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20 hours ago

The hike itself was beautiful and not too difficult. We went at 2:30 p.m. which was obviously a mistake. There is very little cover past the first part of the trail. Early morning or evening would be better, or maybe the fall?

Did this one month ago and couldn't get to the top because snow was hiding the trail. All clear today and it was gorgeous!

No bikes. The flowers are starting to bloom. I love this hike.

4 days ago

I love this trail! It’s a steady, intense climb for the first 400’ or so and then if you take off around the front of the mountain, the trail is nice rolling elevation. Lots of beautiful scenery!

** We did see a rattlesnake this morning around 8:30 am

Most of the trail was in the forest with rare views, but very nice to have the shade on a hot day. The view at the top is gorgeous and great for lunch. Dogs are allowed off leash every other day. We hiked with our puppy on a day dogs were supposed to be leashed, however 99% of the dogs were off leash and most owners could not control their dogs. This was very stressful for our puppy who has been traumatized by being bitten on 7 occasions.

Steep but beautiful views and lots of shade!

I hiked this one on 5/30. This hike is difficult but rewarding. Plan for the whole day and I cannot emphasize enough to bring plenty of water and BUG SPRAY. I even packed a sandwich to enjoy at the top. The view at the peak is spectacular! On the way down, just before the saddle, I saw a huge rattlesnake.

I really should read the level of difficulty better! It was a lovely day and somewhat of a coolish June day when I started. The wild flowers were spectacular! The hike gave me a great workout. I would recommend poles. I came back down on a loop that took me to the City View.

This was amazing. Long but worth it. View is breathe taking.

This hike was honestly the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on in Salt Lake, and it was the ideal level of difficulty. Right on the moderate-difficult mark... my glutes were aching by the end but I didn’t feel like I was dying from heart palpitations.

The views from the first lookout onward are so spectacular it doesn’t even feel real. Most people stopped at the second lookout.. but I highly recommend going to last mile to bakers pass... you will be rewarded with a stunning landscape.
This is the perfect mixture of exposed and shady, much like desolation trail, but higher up and far more lovely and quiet.

I only ran in to about 5 hikers the whole way... very very moderately trafficked, a perfect hike for those of us who need and want to get away, and work our butts off in the meantime. 10/10 will be doing again.

Unfortunately, I think this trail will be closed until July 1st due to construction in millcreek.

Difficult, but worth it. 3hr13min up, 2hr07min down for me. Rock climbing the summit was so much fun and very rewarding.

Beautiful trail with moderate inclines and switchbacks. The views of the canyon were spectacular! On a Saturday, during the middle of the day, we saw three other groups so it is a quiet trail.

I do not consider the pain to enjoyment ratio to be favorable for this trail.

It does offer a lot of variety in terms of terrain but this trail killed my knees on the way back down.

I loved this trail, the views were very pretty. the only negative was the last 500 feet or so. It is very rocky and when you go down after sumiting it's hard to find the trail. I actually got lost for a cupple hours and me and my buddys had to find our way back on the trail. Other than that it is a great hike for more experienced hikers.

My quads and calves are still burning, but the steep inclines were worth it! The view at the summit was amazing. I was surprised by how shady the trail was. It was my first time and for some reason, I was expecting that I’d be in the direct sunlight more. My girlfriends and I brought bug spray and were so glad we did. I highly recommend this trail for a tough, but fun climb!

Wasn’t aware there was rock scrambling the last 1/2 mile to the summit. Good thing I had gloves. Pretty darn steep but the views at the top are worth it. As a mom, I recommend this for 14+

11 days ago

Strenuous hike. Wasnt fully acclimatized to SLC yet so that probably factored in. I could feel it. Started early so there was plenty of shade on the trail and breezy. Fairly easy to follow the trail. Lots of rocks and the whole summit ascent was pure rocks. Can't beat the view once your are at the top. Descending was as difficult with all the loose rocks.
Encountered lots of flies but nothing bug spray couldn't handle.
Bring plenty of water, food, bug spray, hat, trekking poles

Definitely a love/hate relationship with this hike! However, views are breathtaking!

I'm 42, 245 lbs, weak ankles, questionable knees. This hike was on my bucket list. It is as advertised: Hard. I took it super slow and steady. 5 hours up. 4 hours down. Worth getting passed on the trail by literally everybody :)

14 days ago

Tough hike. The biting flies were so thick that it was impossible to stop to rest without getting destroyed. Had to keep going at a good pace otherwise you get swarmed. Honestly, it felt quite tedious and boring until you get to the saddle and get to climb up to the summit. Trekking poles made all the difference on the descent!

Beautiful easy/mod hike completed first week of June. Some snow just below the summit made the trail difficult to discern and a little nerve-wracking without spikes. Impressive views- would do again. Go early to avoid crowds and late-morning heat from the sun.

This is a very hard trail. We recorded 10.1 miles up and back. So I don’t know where they got 6.0 miles. Take lots of water and bug spray. Hike early if possible. Awesome view at the top.

Great hike, and some what tiring. Bring more water than you think you need.

That was beautiful! Absolutely brutal when carrying a toddler but worth it.

15 days ago

My buddy and I started at 6pm and submitted it at 8:45pm. Super green and not snow at all. Wear shorts. It's going to get more brown as the summer kills everything up there. Bring at least 3 liters of water. we hiked down with headlamps. look out for rattlesnakes.

15 days ago

I did the trail counter-clockwise without stopping at Dog lake and clocked around 7 miles. Bring sunscreen and a hat and enjoy the relative solitude of a hike so close to the city.

15 days ago

Great workout trail. Beau views and well kept trail. A little narrow and steep in spots but it’s one of SLCs best.

15 days ago

beautiful scenery step hike, gorgeous view about an hour up and to the right.

Truly a bucket list hike! Stunning views and a genuine work your ARSE kind of experience. Well worth the work and give yourself major props for doing it. 1.5 miles to the stream, 3.5 miles to the top, makes this a 7 mile journey to summit! How lucky are we to live here?!

Great terrain variety! High dessert to woods to alpine to light bouldering to top it off. Breathtaking views. We took our time laughing, joking, eating along the way so it took us 6 hours- no regrets. The only criticism is that we could hear the freeway for most of the hike. Pro tip- pretend it's a roaring river.

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