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horseback riding
4 days ago

Beautiful but in need of some trail cleanup and repair

This is a really fantastic long hike, but I could only make it to the base of the final peak (s). The trail completely peters out in a mess of brambles and burrs. Actually for quite a ways up to this point the trail is almost completely grown over in places. This trail will make you feel raped by nature. I did a full tick check after I got home. I will gladly go back and help clear it, I feel robbed of my final destination and view. Does anyone know who I can contact- who is responsible for this trail?

Five stars at night and during winter. Watch for moose and big cats if you visit during less crowded times. For a more ambitious hike, add Cave Peak by following the pipeline southward at roughly the halfway point.

Beautiful if you want to get lost on a nice valley hike

mountain biking
16 days ago

This is a great summer hike. I wore hiking sandals and waded in the cold stream that weaves through trail. Not really very hard, but walking sticks are helpful.

trail running
19 days ago

Loved this trail. I've been running Mueller to Elephant Rock for the last 7+ years and had no idea this trail was nearby. I enjoyed this trail just as much with drastically less traffic. The rutted out road at the beginning of the trailhead isn't bad and gives you a little more mileage. Never encountered any overgrown portions of the trail either. Ended up seeing a few dirt bikers on our way back down around 8AM, but wasn't too much of hassle to allow them to pass. I look forward to using this trail many more times!