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Decent place to walk a dog or take in views of Bountiful McMansions. The destination is a medium sized boulder with a view of the oil refinery. Also busy. Mountain bikers year round.

Other than the weekend crowds this is a wonderful trail!

mountain biking
3 months ago

The map is way off for the actual BST you ride through Parrish Canyon which is probably the only highlight of riding. Very nice singletrack to ride, but the trail can be dull at times. There is a section where I have to walk my bike, it is very sandy and steep.

Great views, but busy. Don’t go Tuesday mornings around 6am or you’ll run into about 45 high school kids from several local mountain biking clubs on the trail.

Beautiful above elephant rock. Pretty decent amount of elevation gain to get there.

Just came down this trail from the Mueller park side. Nice trail.

Really nice hike. Lots of people and lots of mountain bikers though.

Still a pretty trail. Heavy use though. Don't expect to be alone. 6 cars when we got there 30+ when we left.

Little crowded lots of bikers but boy what a beautiful trail!

Beautiful, easy hike up to the Elephant Rock. Will see many bikers, dogs. gradual incline entire way.

It was a good hike. they are doing work on the trail building a new bridge looking good. A lot of mountain bikes on the trail I found them to be very courteous as were the other hikers I met on the trail.

Good moderate hike with a little climb at the end. Great for a jog

I've done this hike a few times. Offers great views, and I've seen some interesting wildlife as well. I recommend it.

Excellent trail with some good shady spots. But watch out for snakes, I ran into three of them on my last hike.

Nice hike with my kids and pup. No snow yet on the trails.

I hike this trail first every late spring. Good hike to prep your legs for more strenuous hikes and beautiful!. A nice mix of sun and shady areas. Popular trail with nice people along the way.

mountain biking
5 months ago

From the Bountiful side there is no real trailhead. You have to walk up through an empty lot through sticker bushes and loose gravel.
the trail is in horrible shape and very loose. Don't bother with this trail...it's virtually unrideable.

mountain biking
5 months ago

This is an amazing trail but way over used. Unfortunately it's one of the only trails in these beautiful mountains so you have to share with runners, hikers, family walks, and uphill/downhill mountain bikes. Making it quite crowded most of the time.
I'd love to see Davis County develop this canyon like Corner Canyon.

This is a nice trail, with lots of bikes and no great spots to hang out but the hike itself is nice.

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