Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A lady passed out while I was running the trail today. She was extremely dehydrated. Good thing I brought water. Make sure you all bring WATER for this trail even if it seems easy. If your body's not used to hiking then how do you expect to be ok with no water and running a trail you have never been on before. Stay safe!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It was certainly a difficult trail but the view at the top was amazing and 100% worth it! We saw mountain goats and moose which also made it a cool experience. I highly recommend taking it at least once.

Friday, July 29, 2016

I started from Willard Basin , taking the trail that goes to the east side of the big pond at the base of Willard Peak , nice trail for 1/3 mile then it's a scramble to the next section about 100 yards . There's a nicer trail a little further along with a few switch backs . Once at the top the trail continues along below Willard Peak threw a small cup shaped basin . I watched 37 mountain goats , ( note : do not approach wild life they are dangerous) including Elk , Moose & Deer , Snakes ..
At this point the trail is a slippery slope ( due to a small land slide that wiped out the trail " be very careful " a Vandal spray Painted the rocks here " you can't fix Stupid " ..
There's a small look off here ..
Trail continues to ridge line between the two peaks on the east side is the great big basin I between Willard Peak and Ben Lomond it's worth a peek . Continue to the base of Ben Lomond .. It's all up hill from here .. Congratulations !!! You'v bagged a Peak

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

There are numerous trails up, so I'm not even sure which one they are referring to. Willard Peak is the slightly higher peak hiding behind Ben Lomond (looking from the Ogden area). I hiked it from North Fork Park in Ogden Valley via Ben Lomond, then down the ridge to the North Ogden divide. Very nice, but long hike. I like the rocky peak of Willard - much more interesting than the gravelly Ben Lomond.