8 hours ago

Great easy family hike.

Great, easy “quicky” hike. Easy access with great views of the city. Great night hike. The lights from the city provide enough light to hike during the dark even without any head light.

A fun hike! The bridge was awesome! On our way back down, a guy told us there is a cave just north of the bridge. I wish I had known that before. My boys would have loved that.

Fun, easy, family friendly hike.

Suspension bridge is exciting to walk across ... it has wood planks, sways in the wind and bounces when you walk on it.

Nice day for a hike with good views of the valley.

23 days ago

Cool bridge, different than other hikes. Seems like a lot of work went into making this bridge.

27 days ago

I personally like alpine type hikes, but this is an easy one for little kids and my 3 yr old loved the bridge. There are bikes on this trail too, so watch out and be considerate.

1 month ago