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I used to hike this from the prominent south ridge as training for the Grand Teton. I’d hike it everyday, 20 minutes up and a little less down. I might add that I was mostly running or moving very fast. It was a great hike. I used to climb the beacon just for the extra 30’ of view. It’s too bad the microwave reflectors aren’t up ther anymore.

Great trail, there is a decent amount of shade, but would be better as a morning or evening hike. Did see a rattler so watch out.

1 month ago

We hiked the reverse route (ccw, south face ascent). Steep, with loose gravel, and completely exposed. Would rate it as difficult. North side had more coverage and better traction. Tower at the top was open and we were able to climb for an extra special view! Would recommend traditional ascent (cw: via north path).

1 month ago

Great morning hike. Pretty heavy foot traffic until you pass The Living Room. After that the trail narrows and gets muddy. The view at the top is well worth checking out.

1 month ago

As the map shows, there are basically an infinite selection of ways to do this on various trails. Some choices are probably more arduous than others in terms of the grade. This is not a wilderness experience, given the location, but it's not too shabby considering how accessible this is from anywhere around the University of Utah. There were a few other folks out this overcast morning, many with their dogs, but it's way less crowded than the Living Room trail.

Trail was muddy after the turn from the living room. Along the final climb spikes were very useful because of the hard ice up.

Completed this hike on 2/3/18. This is always a great easy-moderate hike with great views of downtown SLC and plenty of wildlife. Lots of wind at the summit, but still worth it.

4 months ago

Honestly, a bit boring. The terrain is borderline hard. The trail map works well on this app, however there seems to be a ton of alternative trails to get up the mountain. Yes, I can't believe a few wild flowers/weeds are showing their color. Crazy winter!.

*You are not suppose to park where Google Maps tells you to. Be Aware.

5 months ago

I did this Thanksgiving morning. I went up to the Living Room on the much less used trails behind the Museum of Natural History, and then got on the Mount Wire trail that starts at the sharp U-turn in the back of the canyon where the main Living Room trail comes up. Note that it appears that climbing up to up to the Living Room is a very popular thing to do on Thanksgiving, but very few people take the trail to Mount Wire. It's not very interesting at first, as you are just going uphill through the trees, but then you emerge out into open terrain and the views are great. There's a 4 way intersection in the trail where you need to take a sharp right turn to get up to Mount Wire, which involves some significant elevation gain over a short distance. The views are worth it, and it is awesome to think that you can have access to something like this right off the city streets. The tower is surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barb wire, but the gate is open, so you can climb up the ladder if you are so inclined. There are various trails going off in different directions from the tower, so that would be fun to explore sometime. Going down there were hordes of people coming up the Living Room trail, which right now is spectacularly and inconveniently muddy in some places.

Fun and low traffic once you get past the Living Room. Awesome view of the valley and the radio tower is a cool climb if you're up for it.

Hiked this today. I really enjoyed it! I feel a moderate rating is appropriate. It was an incline the entire way up so no flat areas, but it wasn't as grueling as some other hikes in the area. The last mile or so is steep and I felt myself resting more frequently. The elevation contributed to that as well.
There is a small tower a the summit that's fun/scary to climb. If you climb it though, you get an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the valley. Breathtaking. If you go in the fall you'll be rewarded with some beautiful foliage.

on Dry Creek Trail

7 months ago

Good enough trail for hiking, but be aware there are lots of mountain bikers out here.

Not many people on this trail which made it really nice. Golden hour is where it is at, because there is no shade.

8 months ago

Great view overlooking the city just 0.8 miles up. First 1/2 mile either rocky or narrow - bring poles. Smells heavily of dog shit due to plentiful piles right off the trail.

8 months ago

We started at the Pioneer Park Trail head and made the complete 5 mile circle. I recommend starting by 8 AM on these hot summer days. The morning sun is blistering on the south and with the dry conditions it's pretty miserable. It's a great trail for kicking your butt however.

This was one of the most beautiful sunset hikes I've done! It's definitely very steep, and I slipped almost the whole way down but the sunset views were well worth it. It's pretty open for a majority of the hike but it does get pretty narrow/woodsy up one trail to the top. The living room is a great place to watch the sunset if you don't want to go all the way up.

8 months ago

this in not a hiking trail. dh biking only. you will get run over!

mountain biking
8 months ago

Dont hike here. Wonderful downhill mountain biking experience. Wear your helmet!!!

there is a beautiful, secluded oasis up here. my favorite spot in the city.
The bikes and lack of parking bring the rating down. but the hike itself is awesome even if you stay right and have to stream hop for about a mile in spring

9 months ago

After 3/4 mile on the northern part of the loop the dry creek is no longer dry. After 1 1/2 miles the trail is simply not there. If you want the views just do an out an back on the southern part of the loop, Deer Trail. Otherwise wear pants, long sleeves, and boots, not shoes, as you will be bushwacking 1 1/2 miles or so and there are tons of burrs and nettles.
If you look at the recordings most people aren't doing the listed route.

9 months ago

For your safety, please don't hike up or down this trail. In practice, it is a downhill only mountain bike trail. mountain bike fly down at speeds of 20mph

So I reviewed this trail last summer, but it was so HOT and arid. However this morning a few of us got to the trailhead at 4:30am with our dogs ready to go! We got up to the top a few minutes before the sun was going to peek over the mountain, and it was glorious! I HIGHLY recommend this trail for a sunrise hike. I've hiked a really good amount of trails in the wasatch mountains, and I can't think of a better sunrise hike than this. AMAZING! We heard a bunch of coyotes going crazy when we got to the top. Also, don't do it that early alone because it's definitely a place where the mountain lions would love to hang. ;)

Trail is not marked at all. I got lost a few times. i went down the wrong trail and ended up on my back side a few times. I did go slow and it took me about 3.5 hours. I had to turn around a few times :-(

A small hiking umbrella would be a nice addition to the kit for this hike. The day I went, the Livingroom Trail section was sidewalk busy. Going higher, the crowds thinned out. Take a minimum of 2 litters of water for a hot day.

10 months ago

This hike is best for spring and fall. It get's very hot in the summer. Great views of the valley from the top and fun to climb up the radio tower. Very busy trail for the first 1/3 of the hike but once you pass the Living Room turn off it is pretty quiet.

Awesome hike with dog. In the evening so on the South side there wasn't much sun which was nice. Great views and a beautiful little meadow on the west facing side of the trail. The South part of the loop was definitely steeper than the the North side - would recommend going up the prior.

trail running
11 months ago

Really hot - great views of the valley. Didn't take very long. Trail is pretty good and there aren't any really really steep parts, but there's a good steady incline all the way to the top. Great quick afternoon/morning hike.

After sitting and working all day, this was a nice evening hike. I took my time as there were some pretty steep uphill and downhill's for me so the entire trip took about three hours. Beautiful views of the city. Not so many people that it felt crowded but enough people that I felt safe I can go alone. A few rattlesnakes but easy to walk around them

The ridge part of this loop is very rocky and a nice challenge.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I actually accessed the Mount Van Cott trail from one of the several Red Butte trails- there is a trail that goes up the south/SW side of the big hill just north of the Red Butte Gardens. This hill was the steepest part of the hike and I had to be careful in my descent- the trail was a bit "gravelly" at this point and I used some vegetation for my foot stops. All in all a nice quick trail for a good morning workout or a good way to de-stress after school/work. Great views of the U and the rest of SLC on the way up. Once on the summit, the view to the south is especially beautiful with Lone Peak off in the distance.
I finished the trail round trip in about an hour.

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