Very easy hike with great views of valley. Getting to bridge was cool. Kids loved it.

Definitely not an easy trail for the out of shape, but not impossible. Even the old and overweight dog with the group in front of me was able to walk the full trail length, so I was not going to quit. In the end. the view from the bridge was spectacular and well worth the hike.

Fun little hike to start the summer off right, it wasn't busy we went on a Sunday afternoon. A little steep at the beginning a couple in front of us had their little girl and dad had to carry her. Lovely view...all in all a great day.

It’s not an easy trail. There is a steep and gradual climb up. I’d say it’s intermediate for youth activities & grandmas. Very dusty so don’t wear your hiking sandals like I did- your feet will be covered by the end. Lovely view at the top.

Really awesome hike with beautiful views the entire time. We went around 5:30 PM and there were quite a few people on the trail but nothing compared to some of the busier trails. We saw a medium sized snake along the path. Bugs weren’t bad. We took our 5 year old and they did wonderfully with minimal assistance required. Suspension bridge is soooo beautiful

took my kids 6 and 4 we all loved it. great starting trail.

Awesome hike. Not so much traffic around 3 pm. Good for families with kids.

Great family hike, first hike of the year, not to easy not to hard. The trail was not to busy and the bridge was fun for our teenager.

Perfect trail for families. Lots of wildflowers and gorgeous view. A nice Sunday adventure.

great for the kids, could take our dog. beautiful views

Beautiful views with easy access. Parking isn’t ideal but that’s easy to over look. The bridge was fascinating and I loved that I could bring my dog. Not enough areas that allow dogs here in UT. This was a very fun quick hike. I recommend it.

A good family hike. I have a six-year-old, a ten-year old, and a sixty-five-year old in my crew. The hike is not too strenuous and even has a cool suspension bridge. Stunning views of the valley and even options to pursue other hikes.

This was a good walk, kid friendly. The bridge is a little different to walk across. there are a few up hill and a lot of traffic. Not sure which way the loop goes everyone was going different ways.

A perfect first of the season hike! Not much incline and the views are awesome! The suspension bridge is a neat destination.

Good hike but be prepared if your or of shape it is quite the climb but worth every moment. Also start out earlier in the morning it gets hot quickly!

1 month ago

I’m an out of shape lady, working on my fitness. 280lbs at the moment. (TMI, but it’s helpful to know). I thought I could handle this hike and I did. I did it. However, it took my longer than the average Joe. People flew past me going up. And the trail was sometimes narrow, so I politely moved out of the way as needed. It was also sandy/rocky but I didn’t mind. There were plenty of places to stop, catch a breather and enjoy the view. (Note no places to sit, but nice viewing points). It’s truly beautiful, with my weak little body, I hadn’t been on a hike yet that had allowed me to climb that high up to view such scenery. At times, I’d get discouraged, looking up, seeing people so high above me up the path— but I got through it. I should’ve recorded the time, I think it took me 20-30 minutes? Anyways, the climb was well worth it—we took the trail at the top to go to the Suspension Bridge. (There’s another hike link on here for that one) I’d do it again. Note: this trail also leads to other multiple hikes to top.

Great with kids;) suspension bridge was super fun, and a bit scary but worth the hike for the views and the bridge;)

This trail was AMAZING. It was so green and even sprinkling a little when we went. Such an amazing hike.

Nice, easy hike with great views. The extra trip to the old Boy Scout bridge is worth it—nice and shady back there on a warm day.

It was a fun, easy going, Saturday evening trail. My friend and I hiked up to the bridge then climbed down to the creek below and set up hammocks between the trees. It was really relaxing and peaceful. Also a good view of the valley and the Oquirrh mountains.

This is a fantastic hike! We brought our baby, 4 yr old, 6 year old as well as our puppy and we all loved it! It was a little confusing to find and I'm still not sure we started started at the best place but we just went Orson Smith park and started on the trail from there and after a few switch backs you see signs that show you where to go on the bridge loop. The bridge was so fun for my kids. I also loved that pretty much the whole time you are hiking you have a beautiful view of the valley. One note though, from reading reviews I was picturing more of a gentle walk but it's a good hike with some steep parts. Nothing terrible just it is a good work out especially for kids! But my kids are already asking when they can go back so I think it's a win!

took my 8 year old and 6 year old twins on this today. It was perfect for their little legs. Not too steep, not too long. The bridge wan an exciting reward for them. Will definitely so this trail again.

Fun hike! Bridge is a little sketchy, but we’re happy we went!

Very exciting hike! Was our First time hiking and glad we chose this one. But the bridge is pretty scary if your terrifed of heights like i am. But glad i made it! We even went with out 2 4 and 6 year old and it wasnt hard for them. They loved it!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views!

Great trail, but the bikers are reckless and inconsiderate of families.

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