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A constant ascent from pavement up to Rudy's. Better as a loop combined with White rock trail (start here near top of Mueller Park road) and continue on to Rudy's Flat and down North Canyon. Takes about 3 hours on bike. Trail is rocky in places but mostly a clear dirt path. Busy on weekends
with hikers and bikers, so be alert around corners...
one of my favorites!

Fun little hike up North Canyon in Bountiful.

I love the way the trail climbs and bends.

Good one to bring the dogs on.

Good views of Bountiful / Salt Lake.

Want to come back and summit the surrounding peaks.

1 month ago

Lots of switchback at the beginning. Gradual climb to Elephant Rock. Trail well packed from heavy used. Didn't need to use snowshoes or chains. Didn't go all the way down do the cave because the snow was so deep

Lots of switchback at the beginning. Gradual climb to Elephant Rock. Trail well packed from heavy used. Didn't need to use snowshoes or chains

So beautiful in the winter. Only 1 spot with a little ice. Perfect winter hike!

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2 months ago

definitely not just a leisurely hike. very nice just being surrounded by nature. dog loved roaming up and down the mountain. probably better in the summer when you can see the ground.

For starters, I want to comment on parking for this one. I tried to do as much research on the parking situation before I go out to any trail heads and I couldn't quite get clear parking info from these reviews. As expected, it was pretty cryptic on where to park when we got to the end of Canyon Creek. Signs indicating, "Snow plow turn around point. No parking from here to end of street" were on both sides of the street and at the mouth of the 4X4 road. Which street end was the sign referring to? The eastern end where the 4X4 road begins or all the way to Bountiful Blvd. going west? I ended up parking "in front" of the the snow plow warning sign with my car pointed west toward Canyon Creek in the same fashion of another car and hoping this vehicle was a fellow hiker and not a resident of the home I was street parked in front of. Luckily, a resident was home across the street and I confirmed that my vehicle was fine where it was. So how was the hike? It was a pretty fine hike after the 1.25 mile 4X4 road section. There was ankle deep snow on this day almost entirely from the official trail head until Rudy's flat. I wanted to to see how Rudy's Flat connected to the Mueller Park trail but there was so much snow that at this point, it was very hard navigate. At this point we had also had enough snow hiking. I think due to the parking situation, I have no immediate aspirations to revisit this one. There other hiking options that are just as good if not better and parking that allows your mind to be at ease when you are out on the trail.

Beautiful hike, shaded in the summer, open to the sun in some spots in winter.
Small bits of the path are icy/slushy right now, but most of it is nice fluffy fresh snow. Took about 3 hours up and back.

Nice moderate trail with some switchbacks to get up to the rock. Some benches have been put up at the top, which makes for a nice place to stop and rest. The trail is especially breathtaking in the fall. Accessible all year long. The trail is also really fun in the winter with the snow. Lots of people hike and bike the trail though, so watch out for bikers!

I loved the trail. It was lightly trafficked mostly with hikers and a couple of mountain bikers. Got some amazing views from the top and also experienced the snowfall on my way up.

I love this trail. I love that dogs can use the trail too. Today, however, there were three young men on dirt bikes. That was not pleasant for so many reasons. This is the first time I’ve encountered dirt bikes and I hope it’s the last.

Fantastic trail, my first in the SLC area! I went there for a hike at 5pm and found it plenty busy with local joggers, bikers, and hikers, so don't go here for an isolated experience. Still, the amazing views, great plant variety, and Mill Creek right at the start make it easy to enjoy regardless of traffic. Most of the time there is ample room to let bikers past, but later on in the route it gets skinny, so be cautious and aware of your footing when you step aside for others.

I'm a 27 y/o male, and was able to go about 2 miles in an hour. I unfortunately had to turn back then due to approaching sunset, but even without reaching the rock (which you will see long before you get there), there are some spectacular scenes, especially at "The Boulders", about 1.6 miles in on this map.

Hiking up to Elephant Rock in Mueller Park was a beautiful hike all the way up. It is about 3.5 miles up. The hike does seem a little longer than normal (a causal uphill trail with a few switchbacks). I highly recommend to bring at least 1.5 liters of water and a snack with you. Also, bring a camera the views are spectacular!
The trail was busy with hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. So be aware of your surroundings and go on the hike early if you want to avoid traffic.
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People complaining about there being too much dog crap should probably stick to trails where they aren't allowed. You can find these in watersheds, like the cottonwood canyons!

This trail is beautiful, a quick escape. Bikers are common, but so are hikers, so everyone stays aware of each other. Would recommend - ESPECIALLY in fall. :)

4 months ago

Went a ways beyond the first camp to a hunting camp. There is no discernible trail for about 0.6 miles, completely overgrown and painful. Nice aspens and decent canyon. Didn't quite make the fork. On the way down the trail was harder to see. Lots of scratches. Don't wear shorts. Pretty up in there, but a lot of work to get there.

I would mirror Julie Kirby’s comments. Great trail for running, beautiful, but way too many people. Also way too much dog crap on the trail.

This trail is great for trail running. My only complaint is its popularity. Too many people. It thinned out after the first 2 miles. I clocked this at 7 miles to elephant rock and back.

Perfect time of year. Perfect trail to start trail running or get back into trail running.

Love this hike! And the mountain bikers are very courteous of the hikers. Beautiful.

Good hike for a sunny day, given plenty of foliage providing shade. Be careful of the many bikers, however.

easiest 6 miles of my life. well established trail. some bikers but everyone is pretty cautious of hikers! beautiful views all the way up!

Loved this trail it was so beautiful ♥️♥️

I love this trail

Great for trail running! Mostly shaded by trees and a clear, defined trail. Keep running past big rock towards Rudy’s flat it’s beautiful.

Super trail with occasional wooden bridges. Both a hikers and mountain bikers trail. I walked with two dogs so had to stop for bikers frequently. Very pretty with a few great view locations. There are a few “watering” spots for dogs along the way.
One final note. Please, if you’re walking or biking with your dog, pick up the poop and bags! I was embarrassed as a dog owner to see the messes included poop collection bags left behind.

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5 months ago

This trail is part of the Elephant Rock/Big Rock trail.
I was going to run to the cave and back but since there are no markings for the cave, I past it.... so I just went on up to big rock.
So, I have idea wear the cave is or what it looks like. i might go back sometime and try to find it.
Beautiful trail.

Thus trail is beautiful and well maintained.
ylThe path is worn and easy yo navigate. I went around 7:30 and it was already busy.
There are a lot of hikers, runners and bikes on the trail. I didn't see any horses.
The elevation gain definitely manageable. There are several ups and downs to give you breaks.
Lots of shade with only a few exposed areas.
Some of the plants are already to starting to change color.

I'll be running this one again.


I love this trail, it's so easy to get to and doesnt take you all day to do it. Trail is fairly easy with a slight incline but doable. The only downside is this trail gets busy, runners, bikers, sometimes even horseback riders, so keep ya eyes out.

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