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I did this Thanksgiving morning. I went up to the Living Room on the much less used trails behind the Museum of Natural History, and then got on the Mount Wire trail that starts at the sharp U-turn in the back of the canyon where the mail Living Room trail comes up. Note that it appears that climbing up to up to the Living Room is a very popular thing to do on Thanksgiving, but very few people take the trail to Mount Wire. It's not very interesting at first, as you are just going uphill through the trees, but then you emerge out into open terrain and the views are great. There's a 4 way intersection in the trail where you need to take a sharp right turn to get up to Mount Wire, which involves some significant elevation gain over a short distance. The views are worth it, and it is awesome to think that you can have access to something like this right off the city streets. The tower is surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barb wire, but the gate is open, so you can climb up the ladder if you are so inclined. There are various trails going off in different directions from the tower, so that would be fun to explore sometime. Going down there were hordes of people coming up the Living Room trail, which right now is spectacularly and inconveniently muddy in some places.

Nice hike up the heel. You get to see the valley from the Living Room. Beautiful view at the mountains.

A short hike, but great for after work or even during lunch. fantastic views of the city and just enough to get your heart beating.

Great trail. Great workout and awesome views.

26 days ago

This was a great hike. We took a wrong turn, but thanks to some fellow hikers, they directed us on the right path to the Living Room. It could be marked a bit better. Now that we know the trail, I’d definitely go back!

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