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Still lots of snow after the first mile. Sunk to my waist a couple times. Bring snowshoes.

Great trail all year round, my dog loves it. Gets very heavily trafficked in the summer, sometimes so busy it's not worth it. Also not called big rock trail, it's mueller park trail.

4 months ago

hiked all the way up a little past the big rock. exhausted after. it says there's a river but I'd hardly call a little trickling of water a river.

brought my dog and she loved it. lots of bikers which can be annoying to have to keep moving over for them but over all it was great.

Directions to this are wrong. Also this is not a dog friendly trail

Hard. October, lots of moisture. Have hiking shoes. Went up like 10 miles ran out of trail. Saw elephant rock and the pipeline. No waterfall. Hard past 5 miles. Thick vegetation.

One of my favorites. Awesome to run. worth it to see the giant rock. Kid and dog friendly.

5 months ago

A beautiful, peaceful autumn hike. The right amount of difficult with beautiful payoffs along the way.