wild flowers

Tried it today but ended up in the wrong place. There were no trail signs that I could see, but if you just stick to the right every time the trail forks (after you cross over the shoreline trail), you should get there. I think...

nice views

Sick chairs at the top. Table on station 3 compliments of PAT & DIX

Good hike that has me breathing hard! (Keeping in mind that I'm also 6 months pregnant!) but I thought it was a good difficulty and had a pretty intense incline most of the way up.

Nice U of U hike for some cardio fun and nice views in the rock loungers.

7 days ago

Just hiked it over the weekend. One of my favorite go to trails if I need a quick short cardio. The trail was dry all the way up and even pass the lookout up to the very top. I timed myself. Without stoping and a good pace it only took me 30 min to get to the lookout point.