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Great hike. Great views. Alternate trails make it easy to get lost if you don't know where to go. Eventually they all get where you want to go.

Beautiful hike! Would definitely recommend going in the spring when wild flowers cover the mountain side!

amazing view. lots of people

Great trail, there is a decent amount of shade, but would be better as a morning or evening hike. Did see a rattler so watch out.

Decent hike with a good view of the city! the chairs made of rock are pretty interesting.

Started at the entry sign, just went straight up randomly to reach “the couch.” Went straight down from there as I saw a trail along the ridge below. Pretty treacherous but worth getting off the beaten path!

Snakes! And dog poop. But great family hike!

Tough steep hike that isn’t too long with fantastic views of the whole valley.

Steep, no shade, walking in a riverbed most of the time. Well worth the trip. Great view.

19 days ago

Fun short sort of steep hike that gradually gets steeper. Pretty easy hike with amazing views but heavily trafficked

It was a good hike, I'm not in the best shape (working on it!) so it was fairly hard. Just a warning, it is steep and there is no shade. But it's for sure worth it, and I will be doing this hike again.

23 days ago

This was harder than we were expecting. Great for our puppies though! We should’ve brought more water and sunscreen. It was pretty crowded the day we went last Sunday 4/22 around noon. The trail was steep and narrow in spots and not a lot of shade. Great views but crowded at the top so we didn’t stay long before goin back down. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and expect crowds on the weekends.

Went on Sunday 4/22. Beautiful spring day. Went around noon and was pretty heavily trafficked. Don’t take the steep comments lightly. If you don’t hike often, and like to eat ice cream, the hike up will be a struggle. And there’s not a lot of room on the sides of the trail to catch your breath. Didn’t make it to the top but made it to a nice plateau, over halfway up, that overlooked the valley. Plan on returning soon :)

short and sweet. take water for the dogs. great view at the couches

For me, this was a hard hike! The whole trail is in full sunlight and it's on an incline that can be steep. Bring plenty of water, a hat, and sunscreen! The view at the top is beautiful and makes the hike well worth it!

Loved the trail. Its pretty crowded though.

25 days ago

There are a lot of trails in this area and it wasn't well marked. It was a busy trail, though, so we just watched to see where everyone was going. It can get a little crowded up there, so be patient if you want to try out a particular piece of "furniture". The view is spectacular.

Nice short hike and conveniently accessible from University

26 days ago

We hiked the reverse route (ccw, south face ascent). Steep, with loose gravel, and completely exposed. Would rate it as difficult. North side had more coverage and better traction. Tower at the top was open and we were able to climb for an extra special view! Would recommend traditional ascent (cw: via north path).

Moderate Hike with awesome view!!!

28 days ago

Pretty slippery at some parts. No shade. Nice sunset view of the city

1 month ago

Great morning hike. Pretty heavy foot traffic until you pass The Living Room. After that the trail narrows and gets muddy. The view at the top is well worth checking out.

1 month ago

As the map shows, there are basically an infinite selection of ways to do this on various trails. Some choices are probably more arduous than others in terms of the grade. This is not a wilderness experience, given the location, but it's not too shabby considering how accessible this is from anywhere around the University of Utah. There were a few other folks out this overcast morning, many with their dogs, but it's way less crowded than the Living Room trail.

1 month ago

Short but semi steep trail. Very popular. Great spot to watch sunset over SL valley. Trail was dry. Dog friendly trail, with many friendly dogs. Street parking at trail head with 3 hour limit. Should be plenty of time for this trail.

Hiked in the rain. Nice and easy. The dog loved it. Recommend dry months, you walk in a river bed for a minute

Quick hike but a good workout! The view at the top is always nice too!

I love going up the side of the mountain for a good challenge. The trails all seem to lead to the same place but aren't marked. Beautiful view

It’s a quick jaunt. Still a little muddy and slick in some places.

Pretty steep trail and very muddy which made it slippery.

Trail was muddy after the turn from the living room. Along the final climb spikes were very useful because of the hard ice up.

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