First things first, if you don't like dogs, avoid this place. It's mostly an off leash trail, so they are everywhere with their people. Now, if you like dogs, or have one of your own, then you'll love this place. Interesting history, nice creek, clear paths.

Great for dogs. It is a perfect spontaneous walk with family or friends.

This is a great dog park. But if you don't have a dog and don't want to smell dog poop the whole time I wouldn't recommend it.

This is a dog park, not a trail. It has a splendid view of the highway. It's fenced in and dogs are off leash. Wicked bad place for a hike. If you've got dogs and want them to run free, I'm sure this is tops.

Awesome trail for pups and kids, had more of a walk in the park feel rather than hiking feel still had fun with my three year old though and he loved the parks that are right off of the trail.

We took our puppy and he had a blast!! Lots of dogs and an awesome landscape!

5 months ago

I can go there no matter the weather and know that my dog won't get lost, since there are plenty of safety fences on the trail

Wonderful space for dogs to socialize while I get a nice walk.

Love this nature hike and walk. It is close to tanner park and there are tennis courts you can use anytime for free. It isn't super inclined or intense so you can probably do it easily in winter. Dogs are allowed and lots of off trails you can venture onto.

7 months ago

My 2 small dogs had a blast. It's a fenced trail so you don't have to worry too much about your dogs running off trail. Friendly people.

7 months ago

The dog's had a blast. Nice open trail.

Excellent trail for your dog! Plenty of water to swim around in, other dogs to play with, and it's fenced in all the way around! Unfortunately, some owners don't clean up after their dogs. There are poop bags at trail heads and at markers along the trail. Easy trail!

Great place for a walk, with or without a dog.
Go there expecting off leash dogs. Don't be surprised about aggressive breeds and high energy dogs.
They'll be wet and loud.

This is a great walk to take with your dog(s) it's off leash for most of it, and there is a great swim area for them at the end, and a waterhole along the way as well. We always have a good time. It's just very dusty!