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1 day ago

My date and I started at Dry Canyon parking lot and kept to the main trail on the way up.
If I was to split the hike into thirds, I’d say there’s the approach which takes you past the main cliffs of Dry Canyon and up to the first real split. The right fork takes you to Little Baldy, the left takes you up to Big Baldy. Then the second third takes you up the valley that separates Little and Big and up to the spine of Big. Finally, the last third consists of hiking the back spine of Big Baldy until you summit. The second third is definitely the toughest portion. You’re very much just hiking in a straight shot up a big rain gutter - no switchbacks. Most of it is surrounded by oak brush until it starts to open up at the end before the spine, and you start to get rewarded with some pretty sweet views. There are a couple other turns to be aware of before you set off.
This hike is 78% of the elevation gain of summiting Timpanogos via the Timpooneke Trail, just to give you some perspective. My date and I summited in just under 3 hrs and descended in 1. It was a KILLER pace for us since it was our first real hike of the season. We hiked back down the way we came

Definitely recommend - just give yourself some more time than we did!

*BE AWARE* the point at which you turn left to head up the spine is obvious and is marked by a campfire. You can’t miss it.

Made it four miles, after that it was just pure snow with no tracks. Incredible views. Few more weeks to thaw out!

10 days ago

Loved this hike. It was a bit of a butt kicker for only being 7 miles. We went up the back side then down the trail on the face. The way down was insanely steep and hard on the knees so I recommend sticking to the suggested route. Overall, a fun little hike!

Such a beautiful hike! We went up the front trail which was fairly steep but so worth it! We went back down the back way and saw many different types of water falls and a beautiful view of Timp on one side and Lake Utah on the other. Highly recommend to those who are in shape!

14 days ago

I’ve done this trail 15 times in the past year and a half from pretty much every trail. It’s a great summit, amazing views of the valley. If your going to do this make sure to bring lots of water and some food, it can be a strenuous hike. Other than that it’s best hiked I think in the early spring and late fall. On a side note if your up there for the sunset it gets fealty cold really fast. Happy hiking!

15 days ago

The Dry canyon trail makes this a very attainable summit! It was a good little hike with some decent elevation gains, not technical at all just gradual climbs.

if you're not in to steep trails, this probably isn't for you. it is a great little summit to get on top of while other mountains still have snow

Starter early and had the trail to ourselves as usual. Broke trail in fresh snow all morning until we turned around at about 2.8 miles. The snow depth was anywhere from 4 inch to mid thigh deep in the drifts. It was amazing. Views are incredible. Fresh power, solitude, red sunrise to start the day and great company. It doesn't get any better than this

3 months ago

We went on this hike a week ago. Started on the Dry Canyon Trail and went down battle Creek falls trail ending up in PG Canyon. Dry Canyon was pretty steep but much better than Battlefield Creek. It was well defined, and shaded some areas with beautiful views. Hiking to the summit was pretty easy compared to the rest of the hike. On the way down to battle Creek, a few switchbacks start the trail through some pines and a pretty meadow. Most of the way down you are close to the river. But then you cross it twice over some tree trunks. Further down the trail it gets reeeaallly narrow and steep. You end up at the Kiwanis park up main street in PG

It's about 8.2 miles this way. it took us quite a while because we had some younger kids with us, but they enjoyed it.

This is definitely an adult hike that would take between 5-8 hours easy. I would love to do it again. Planning on it in the spring.

4 months ago

South ridge Rock's!!

the dog and I summitted Big Baldy via the SW ridge trail..very steep...2 or 3 false summits and we made it! Some deep snow on top, but packed down nicely..we descended the Dry Canyon trail and I was thankful to have poles - there's a mix of snow and ice and mud currently and I was half sliding half walking down the steep parts..great hike..worn out

5 months ago

Dry Creek trail was well signed except for the first fork to Little Baldy Trail.
Little Baldy had no signs and lots of trails crossing/splits. Stick to the most worn path.

Great hike if you're looking for something difficult. A lot of elevation increase and distance. If you want an easier hike you can drive up Squaw Peak Trail and start closer to the summit. But small cars will have trouble with that road, so this route is a good alternative.

Bring plenty of water. The maintenance guy said the springs have been piped underground.

Beautiful rock formations up high in Slate Canyon, but it's a little sandy and gravely down around the trail. Overall a nice canyon.

The middle of the hike you walk around a mountain and over a ridge, so you gain then lose some elevation.

The final ascent to the peak starts on a two-track trail. Don't stay on that trail for too long. Keep an eye out for a cairn (rock pile thing) because that's where you turn right onto a skinny trail. The trail goes through some small trees, then gets steep and zigzags along the ridge to the top. Pretty easy to lose the trail if you don't pay attention.

Great hike with amazing views. It was a little steep but well worth it. No rocks to sit on at the summit to eat lunch on but I'd do it again

8 months ago

Great coverage from the sun with a nice spring water spout at the end.

Unfortunately this trail had numerous mountain and dirt bike patrons that interupt the experience for hikers.

If you're a hiker then I'd recommend doing a different hike in American Fork Canyon such as Silver Lake.

Went on the dry canyon side. Pretty steep, but good views and a good workout. Probably wouldn't do it again.

Beautiful hike

I found this trail to be a great way to end a car camping trip at the Timpooneke campground if you live in the area and your family is willing to pick you up at the other end of the trail. The trail seemed like it wasn't used that much so it can be a good opportunity to get some solitude. However, I did see some bike tracks and horse tracks on first part of the trail. At times the trail is thick with vegetation.

Awesome trail! Put my three year old in the osprey and hiked to Emerald Lake. My body is shot but it was totally worth it. Three waterfalls, ice patches, green fields, mountain goats, and a beautiful lake waiting for you at the top. Hike is not too dangerous. Just requires a LOT of effort and will power. Especially with kids on your back. If you're afraid of the ice patches and walking over them, we walked around them just fine today without polls. Weather was great and the mountain goats are worth to look. They swam very cool with humans up there. Don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. They walked within 15 yards of us. It's late July and there is certainly still ice on the path. Be aware and respect the ice I'd suggest.

Beautiful views!

11 months ago

I did this hike for the first time 3 days ago and I really enjoyed it for the most part. This trail is pretty steep which I didn't mind so much on the way up, but I slipped on rocks and dirt and fell a couple of times coming down and I wish I had brought poles. Very pretty scenery throughout almost the whole hike, and lots of beautiful wildflowers. We started early so we didn't really have too many problems with sun, but there was not much shade on the way back down. The trail branches off in a few places that don't have signs, so it got a little confusing a couple of times about whether or not we were on the right trail. Overall a really nice hike. We took our time with it and took lots of breaks to take photos, rest, etc. and it took about 5 hours round trip.

11 months ago

Was excited to do this trail until we followed the AllTrails map to the trailhead and it took us to a very random dirt road in the middle of a Lindon neighborhood (in Apple maps.) We looked up another route and it took us to the Battle Creek Falls trailhead instead. We hiked the 1ish miles to the main Battle Creek Falls waterfall and then went past until we reached a sign pointing us toward Big Baldy. The sign is 2.5 miles from the trailhead and says Big Baldy is another 2.5 miles away. After about 1.75 miles past the sign you turn right (east) onto a trail, there is a campfire ring right by the turnoff, that follows the ridge line right to the top of Baldy. We did the hike beginning of June, it was perfect weather and lots of wildflowers were out. Would recommend, though frustrated with the All Trails direction. From Battle Creek Falls trailhead it's 10 miles round trip.

11 months ago

Very enjoyable hike. The back section when it opens up is beautiful and worth the sweat to get there. Recommend an early start when hiking in hotter weather. Looking forward this hike in the fall. Saw one person as I went up so a nice quiet hike. Saw a few snakes, nothing else in terms of wildlife.

11 months ago

This hike was awesome! I decided to start from Battle Creek canyon and hike to the top of baldy then go down dry canyon, I recommend doing it this way it's so much prettier!

11 months ago

Beautiful hike, did it back in April and I bet it's even better now! Be careful of the sun because there isn't a lot of shade when you get about half way up he mountain. Views are amazing!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This trail was awesome. It was a fun day hike to do. The only hard part was that the whole thing was covered in snow, so it was really slippery. But when I got to the top it was an amazing view. I really think that you should try it out, it's fun to hike, and worth it at the end. Also, it was really fun to go down in the snow, because you can slide down and it's like skiing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Loved this hike. Hiked it last week. There is a little bit of snow at the top that makes it a little icy but it's not bad. There is definitely some good climb but not that bad in comparison to some of the stuff around. There's really only two turns to keep you on the right trail and if you have a map it's easy to follow. We hiked at a decent pace and stopped a lot for pictures (beautiful scenery) took about 4 hours in total with the scenic stops.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Nice hike, with some good views. There is still snow near the top, Spikes were helpful but not necessary.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

great hike. For good or bad it does gets steeper the farther you go. I've hiked it from all directions and my favorite is Battle Creek to the saddle.
If you go up the South West Ridge it is very steep and has three faux summits and the trail is less defined as you go. There were big horn sheep that wintered up by the first faux summit and are the only ones I've seen along the Wasatch front.

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