5 months ago

There are many trails in the area that have less traffic and more of a natural feel. I think most of the viewers are getting Death Hollow confused with Little Death Hollow (judging by the pictures posted). Its not bad just better options in Utah.

7 months ago

Did my first backpacking trip on this trail! It was quite the adventure, hard but also so rewarding. Camping spots are pretty designated but also available for wherever you want to camp. The first day was rough because it was just plain desert and bloody hot. Water was higher than usual according to people who had done this. Trail was not always easy to follow. We got lost at the very beginning. There is one part of the trail where we needed to have help getting around a boulder and I would not recommend going alone on this trail. But it has been done by a girl we saw along the way. Also there was different parts of quick sand at the end of the trail.

10 months ago

Backpacked from little death hollow to Wolverine canyon, it was memorial day weekend but there's only another group along the way. Hiking in the endless slot canyon was amazing (except that there're a shit ton of fresh cow shit along the way) and camping next to the canyon was absolutely the best thing ever.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

If your able to have 2 cars park one at the wolverine trailhead and hike out through the wolverine petrified forest. I've done this one multiple times and plan to do it again.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

We hiked this trail last week ( mid October) The Cottonwoods where changing color which added another dimension to the trail. There was some knee deep water in Little Death Hollow. A spectacular hike.

Monday, June 20, 2016

An awesome hike and experience. I started at the Little Death Hollow Trail Head and did the Wolverine Canyon Loop. I did this as a day hike. My guide book said it was 15.2 miles, my GPS clocked in at 19.73 miles with no extra side trips. There is a lot of winding around, the amazing slots go on for miles. There is impressive petrified wood all along the trek. Be prepared for the length and weather conditions.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

We hiked down Wolverine Canyon, spent the night in Horse Canyon, and then hike up Little Death Hollow. I especially liked Wolverine Canyon. We encountered a fair number of obstacles in the lower part of Little Death Hollow, but nothing that required rope.