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Amazing. The trail starts to get populated at Emerald Lake, as it's a great place to take a break, and continues up the mountain to the peak. If you're lucky you'll get to see mountain goats like I did!

Absolutely beautiful mellow hike.

Not a challenging hike. It is amazing to see the waterfall! Recommend to go as long grasses are green

This is definitely not an "easy" hike. Portions of the trail were quite rocky, requiring you to pay attention to your footing. The ascents and descents (for the most part) were not too steep, which may be what classified it as easy. Irresponsible dog owners who did not clean up after their dog meant swarms of flies and watching your step was a necessity. Beautiful views along the way. Having to listen to kids whining throughout the hike because of the difficulty and/or length of the hike was a little annoying. Recommend going later in day or during the week if you want a peaceful hike. Walking pole came in handy for some of the steeper portions. 4.2 miles was a good length for a day hike. Took 60 oz in my camelback and had plenty of water left over. Trail is narrow most of the way so there was a lot of stopping to let people go by. All said and done, though, the amazing view of the waterfall is completely worth it!!

The most beautiful view at the end!

2 days ago

I tried to summit this past weekend, but there was too much snow. At mile 3 the steep snow/ice starts. I was only able to make a mile hiking on the ice before it was too dangerous. if you have crampons, the right amount of adventurous spirit, then you could summit, otherwise I would wait a couple more weeks. watch out for aggressive mnt goats. I had a confrontation with one yesterday that was trying to stir up some trouble with me.

tried to make it to summit but got turned back a little after 3 miles due to snow. no sign of trail anywhere deep snow water flowing underneath making cool cavern things. trailhead sign that says it's impassable without crampons and ice axe and ability to use those things. try again mid july...

Es hermoso esta caminata en familia . La cascada es bella . no es difícil . solo caminar con cuidado al llegar hay un poco de piedras

3 days ago

This was a beautiful hike, but it was not easy, or moderate. For me, it was difficult. If you are not in tip-top shape, or you are new to hiking, or you are older, just know that it'll take a good bit of effort. I'm 46, new to hiking, have hiked 2 hours/day, for 3 days/week for the last month. I am not in great shape but getting better every day. I've been eating right and working out 5-6 hours/day, 5 days/wk for a month. If I'd tried this hike at the beginning of my month, I would have not made it to the waterfall. My heart rate was at 150 much of the hike, which is at the top of my range.

I hiked from the resort to the waterfall.

It's rocky and steep for about 1/2 of the hike, and the trail is very narrow in some places, so I got scratched up legs a little bit.

My recommendations:
- Definitely do the hike! It's really beautiful. Just don't think it's easy for everyone.
- Pace yourself.
- Bring a bar to eat at the top so you'll have proper energy to get back down.
- Wear a hat - it's very sunny in the many non-shady areas.
- Sunscreen, of course.
- Water; of course. I had a 3-liter camelbak and drank it all!
- Wear hiking shoes or hiking boots. A kid not wearing proper shoes fell down a downward part of the trail right in front of me.
- Wear light pants, or just know you might get a little scratched up from the bushes along the way.
- If you aren't in top shape, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND hiking poles. I can't imagine going *down* this without the poles!

I'm so glad I did it, it was a great accomplishment for me! I'll be printing and hanging the picture of me at the top. For others it may be a breeze, and that's awesome. Perhaps I'll be there in a year or so. I just wanted to offer another viewpoint. If you are new to hiking, or working on getting fit, you'll be so proud you did this hike, and being at the base of the waterfall is really rewarding and rejuvenating.

You'll get great pictures at the top as well! :-)

P.S. The other thing, for me, is I was on a time schedule and kept a brisk pace. I think I did it in about 2 hours. If you have the time to go a little slower and have a picnic at the top, that would be ideal.

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Great hike, great views. It's not as steep as everyone says it is. One of my favorites.

Not my favorite hike, but great if you don't like to see other people in the mountains.