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We hiked this on Oct 18 and it was great. Perfect weather and no snow still. Very safe. Mt. Timp hike is the best in Utah County.

22 hours ago

1 day ago

Still no snow and easily traversed ground the whole way as of 20-Oct. Always a beautiful hike, most leaves have fallen at this point but the remaining yellow is vibrant!

4 days ago

Excellent hike

Lovely sunny day. Minimally icy. Summited in 3:35 without pushing too hard.
Route finding up on to the saddle a mile before summit a bit tricky.

Started at 10am and the temperature was perfect. Emerald Lake was covered in ice and snow.

After Emerald Lake the path that goes under the ridge until you get on top of the ridge was covered in snow. I HIGHLY recommend bringing crampons/spikes going through that section. Also bring a light jacket / vest as there's chilling winds all the way to the peak.

Gorgeous hike. Hiked it with 5 kids all under the age of 9. Wouldn't consider this hike "easy" for that reason and actually more moderate. 9 & 6 year old boys loved it. Falls are beautiful and refreshing

A bit rocky at the beginning and end, besides that, an easy hike. Very pretty and scenic, lots of vegetation along the way, you pass an aspen grove. When you get to the waterfalls overlook, don't go right and try to scale the side of the mountain to get to the falls, it's very slippery/dangerous. Instead go left, there is a little trail that goes down and takes you to the bottom of the falls. I was surprised at how many people missed it.

Also- my recording might not be super accurate as I like to go slow, take my time to look at the scenery and take pics. I also forgot to pause it as I took a lunch break by the falls. You could do this hike in 45 min there, 30 min back, easily. I went a couple of hours before sunset and it wasn't crowded at all. Also, not cold for this time of year. A bit chilly, I wore a jacket and got hot.