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1 day ago

Nice fun trail.

2 days ago

We stayed at Rudy's flat and hiked back in the morning. It was a perfect, short overnighter. Beautiful hike! Lots of camping sites at the top.

While this was a really unique hike; lots of cool sites, the little teepee poles, great views of the valley, the amount of bikers made it hard to enjoy. I was with my kids, so we counted 40 bikers and we only made it about halfway through the trail. You're having to pause every few minutes to let another biker go past. We even saw( and heard) a couple people with dirt bikes. I don't think we'll be doing this one again.

This is a really nice hike. Not challenging, but it is a great way to beat the heat. It took us about 2.5 hours to get to Elephant Rock. It looks close but the trail winds in and out so it takes longer than you think. Lots of bikers!

Perfect neighborly hike for beating the summer heat.
Share the trail with bikers and it does get a little tight.
It is fairly steep hike but it does flatten out. It's a nice challenge when you aren't the most experienced.

More a walk in the woods and very family friendly. Fantastic views.

Awesome hike! Will exert a lot of energy to get to the top!

It is rated difficult so I don't understand the reviews saying the trail isn't maintained, it is steep, or they got weed whacked----and then rating it poorly---it is what it is, a fun but exerting hike!

Best part of hike was very few people! The views! The creek!

Started out being careful to not get wet...by the end we were just avoiding all the bridges bc the water felt so great!

Dogs loved it!

7 days ago

Beautiful natural area, with wildflowers and the pretty Holbrook Creek. But this trail is not well maintained, with several sections where you have to climb over downed trees, wade through the creek, or scrape through overgrowth. I almost stepped on a rattlesnake on the way back; be careful!

I really enjoyed this hike today. I only saw a couple people on the trail. It was a nice climb and not hard at all. It has a lot of covered trails but the top was breathtaking. I'm not very good with directions or I would have gone further. But I absolutely loved it!

11 days ago

Very beautiful evening hike to take. Breath taking views! It's about a half a mile drive up to the trail head, I made the mistake of walking in and by time I got to the trail head it was getting dark.

Beware of bikers. It was amazing how many of them were kind and courteous while biking but I had two or three different ones that thought they were competing. They barely gave you any notice they were coming and refused to slow down.

Besides that the hike was beautiful and a good length for a morning hike

11 days ago