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Gorgeous hike yesterday on the Solstice. Not many people, but it was a weekday. Saw lots of beautiful wildflowers, but little wildlife (only birds). Some hikers warned of a very aggressive goat, but we didn’t come across it. There is a lot of shade the first few miles, then none the rest of the way to the top. Still a few moderate snow patches on the trail, but easily got through them with only trail runners (no poles). My puppy loved playing in the snow and waterfall creeks going across the trail a few times. I loved the view from the top! Bring lots of water, snacks and a windbreaker for the top!

Recommendation: is to start at the timpooneke trailhead which is the one that is listed as directions from alltrail, since you don't have to worry about trying to cross snowfields as talked about from Aspen grove. Aggressive lone mountain goat beware with dogs or horses. Great views took 3.5 hours to reach the top and 3 hours to go down. 6$ parking fee for a 3 day pass, bring cash. Was not a bad hike at all everyone said it would get steep and I felt like it never did get steep for longer than 5 minutes. The famous local Ben Woolsey just completed his 957 time to the top today on 6-21. He wants to be over 1,000 by the end of summer

Hiked this trail last week with the kids. Beautiful trail with lots of friendly faces along the way. Start hike early to beat the crowds. We had the falls to ourselves for a few minutes because of our early start. Saw some young adults being careless around the upper falls and glad we didn’t witness a fall. Hike was tougher on the way back to the car.

Challenging but well worth it!

Beautiful trail, the upper section that you start past Sundance is better than the lower section at Sundance.

The waterfalls are beautiful, and it makes the whole hike worth it. Great trail.

Beware, there was a lone aggressive mountain goat tonight about half way down the trail, that followed us about 3 miles down, making aggressive gestures. I highly suggest you Google what to do if confronted by a mountain goat before heading up.
other than that, it was fantastic! We saw a bunch of other mountain goats by the summit and toward the top of the trail that were in groups & paid little attention to us. Incredible views & not terribly steep but you notice the lower oxygen high up, more frequent small breaks did the trick though.

4 days ago

This hike is perfect for kids! My friend and I carried our babies on our back and her 4 year old came with us. The trail wasn’t hard for him and he did great. ** Once you get to the falls watch out for stinging nettle! It was everywhere. I will go on this hike again! Can’t beat the views.

we made the summit last night at about 9pm for the sunset...not a lot of people on the trail...other than crossing over a couple small snow fields that were already tracked out, the trail is clear to the top, no problems..i had trekking poles, buddy did not, and we did just fine...lots of mountain goats along the way and at the top..great hike

What a beautiful waterfall. great views, canyons, rec areas, Alta.

Once you get closer to the falls, the trail gets harder up until you get there, but still fun and family friendly.

Great trail. Lush, fern covered hillsides. Hiked down to the bottom of the falls with our 7 and 4 year olds. Looks like you can make a loop down to Sundance from the falls which we’ll try next time. Our GPS tracked it at 4 miles in and out.

This is a really cool trail and the view from the top was amazing.

Magnificent views through partially frozen Emerald lake... the Boulder/Scree field was pretty much a soft snow traverse. We used Crampons and trecking poles intermently until the chimney and some endurance to the summit.
11 hours out and back including much needed rest and spectacular photos.
Switzerland of Utah. Do this with some hiking and fitness preparation!!!

Easy trail, beautiful falls

Beautiful hike — we saw a mountain goat and a moose!! Gorgeous wildflowers!!

6 days ago

Simple and beautiful stroll.
Simple hike, would be a great trail to trail run on.
The falls are stunning
Started at 7pm, ended around 9pm. Spent some time up at the falls.

Really spectacular for the sunrise. Definitely a must do hike

on Timpanogos Falls

7 days ago

The hike to the waterfall is a pretty steady incline but the views along the way - and at the waterfall - are spectacular. There are some rocky parts that our four year old slipped up on but nothing bad. Not many people here either compared to Stewart Falls.

Great trail with lots of shade. Trail can get loose but nothing preventing my 4 year old from doing it. Beautiful falls.

Beautiful and easy walk in. I love the small climb up to the top of the falls especially!

Nice stretch-worthy hike after a long day in the car.

This is not just a hard hike, it's a VERY hard hike. My Fitbit read over 16 miles, 444 minute without and over 500 floors to the summit... holy smokes! I'm tired. I had some nausea and light headedness. Bring as much water possible (10 - 11 cups) and drink often by sipping. Plan on hiking all day with frequent stops (9 plus hours). There are still snowy patches near the saddle, but our group didn't need any equipment and we had a 10 year old - 50 year old with us. Keep your eye out for mountain goats they are up there!

Beautiful trail and so much fun!

Hiked this yesterday. Loved it!! Counted 59 waterfalls. We crossed a few snow spots with definite tracks to put your feet in. Emerald Lake was gorgeous but chilly because of the wind. Take a jacket and plenty of water and food. Snow fields past the lake make it hard to go further on to the top of Timp.

Great hike today, a little snow still left on the trail but no gear was needed didn’t even put on my micro spikes. The spot where the snow was still on the trail, we took advantage and slide down for a quick and fun decent. The trail is a long one, bring lots of water. I would recommend a light jacket for the summit it can be cold and windy.

13 days ago

Busy, but such a fun hike! Go early to avoid crowds.

13 days ago

Beautiful views along the way with a big reward at the end with a double waterfall. This hike is broader line moderate with the long incline and rocky terrain in some areas. My 10 and 9 year olds did just fine, but this hike would be challenging for younger children.

13 days ago

Incredible hike, and quite easy. Beautiful views the entire time.

Definitely worth the hike, amazing views. Pretty straight forward. Some exposed areas partway up but nothing too bad. Definitely need some form of poles/crampons/ice axe to get to the peak. Made it to Emerald Lake but couldn’t safely go further without snow gear.

Went on Mother’s Day. Beautiful day with some clouds, very few people. There’s somewhat of a trail to the middle of the falls (where the upper falls pool and the lower falls begin) ... Teens went up, said it was a bit sketchy.

So hard and so worth it!! In the summer start early (before 7am) if you can. You’ll be out in the sun about the entire time. Start early, bring tons of water, and wear sunscreen! You’ll love it

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