I loved this hike! Let me give you my info: I am a beginner who isn't in terrific shape and nearing 50 years old. I thought the beginning was much more pleasant than other trails that have brutal switchbacks. Most of the trail, you are in the shade. (I went in June and we started about 11am) At the beginning, there is a small little cave to your left. You will have to climb up the rocks just a little bit to see it. All the stream crossings were easy. I did not opt to go down to the base of the falls but will definitely do so next time. If you don't like descending the steep trail using a hand rope, there is another option. Some of our group went up higher and to the right, they climbed down a small boulder field type thing. We did not go all the way to the camp site as we had a time limit that day. I will be doing this trail again!

1 day ago

Totally gorgeous! We didn't make it to any cars but we'll be doing it again!

Amazing hike and falls!!

5/9/17 - Very little shade for a 5pm hike. It was fine enough. Trail was too narrow to really use trekking poles the majority of the time. Ends at the Sunset campgrounds.

Sun, 5/7- We picked perfect day for this hike:mid 70's, cool breeze, sunny w/occasional cloud cover...sunshirt, tanks & shorts...beautiful wildflowers... raging river & falls... incredible view of Kaysville below...not too steep (we're 50's...you will sweat, so bring water) There is a lot of loose gravel, just took it slow going down. Even our teen didn't complain too much & dog loved it (you cross a couple streams). Will do again!

on Farmington Creek Trail

1 month ago

This trail has a lot of loose gravel and rocks. You literally hike straight up the mountain and the trail does get very thin. I would describe this hike as borderline moderate to hard. We brought our hunting dog with us. He loved the hike and smelling everything but he did slide a little bit. There isn't a lot of shade so bring water to hydrate.

Great hike. Nice calm trail for the family.

9 months ago