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Took our kids on this one. Steady up with a couple steeper sections. Totally worth it for the view at the end, especially with the fall colors!

Late Fall weather has the colors on the mountain popping! The weather and temperature was as perfect as it could be. Cooler in the morning, but warming quickly. Dark clouds loomed over the mountain most of the day, but we received no rain or snow.
From Aspen Grove it took us 4 hours and 15 minutes to summit. Winds on top were calmer than usual, only blowing small rocks.
Our 1 year old mix breed pup loves the hike, and hasn’t had any problems with his feet on the rough terrain.
The trail had lots of good people on it today.

Great hike! Steady up to the meadows, and then a little steep but at the end. Beautiful views of the east side of Timp and the Primrose Cirque. Saw a juvenile moose and he seemed to want us gone. That helped for a quick descent.

Quick easy hike with a big payoff at the end! Beautiful walk

Was fun to hike as a kid. We would do it at night so it was not as hot. The morning was very cold until the sun came up. At which time we had hiked to the silver shed on top. What a beautiful view of Utah valley. I will never for get coming down the glacier and enjoying the ride to Emerald lake. Was a lot of fun with my brother and friends.

Great trail for sunrise

amazing hike. it was 17 miles though... def not 13.9. beautiful, great weather, great trail. loved it!

One of my go-to hikes. Not very populated and has amazing views.

So hard but the views were worth it!

I'm a hiker from NH out visiting my daughters family. We started out around 8 am on a beautiful, cool and windy morning. The trail winds through beautiful Aspen forests with some spruce mixed in. The Aspen had turned yellow at the higher elevations and made for a beautiful contrast on the sides of the high mountains! The trail is moderate with nice flat sections through alpine meadows. My issue was the high altitude that I'm not acclimated to, but did the hike in about 2 hours with photo ops along the way. Spectacular views! Well worth the time and effort!

We went up last Saturday. We hiked the first hour or two with headlamps because we started in the dark. Plenty of parking when we got there and a steady climb with breathtaking views all the way up. Managed to find some mountain goats. The only two complaints I have are the amount of people and that you have to hike just short of a mile across a boulder field-it hurts your feet! Will be trying the Timpanogee trail next time.

Best Utah county trail. A must.

Went on Labor Day and easily found a place to park. Not a super busy trail. Like others, we took Lame Horse to Flat Horse and then to the overlook. If we did it again, we would still do the loop, but go Flat Horse to the overlook, then coming back from the overlook, take a right on Flat Horse (there is no sign) and then Lame Horse back to the parking lot. Starting with Lame Horse and then to Flat Horse is pretty steep. And, what others haven't said too much is the .4 miles to the overlook is really really really steep, but very worth it!! Great hike!

Alltrails loged 14.6 miles and over 44,000 steps on the loop going up from Aspen Grove and back down Timponeke. I only saw one mountain goat butt, no flowers, a lot of dust, and too many people at the top, but it was an amazing day! Now to nurse my sore feet and legs!

Went 2 days ago, on a Saturday. This is a long hike: start to end, our GPS Garmins read 17.4 miles, so prepare yourself for a longer than 14.3 mile hike. After the switchbacks, there's a beautiful meadow and lake, then a long stretch of a rock pile before a steep hike up to the saddle. This is where the 2 trails merge, so on Saturday, there were A LOT of people. Be patient and courteous. Not many people were yielding to uphill hikers. You may need to kindly educate inexperienced hikers regarding trail etiquette. About an hour from the saddle is the summit. Some bit of a rock scramble (bring gloves just in case). I used my poles, not my hands. The views from the saddle and summit are both incredible! There wasn't much room at the summit, so we didn't stay long. I brought 4.5 L of water and had plenty left. 75° day if I recall correctly. Absolutely worth it!

Beautiful hike with family, kid’s ages 9, 12, and 16. Lookout at the end worth the small steep section. Took two hours with photos at the tops . Kids all gave it a thumbs up

The views were amazing! brought about 2.5 liters of water and hardly used one (although it was a really cool day about 80 degrees). There were a lot more people than I thought there would be. We started at 6am and finished around 4pm. There were some inexperienced hikers in the group that slowed things down. So if you're used to hiking it shouldn't take that long.
Definitely would recommend.

this was a beautiful hike, one of my new favorites. the terrain is pretty, lots of trees (and good amounts of shade) a few meadow areas to walk through. a couple steep parts but most of the hike was gradual and manageable even with a 2 year old in a carrier. the view at the end is completely worth it. leaves haven't started turning yet but I imagine it'll be gorgeous when they do. it wasn't crowded even on a Saturday. we did see a moose (running off on the side of the trail) so be aware. also we didn't see very many bugs or butterflies. mostly clusters of grasshoppers but nothing annoying really. my 2 year old would have liked to see more butterflies.

We started at 5:30 AM on Friday and the parking lot was relatively empty. There are some stunning views as you get farther up the mountain! Keep in mind that the hike is very difficult if you are not an advanced hiker. I found that it was constant gradual uphill with sections of steep uphill hiking and some rock scrambling/steps. I was relieved that I brought Gatorade for the hike. Bring a jacket for the early morning start and the top. It can get pretty chilly. Also, be on the lookout for wildlife. We ran into a massive bull moose on our way up. I personally like the Timpooneke trail better because I feel like it is easier (better for trail running etc.), but I was glad that I ventured to the other side of the mountain. This trail isn't as heavily trafficked as Timpooneke.

I hiked this trail with my brother after doing Mount Olympus as a warmup. We got to the parking lot at 4:30 AM and it was already 3/4 full. The hike up was beautiful including stewart falls. We ran into multiple groups of mountain goats. My brother who wasn't in the best of shape turned around at Emerald Lake while I continued on through the mile long boulder field and then up to the summit. Breathtaking views at the top. I quickly came down. Overall a great hike.

incredible view and totally worth it! well shaded too!

My husband and I hiked this trail for the first time two days ago--excellent hike! On the way up it's a slow burn through the trees, with lots of gorgeous flowers. We started at 5 am and were able to enjoy seeing the sun slowly fill Primrose Cirque while ascending. After getting through the trees, the views are spectacular. We also saw many waterfalls, and wound up crossing one at least three times on the way up. We decided to turn back before going up into the trees leading to Emerald Lake, because we'd heard from others coming down that the ice field was too dicey to go through. Again, it being our first time going up, we decided to call it a day and headed back down. We will definitely try this again later in the season when the snow is melted more!

Great hike. We camped at Emerald Lake and it was a beast with camping gear. In the morning we threw on day packs and hit the summit. Amazing views.

Stunning view! Tons of butterflies at the troughs, but very overgrown as we continued down past them. I would recommend staying on Horse Flat trail and avoiding Dead Horse trail.

Entire summit was about 17.3 miles. We hiked it from 10am until 7pm. Very difficult but definitely worth it (especially seeing the mountain goats near emerald lake on the way up and way back down)! The air quality is really bad right now so the views are pretty hazy. But you should still make it to the shack for that overall sense of accomplishment! We saw a lot of people backpacking in around 6-7pm with hopes of camping. There didn't seem to be a ton of places to camp so that was interesting. A fellow hiker told us the chipmunks are so bad up there, they'll eat through anything you have. Anyways, do this one. You may hurt the next day but it's worth it!

This hike is so AMAZING. The shack! The goats! The mountain meadows! The 3 waterfalls! Loved it!

Hiked this trail two days ago, very easy with a pretty view at one point.

It's a burner. But it's beautiful.

Ran out of water just after the saddle - after that, the riverbeds are dry-washes and the next time you'll see water is just before Emerald Lake. There's a small spring trickling out of the rocks on the south end of the saddle. If you're not looking/listening, you'll miss it.

It was a beautiful hike. Hard, but rewarding.

First timers for my brother in law and I. That mess was hard lol. Ran out of water at the saddle. Luckily the park ranger had a water purification system and helped us out. Definitely take something like Powerade or an electrolyte drink. Not just water. That rock path sucks. Seeing the goats made it worth it all

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