steady unbreaking incline up the canyon, and quite tiring for beginners. The "living room" set up at the top was awesome! (whoever brought the remote for the TV is the coolest). The view was gorgeous, with the sun beginning to shine out over the valley.

Really fun little hike, so close to town. Lots of people, lots of dogs, beautiful views from the "furniture."

Great views, great hike

My friend and I hiked this trail after work. It was muddy and I slipped twice, but that was my fault. It was cold and snowy but it’s a beautiful trail and a beautiful lookout.

Fun, uncrowned trail. Lots of sunshine- very exposed, but always breezy to windy. Pretty views. Lots of rock, so watch your footing and make sure you have the right shoes.

I love the view from top, totally worth the steep parts. Don’t forget your head lamp, or flash light if waiting for sunset.

Love this hike! And so close to downtown Salt Lake City! Very moderate on hills and a beautiful view. I’ve done it a few times and would do it again!

pretty challenging, but accessible trail. Beautiful on the way up, even more so at the top. as far as wildlife, got to see a tarantula on the way down.

I couldn’t find the Living Room trailhead so I ended up on a very steep trail past the This is the Place gate. I’m not sure if it was part of the loop but I’m counting it as part of it because I ended up on Mount Wire and came down the Living Room trail. That trail is marked with a large yellow 174 for some reason. It was way easier than the way I went up.

2 months ago

Good hike definitely a great view of the Salt Lake Valley. The hike is pretty steep and is mostly straight up the entire way but not too long. It took me about 57 Min to get to the top which is good considering I’m out of shape right now lol. It’s a good hike just make sure you bring poles it’s a little steep on the way down and they may help. Also since it’s such low altitude it’s a little hot. Defiantly may do it again.

one of my first hikes in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is no shade as such along the entire hike trail. But the view at the top of the trek is really breathtaking. Moderate level of difficulty and can be hiked with pets.

Nice short trek. Not much shade though.

Not much shade but a wonderful short trek.

A good challenge if you aren’t a regular hiker, kids were hiking it too! View at the top is worth it

Great views and fun setup at the top with rock couches/chairs. The hike itself is pretty steep and not super scenic, but if you’re going for the experience at the top, it’s solid.

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